Yeti Cycles Big Mountain Enduro presented by Shimano - 2016 Schedule

Nov 27, 2015
by BigMtn Enduro  
With the New Year almost upon us, the team at Big Mountain Enduro has released their 2016 schedule (with still more to come), with amazing venues and what may be the best season of racing yet here in the US, including a larger national point series.

BME will manage six core stops on the 2016 tour that will count towards the overall series rankings. With six stops on the tour, riders will be able to drop their two lowest scores and/or two unattended events, making it easier for North American riders to complete the popular series, and chase crucial points.

Yeti Big Mountain Enduro images.

The BME season will kick off in Santa Fe, NM on May 21st and 22nd where two days of backcountry riding and long rocky descents await. Amongst this entirely new venue, BME will offer its standard world-class Enduro racing with an added festival component for the season opener, where thousands will be in attendance. Expect fun and entertainment for the entire family, along with the great trails and good vibes that BME events have become known for.

Following the New Mexico stop, BME will take the tour up to the Pacific Northwest on June 4th and 5th, showcasing another new venue for 2016. Both BME and the local administrations are currently finalizing the event details and logistics, thus will announce publicly in mid-January. Rest assured that this world-class event will offer up a truly unique experience and feature some of the best trail riding and loamy descents in the Pac NW. Knowing that BME has been working with the top Enduro riders on finding a new venue and trails to race on, we’re confident this event will become a rider-favorite and something fresh for the upcoming season.

Yeti Big Mountain Enduro images.

Next on the tour will be the burly mountains in and around Keystone, CO, which will take place on July 9th and 10th. The fourth year running, this venue continues to be a fan-favorite. The BME team looks forward to evolving courses and keeping the event fresh and innovative for loyal followers and newcomers alike in attendance next year.

One of the rawest and rowdiest bike parks in the US, Keystone tests the skills and pushes the limits of even the world’s best Enduro riders, who will be gunning for the highly acclaimed victory spot, previously held by Yeti riders Jared Graves, Nate Hills and Joey Schusler for the past three years respectively.

Yeti Big Mountain Enduro images.

Here’s what Mike Day, BME Operations Manager and Keystone local had to say about the event: “For the 2015 season, I had the opportunity to participate in the Keystone BME stop, while also managing operations. Considering this is a bike park stop, you forget you’ve ridden a chairlift to the top, while you’re descending nearly 3,000 vertical feet per stage. Super demanding, physical, and technical, this is my favorite stop on the tour and one you don’t want to miss!” So, who will be crowned king and queen at the burliest Enduro in the US come early July 2016?

For the second year running, Big Mountain Enduro will be hosting a prominent stop on the Enduro World Series (EWS). For 2016, this will take place in Aspen Snowmass, on July 30th and 31st. Here, you can expect the top riders in the world battling it out on Colorado’s legendary terrain, while major media and thousands in attendance celebrate EWS’ introductory event at this Rocky Mountain location. The renowned X-Games have been hosted in Aspen Snowmass since 2002 for a reason, continuing to gain worldwide notoriety with each passing year. BME and EWS hope to fill big shoes by bringing similar acclaim to this inaugural summer event in a mountainous paradise, and make this an annual mountain bike festival in the Roaring Fork Valley.

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We are grateful to host another stop of the EWS here in our backyard of Colorado in 2016 and look forward to continued partnerships with the top-notch teams over at EWS, Aspen Skiing Company and the Town of Snowmass,” stated Brandon Ontiveros of BME. “We’re confident that riders will be both surprised and stoked on the creativity and big descents we’re putting together, in addition to the festivities and entertainment that will surround this event.

In speaking of courses, Ontiveros commented, “We’re already anticipating putting shovels into the ground come springtime in order to help build new trails, route new courses and make this one of the best Enduro events of the year-from the ground up. Riders can expect two very challenging days of racing, mixing true backcountry terrain and pedal transfers, combined with a little bit of lift-assisted vertical in order to maximize the big descents in the area.” BME plans to showcase at least 16,000 feet of descending over the two-day event, while keeping things as innovative, raw and natural as possible.

Yeti Big Mountain Enduro images.

On August 20th and 21st, BME will partner with Enduro-X in Steamboat Springs, CO, which in its fourth year running, has built a solid reputation throughout Colorado. Steamboat Springs, known as Bike Town USA, boasts some of the most accessible and prime trail riding in the country. Riders can expect the first day to unfold on pristine backcountry singletrack, with the final day culminating on the finest gravity trails the Steamboat Bike Park has to offer. "I'm excited to expand the event and offer a second day of racing in the backcountry to provide a new trail experience for riders. The opportunity for the two-day event format on entirely new trails, and to partner with BME, is going to make for a great weekend of racing," says David Scully, Enduro-X race director.

The BME Finals, and crown jewel of the series, will take place in Crested Butte, CO on September 2nd – 4th. The team at BME said that this year’s 3-day event will be all (or mostly) backcountry oriented, without replicating any of the same stage segments as in years past. The race will entail the most vertical descending and combined singletrack of any Crested Butte BME event to date. Given that CB lies in a zone offering 750 miles of trails and some of the best scenery in the States, it doesn’t surprise us to see revised courses for the 2016 BME Finals.

Yeti Big Mountain Enduro images.

Following last year’s well-publicized tragedy at the EWS Crested Butte stop, there lies a strong sense of meaning, as well as unfinished business for riders and sponsors alike. The local CB bike community and BME crew are looking forward to hosting this event more than ever before, ensuring a fun and successful experience for the global mountain bike community at large. #rideforwill #139

We know that people have been eager to hear the 2016 schedule, however it was important to us to consider the master national and global Enduro calendars. Our goal is to put together balanced schedules that support the riders and industry, while trying not to conflict with other popular events and supporting up-and-coming athletes on limited budgets. It’s a balancing act that hopefully works well for most of our following, both old and new,” explained Ontiveros of BME.

The remaining Pacific NW venue tied to the Big Mountain Enduro series rankings will be announced no later than January 15th, 2016. The BME organization is currently finalizing respective permits, event logistics, and local partnerships, and intends to release the exciting news to the world come mid-January once all is confirmed.

Following the 2016 schedule announcement, BME will open online registration, starting Monday, January 18th at 8am MST. Make sure to mark this on your calendars, as most events sell out quickly. See BME website for registration details and general information. www.bigmountainenduro.com

BME 2016 Schedule:

May 21st – 22nd
Santa Fe, NM

June 4th & 5th
Pacific NW – Location TBD

July 9th & 10th
Keystone, CO

July 30th & 31st
Aspen Snowmass, CO - EWS

August 20th & 21st
Steamboat Springs, CO – Enduro-X

September 2nd - 4th
Crested Butte, CO – BME Finals

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  • + 11
 It's too bad steamboat price will double. The enduro X has been very well organized, included discount lift for practice day and pre/post race parties, beer, food etc.
  • + 11
  • + 2
 Where do you see price?
  • + 7
 Considering what you get and and the amount of staff needed to put on these races it's cheap compared to a ProGRT downhill race.
  • + 13
 It's expensive but you are saving some money in not having to support some lame "licensing" organization. After suffering a season ending injury in 2015 I'm planning to attend at least 1. But then again for another $90 you can get a season pass at Trestle, a 3-4 days in a cheap cabin in Moab/Fruita, a round trip ticket to Seattle (as part of a journey to Whistler) or a season of high quality ganja. Choices choices...
  • + 3
 Those are prices for 2015. Above it says that registration opens for 2016 on January 18 at 8am. I would anticipate pricing for this year to be higher than last, but I agree with @ErikRC10. Pricing seems reasonable considering it includes lift tickets/shuttes, aid stations, lunches & beers. I'm looking forward to hitting up a couple of these rounds!
  • + 2
 I raced last year and thought it was a great value. $200 for 6 stages on legit tracks with a ton of vertical and a high quality timing system. Price includes lift access and lunch both days.

You'd probably be paying more than half of that for just lift tickets and food if you rode the same tracks on any given weekend outside of the race.
  • + 4
 The price may seem expensive sitting at your computer but it really isn't if you put some thought into what goes into making a good "enduro" race happen, let alone a series.... Let's do the math on a simple thing that a race like this demands, which is shuttles for the racers. The Crested Butte race is 3 days of racing which will require shuttles for the racers to and from the trails each day, so morning and evening shuttles are in order. If we go on the somewhat cheap side and say it's $20 per racer per shuttle per day ($10/morning shuttle, $10/evening shuttle, they aren't very short shuttles either) then it equates to $60 total for the one racer to get shuttled for the entire race. Times $60 by let's say 200 racers, that comes to a cost of $12,000 just for shuttles. To be more specific that is just shuttles for the Racers, we're not including their bikes here... Heck if you cut the day shuttle price to $10/day it's still a $6000 bill for shuttling racers. Again this is just shuttles for the racers, not their bikes, it's not including any of the other multiple things you have to do to make a Good enduro race happen. This is the rough price for shuttles for racers for One race, not for the entire race series. Race promoters and organizers aren't millionaires bud, they just want to bring racers together and showcase some world class trails and have a good time. If that isn't worth the money then don't race.
  • + 1
 I wonder why they don't offer a single and multi-day format? I remember seeing an Enduro last year or the year before somewhere in CO that had a 1 day option? It would keep costs down and perhaps encourage more 1st timers to dip their foot in the pool.
  • + 1
 If they're including good food, beer, lift rides (for when they're at resorts, you can expect to enjoy a TON of lift rides up which is amazing) maybe even a few sick shuttle rides for the other areas, for a multi-day event, its worth it. It sucks for the people looking to spend less on an epic race if they care most about the riding/racing/pushing themselves aspect, I can understand that completely. Just the Sun Valley race for the Enduro Cup was painful enough on the bank account but the level of your fellow riders and the area you're riding in is too good to pass up. In most places these race series where you can ride with some of the best in the country on incredible trails, its super rare but most likely impossible to come by. It sucks they're becoming more expensive because its really cool to race at a series stop as well known as the BME... although I've never had the pleasure to be subjected to such torture.
  • + 3
 So stoked to see Santa Fe, NM on there. I really hope they will be using the Windsor Trail. Contrary to popular belief, New Mexico is much more than a desert and hosts some amazing mountains.
  • + 2
 They may use the trails used in the Glorieta enduro this past year, since that is also a multi-day festival.
  • + 3
 Colorado is cool, but instead of four events in CO...how about one in Utah?...how about another one in Lake Tahoe?...or the many other great venues. Spread them around.
  • + 2
 Being a PNWer who recently moved to CO it's exciting to see the PNW date but I wonder how many people can realistically make that trip.
  • + 1
 It would be tough considering most people entering this series will be Colorado/Utah riders. The "opt out" of two rounds option makes it nice though.
  • + 1
 Nice looking line up. BME is the premier Western States series in terms of level of competition and organization. Aspen Snowmass tracks were baller last year, it'll be a great EWS stop.
  • + 3
 Stoke is high for this coming season. Stoked CB is the final.
  • + 2
 I wonder if Ravens Ridge will be on the roster for Santa Fe
  • + 1
 I hope they do, that rock garden is something else.
  • + 1
 Or Rio en Medio, or Upper Winsor, or Burn, or Juan, or Big Tesuque, or....
  • + 1
 That's a gnarly section. Tough climb to get there, though.
  • + 1
 If you do RR, REM is a given. 2 stages right there.
  • + 1
 Wonder where the PNW stop will be??? Port Angeles? B Ham? Oakridge?? Shaping up to be a rad series!
  • + 2
 Oakridge up toward Clear Lake would be my guess given the success of the Trans-Cascadia. That'd be ace.
  • + 1
 nice to see those races out of bike parks after this past season.
is Santa fe lift operated?
  • + 1
 Ah good!
  • + 1
 why you guys be leaving colorado. i wanna go to all the races
  • + 0
 eh ill never forgive yeti for leaving DH
  • - 2
 I'm glad I race dh with those prices....that's insane!! 305.00 for 1 race stop... lodging and gas not included is an elitist sport and not mt. biking IMO

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