Video: Yoann Barelli Creates & Rides New Lines in Colorado

Nov 2, 2021
by Yoann Barelli  

A few weeks ago I went to Colorado to visit Guerrilla Gravity to meet all the people behind these awesome bikes, to see how everything is made and ride some rad Colorado trails. We spent a couple days on Floyd Hill and wow, this little mountain (at 3000 meters elevation haha), has such a huge potential and already some burly trails worth filming an Into The Gnar.

So that's what we did! In this video you have a really pumped me, creating and opening new lines, having a blast doing my job.

I hope you enjoy this one everyone, because I did.

See more of my YouTube videos here.


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 Colorado has so much amazing terrain and potential yet to be tapped. I really hope land management there keeps going forward with more progressive bike trail access. It's slow but getting better it seems
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 For sure. I'm super excited about Outside 285 trails, since they're mostly right in my backyard if you can't find time to get out and dig with COMBA you can still support them financially. My hope is they're nearing the point where they can hire paid trail staff, instead of all volunteer leads, since the trails are so heavily trafficked and such a large area to cover with many land managers to deal with. I know there's a lot of people that hate on the affiliation with IMBA, I have my own issues from time to time, but the reality is without COMBA and the rapport they have with the land managers a lot of these new trails in the front range area wouldn't be happening.
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 @chacou: I have since moved from the area but keep a close eye on what's happening out there. I was involved with the giddyup there for a couple of years and was definitely sad to see it get dialed back (happy to see they are still putting in the effort at the golden bike park). The guys at COMBA have definitely done some great stuff and I hope to see it keep going. Compared to salt lake where I am now, the land management in the front range is far less biker-friendly unfortunately.
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 @adrennan: Yeah, I was really bummed to see GiddyUp break down, they did such good stuff for the trails around Golden, and I'm not sure exactly what happened. I think Jefferson County Open Space didn't want to be dealing with so many volunteer groups, IDK though. I'm in Evergreen where we have so many different land managers it's mind boggling. I've been working for 2+ years now to get a bike park for our community and it's been a very slow process but the guidance/consulting that COMBA folks (specifically David, a longtime volunteer that you're likely to see out at Floyd Hill doing trail work with his bad back and knees, he's awesome and a wealth of old school Colorado MTB trail knowledge) has been invaluable, and Gary, Executive Director, have been so helpful in pushing the plans forward. We're finally getting to a point where our little community group with our tiny local parks and rec district have start applying for permits and will soon be fundraising. But yeah, people think Colorado is this MTB mecca, and it's true in many cases, but it's also such a complex process to build legal trails sustainably. Lot's of NIMBYism, but the track record, rapport, and professionalism COMBA brings to the table is really indispensable.
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 @chacou: One of the main problems is that the open space districts managing the land there have antiquated mission statements. Jeffco and Boulder Open Space's primary mission is conservation, not recreation, so what mountain bikes want is directly opposite of what those organizations feel they were founded to do. I spent way too much time researching the root cause of my frustrations and threw my hands in the air and moved to salt lake. We have gaps over rusty cars that would give ol' jeffco open space a heart attack.
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 @adrennan: I work for a company based in SLC and if it weren't for Covid I'd have a handful of days out there already. I really want to ride bobsled. :cheers:
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 I've said it before, and I'll say it again GG is the pride of Colorado! Love everything those guys are doing under Will Montague's leadership! Be safe be well, Incognito Robin
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 Huh I had you pinned as a niner fan
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 @adrennan: I figured Robin as more a Blacksheep or Moots kinda guy, matching Rapha kit of course, one for each day of the week.
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 @adrennan: I stopped riding Niners when they made a 27.5 bike!

Be safe be well,
Incognito Robin
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 @notoutsideceo: and yet they don't even have an eGravel Bike in their lineup!
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 Novelty accounts? What is this, reddit circa 2016?
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 @Fullsend2-13: good point...thats another point of contention between me and Chris Sugai the CEO over there!

Be safe be well,
Incognito Robin
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 I predict waiting lines at all the cruxes and full parking lot. Send It
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 Like moths to a flame
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 Damn GG and YB are a great combo.. The guy is a wonderful brand ambassador and Guerrilla Gravity’s bikes are awesome AF. Colorado has weed, bikes, trails and breweries. Save some awesome for the rest of us.
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 Everyone else can have it. Co is played.
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 @Bro-LanDog: Shhh, I’m trying to get people off the already overcrowded trails of Cali and Oregon.

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 Awesome watching the line choice procedure and execution.
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 Come to Kansas City and build lines. Please.
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 it's wild how out of the gnar i am. seeing yoann gnar it up on trails familiar to me is an eye opening experience. what a machine
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 Yeah, watching his Squamish videos I think I could do that. Then head to Squamish and yeah, not even close lol.
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 "This little mountain has such a huge potential" - So true, watching the video and spotting so many unused rock drops and lines just off the side of the trail (not to mention the one Yoann spotted)
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 The Sluice has like, infinity routes with all the alt lines.
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 So awesome Yoann! I have been loving me some FH this summer. You make the hardest lines look so fast and smooth.
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 Well done Barelli: going to Colorado to get high without needing anything to smoke.
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 So much more to Floyd than the Sluice. The back loops are super fun too.
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 For when your double black diamond is just not difficult enough, make your own lines!
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 The reality is compared to squamish this is a blue trail haha
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 The sign at the trailhead says blue/black rated trail with double black alternate features, it's definitely not a true double black, but that rock roll is definitely steeper than it looks
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 Love it- Yoann is always entertaining. But can we start a fundraiser for a new camera?
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 Thanks for the new line ideas! I’ll be checking them out Friday.
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 Please stick to the lines that are on the trail. Creative use of the trail is awesome, riding off the trail and creating new lines causes a headache for those that look after this awesome trail. Thanks in advance from one of the guys that keeps this trail running.
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 The builder digs, spurred on by the beauty of his surroundings and the knowledge that he is creating something to be enjoyed by those with which he shares a common bond. The rules frustrate him but he knows he must work with them if he is to continue and have a chance for future change. The frustration is lessened as his brothers and sisters pass by, enjoying the fruits of his labor and shouting words of encouragement and thanks. Deep down a greater frustration remains. Some of those who should share his cause pay him no respect. Worse still they break the rules he himself hates, slowing his path to change and taking his precious time as he is forced to correct their transgressions. This builder will endure, he recognizes they are a small if selfish or perhaps ignorant minority. The passing calls of gratitude still ring loud in his ears. Others though are not so lucky as they burn out in the seeming pointlessness of it all. And for a while the trail lies neglected while it waits for another to take up the cause. And so the cycle continues... The trail awakens to the feel of a Shovel worked by loving hands once more. It feels content until thoughts stray wondering why those ignorant few can't stop for a minute, breath the fresh air that surrounds the mountain on which it sits and just actually think for once. It knows that will never happen, but buoyed by laughter as a group explore its swooping curves, it knows it will endure.
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 @catweasel: those mushrooms are hitting hard
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 @grector: I think it's more likely a permanent disorder but maybe I did take shrooms and all this is just a trip.
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 lots of potential up there the builders failed to capitalize on. Just like MM
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