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YT Mob Bids Farewell to Angel Suarez & Recaps Season

Dec 10, 2020
by The YT Mob  

The 2020 season for the YT Mob saw a brand new line up of riders and our best ever showing at the UCI World Championships. David Trummer took home a silver medal in the Elite Men, and Oisin O’Callaghan won the Junior World Championship title in his first year of UCI international racing.

Following on from the World Champs we had 4 World Cup races run over 3 weeks and the compact racing schedule had some further highlights for the team. Oisin winning the first two World Cup races and ultimately finishing 2nd overall; Angel Suarez having his best season ever finishing 7th in the overall but most importantly all 4 riders had top ten results in 2020 World Cup racing, which was impressive.

Our full list of 2020 results can be viewed here.

Photo by Isac Paddock
Shot by Isac Paddock

The end of 2020 sees some changes for the team going into 2021. After 5 years on the Mob, Angel Suarez has made the decision that it’s time for a change. His contract will expire at the end of this month and of course we wish him well in his new chapter.

bigquotesI’m super thankful to all the YT family!! Being part of the Mob since its inception has been a dream-come-true for me and from the beginning I learned so much about racing. I had some of the best moments of my career but also with the shoulder injuries we went through the worst moments, but the team and sponsors have always stuck with me and believed in me. I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing people in the team that I can call my friends and that is something that won’t change. I had my best season in 2020 but apart from the racing, doing the YT Mob World Tour last year is something I will never forget and I’ll always be thankful to have been a part of it. I’ve had lots of fun with this team doing what I love, but now it’s time for a new challenge. Thank you for the GOOD TIMES!!Angel Suarez

Shot by Isac Paddock
Shot by Isac Paddock

Shot by Isac Paddock

bigquotesWe’re sorry to see Angel leave but we understand his desire to make a change after 5 years. We’re the only professional team he’s known and he feels the time is right to try something new. His path to the top 10 in the overall has been a bumpy one, mainly because of his shoulder problems, but he always believed, as we did, that he would get there. Obviously being a Spanish based team we’d heard of this kid who’d made the move from national motocross to MTB, but I didn’t get to see him race personally until the Méribel World Cup in 2014. It was clear he had ability. Despite some initial doubts in his own abilities, Angel’s first top 10, which came at Mont-Sainte-Anne in 2018, showed all of us that he was on the right way. We’re very proud of Angel’s 7th overall this year and look forward to seeing what he does in the future; all the best Pata Negra!Martin Whiteley, Team Owner

News on Angel’s replacement will be made public in early January. Another change is that our Photographer/Content Manager Isac Paddock has, after 5 years with the team, been snapped up by YT Industries to head up their Social Media and Content. We couldn’t be happier for Isac who has been a driving force behind the team’s social media success and overall image. Working for YT means we’ll still be collaborating very closely with him which is good news. Stepping into Isac’s role will be Jack Tennyson of Newcastle in the UK who’s previously held a similar role with the Madison Saracen team and we’re excited to welcome him to the family.

Meanwhile, despite a difficult and turbulent year for teams and racing, we’re so happy to confirm that all of our sponsors will continue with the YT Mob in 2021, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their support and more importantly, the product they supply us with. Here’s to a longer and even more exciting race season next year!


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 Kids got talent! Pity the mob hasn’t been the same since gwin got blindsided and gwin hasn't performed since leaving the mob! Will be good to see how next season goes for angel and hope he finds a team where he can get the best out of himself
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 Is always seems like either they don't like their racers after a few years and don't want to pay them or their racers want to leave for another team. Shouldn't be a big surprise that a mail order company with a history of not taking care of its customers would be a cheapskate.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Yeah... Gonna be interesting to see what happens with the "Build the talent" tour they just did since looks like their model is to suck up young riders and keep them on the roster till they age out(Angel) or get too expensive (Gwin). Don't think that's a winning model for building a race team.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: YT bashing aside, it's not unusual for racers to switch teams. It's also up to the company to set their race budget, presumably it's part and parcel of their economic survival.
Gwin undoubtedly did a great job at YT, and that presumably came with a bigger price tag with each contract renewal.
Who can blame a racer for finding another team if their wages were stalled and their results were improving like Angel? (I have no idea what the real reasons were for the departure).
And similarly who can blame a team for letting a high performing racer go because they can find a bigger wage than they have budget for. Pinkbike commenters, that's who Big Grin

I'm not defending YT per se (I am a customer, it didn't break, they have never pissed me off with bad customer service) but I think a company's decision to be direct sales or an LBS darling is irrelevant, it's just racing.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Wow that's a bold statement. I am a YT customer and have nothing but good things to say about their customer service. I've dealt with them a couple times and both times had a very positive experience. I've also dealt with their rolling circus and was extremely impressed with the service I received.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: YT are still a relatively small company with a relatively small output (compared to the likes of the more established brands).

They had a major coup with getting Gwinn on board, which really boosted their profile. But it seems to me that, for the most part, their budget puts them at a level of finding promising talent and providing a good programme to support and compete. Once that talent investment starts to pay off and the rider gets good results; the rider will naturally want to be rewarded with a package/deal that befits their status as a top rider. At that point, the team has to say no as they simply can't afford it and the rider looks to a bigger team that can. That happens all the time in any sport - A small team develops talent to a point where the talent outgrows it and can look to a big team that pay appropriately.

Given that the demand for YT bikes is constantly outstripping supply (out of stock is a constant complaint here), I'd imagine that they would be planning to expand production to meet demand. If they can do that successfully, maybe the race teams can grow with it so they can have a budget that allows them to retain or recruit top-10 worthy riders.

That's my guess anyway. I could be completely wrong as i know nothing about factory teams, nor the reasons why riders that have parted ways with them.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: I also have had nothing but positive experiences from my dealings with YT at sale point and in after service. Do you even own a YT or are you just repeating what you have heard?
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Do you have any idea what you are talking about or just making up a load of shite based on no fact or experience what so ever?
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 @justanotherusername: all of the CS complaints I’ve EVER seen about YT are from Europe, from what I can tell YT NA has solid CS...
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 @unrooted: I was more replying to this utter tosh: "Is always seems like either they don't like their racers after a few years and don't want to pay them or their racers want to leave for another team"

But I am sure he knows what he is on about, probably Angels friend, knows him personally, a member of his new team, or a sponsor or something, or maybe just someone talking utter crap.

Riders do leave teams and go to new ones, most riders do this several times over their riding career, it doesnt mean they havent been paid.

Also, the YT MOB and YT Industries are not the same.
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 @tbubier: Same here, especially their rolling circus. Holy hell do they have their demo fleet process down and in my experience they have to because the line gets huge!
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Dec 10, 2020 at 8:26) (Below Threshold)
 @Steventux: Gwinn is the person who put YT over the top in terms of publicity and helped them sell go mainstream. Instead of rewarding him for that YT used him and then moved on.
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 Group health insurance premiums for the YT Mob going down annually with each team revamp. Younger, fewer catastophic injuries.'s a joke.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Undoubtedly he helped them sell many bikes, but I doubt he did it as a favour, and it's really up to the company how they budget for their race team.
The economics of running a race team are not my speciality but I've seen some of the internals in motorsport and like any business there is always bottom line.
If you invert the loyalty question, and assuming Gwin did want more money after winning multiple titles with YT, why didn't he stay and be loyal to them? After all they had provided him with the winning infrastructure, they'd helped him step onto that podium, it takes a whole team to win a WC never mind a championship. Aaron Gwin is undoubtedly an extremely talented racer, one of the fastest men in his discipline but that surely comes at an ever increasing cost. Neither party has an obligation past the terms of the current contract, and as previously stated, that's just (the business of) racing. I don't think there's anything remarkable about racers switching teams for a better deal, or teams not offering a better deal when they can take a risk and give a cheaper rider support, and in this case pretty successfully with Dave Trummer.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: I think Gwin was quite rewarded during his time with YT (as with any team he has been on); otherwise I can't imagine how he's become the most paid rider in WCDH.
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 @unrooted: definitely seems that way....NA YT has been super responsive and great to me through a couple of bikes.

Honestly so has every brand I’ve had.
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 @Steventux: yt pulled the rug out from under Gwin in the 11th hour at the end of 2018 (after worlds) and were supposed to be leaving the world cup. Then they were back the next year with a team and all the parts they had previously been using with Gwin that he 100% picked for the team and helped develop. (ESPECIALLY all the TRP stuff)
Yeah it was undoubtedly "business" but whoever decided all that can stuff it.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: no problems with YT here. Maybe it’s different in the US.
Maybe their plan is to nurture young talent.
Yea they’re going to be cheaper, but Yat isn’t that big a company, so I assume their budget isn’t going to be massive
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Disparage YT in the Pinkbike comments section at your peril. Fanboys unite!
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 @Artikay13: Yep, pretty much confirmed what I wrote in my first post. They lied to Gwinn and told him they were dropping the program when the reality was they just wanted to use him for awhile for racing credibility.

"I was told by Martin that YT got everything out of me that they had wanted and that they didn’t need me moving forward."

Why did they lie to him instead of being straight up? Says alot about the company.
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 @FranklinHaith: doesn’t make someone a fanboy to say they had a good experience with a company lmao
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 @Steventux: It's often the same with any sport. There are teams who are good at finding young talent (no pun intended) and investing in them to help them grow their skillset and there are teams that are good at scouting existing talent and luring them away with more pay and/or more shiny things.

It sounds like it was Angel's decision to leave, which is certainly his right. Though for a team to stick with a rider plagued with injuries then have him step away right when he breaks into the top 10 and gets healthy...that's gotta sting.
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 @Steventux: why would those two different models be irrelevant to racing and racing budgets, which are part and parcel with operational costs?
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: And all the other racers stay their entire career with one the same team...
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 @Artikay13: I hadn't read that article, it would be better to see both sides of the story for balance. That doesn't sound like a fair way to treat a rider, especially after delivering so much for the team.
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 @Ryanrobinson1984: The same (racing team) economics apply to both models is why.
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 @Steventux: for sure, I couldn't seem to find anything but a statement from YT from then would be good to see.
If there isn't one I just think it adds more truth to what Gwin said because those would be some bold lies to fabricate
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 @Steventux: that is correct. I thought you were saying something else. Nvmnd
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 (copy pasta from a previous comment of mine on a related article)
Reading your hate-comments I feel like I need to put some things into perspective here.

As much as I appreciate Aaron Gwin (which I really do), he did the same thing to Trek when switching to Specialized back in the day... I'd even go as far as to say that situation was quite a lot uglier.
Gwin had a great team with Trek, everything went perfectly for both him and the brand with a record winning-streak, but he flipped on ultra short notice solely for the bigger paycheck at Specialized. Thus, in all fairness, trusting Gwins loyalty was absolutely off the table from the very beginning.
I think it's also safe to say YT, again, upped that check by a pretty significant margin in order to get the best chances of putting the brand on the map in the US with the most popular American athletes Zinc and Gwin. After a successful expansion, and - on a side note - Gwins performance visibly diminishing, there was no reason to keep paying an exorbitantly outrageous price for his "dream program".
After all, the guy built an absolute Mega-Mansion on top of his own personal hill shortly after just turning 30 and he's driving a brand new Porsche 911 alongside some sponsored cars. He's certainly not living the bad life.
YT, on the other hand, is still a very young company compared to most if not all of the big names and it still has to invest a lot into its own growth and a clearly overstrained global service infrastructure. Keeping Gwin on the team was simply not affordable. I'm quite certain that YT has upped its prices per bike easily by $1000 just in order to make signing Gwin even possible.
That being said, I'm not even riding a YT. I am riding a Specialized right now because I simply loved the Enduro... but in all seriousness, if there is any company that deserves being labeled a garbage company, it's them. There is no other company that has been more of a dick in terms of screwing and suing business partners and little people over absolute peanuts. Their price policy is shit, too.
I'd say the hate on YT is objectively overexaggerated in your comments.
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 @mazze: So because Gwinn was successful and has a nice house that justifies YT being dishonest with him? I'm not buying any of that.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Well dishonest desn't seem like the appropriate word; it's not like YT broke its contract with Gwin or did not pay him his fine; they just decided to not renovate his contract (on a very short note and in a very shitty moment, i concur).
Prick move? Most certain
Dishonest? Not so sure
And again, nothing that Gwin himself didn't already pulled out when he moved from Trek to Specialized.
Or it is ok when the rider screw up the company he works for (business is business) but it's not fine when the company does the same (Greedy company f**ckd up poor man's life!!1!)?
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 @Becciu: I'd agree, though we may never know "the truth", I'm sure it looked like one thing to Aaron Gwin and another thing to YT.
It's not unusual for contract negotiations to go to the wire leaving one of the two parties or both unable to find the right deal or compromise. It's very common in professional sport and it is easier to take the side of the individual over the company, especially on Pinkbike when it's YT.
Ideally this sort of thing wouldn't happen, with the rider feeling let down or screwed over by a company, but Aaron is a grownup, he's done well out of the sport and he can pretty much choose his next move.
I'd argue that airing your laundry in public like this does the rider more harm than good.
If this was the end of his career, some body blow from YT that finished him, I'd understand. But it was just the harsher side of contract renewal, and this starts to sound like sour grapes from someone who commands a very big wage. On the other hand, he owes them nothing, so why not speak the truth. I just wonder whether it was ultimately good for his reputation. IMO the professional thing to do would be to move on, saying that I'd probably flip out.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: as Becciu already explained, there is simply no facts of the case about YT being dishonest whatsoever. It seems like you're trying really hard to mix stuff up and not follow a stringent argument.
Having built a nice house and driving expensive cars proves they paid him very well.
They also acquired Gwin as talent for strategic reasons - and with the strategy fulfilled while Gwins performance was diminishing significantly, it made objectively no sense to renew that contract from a business perspective. After all, Gwin alone was more expensive than a whole squad of world-cup winning Frenchies, like Bruni and Vergier plus their personal mechanics for example... so if I was YT, I would have gone with them instead of Gwin in the first place. Just for the names' sake alone, since it literally reads 'young-talent industries' and to get 2 top athletes for the price of one.
But since YT wanted to expand to the North American market, Gwin was probably their best bet.
Honestly, you sound like YT has personally hurt your feelings by not renewing Gwins dream contract.
From a neutral perspective, I consider their money better invested using it for organic growth and to improve their global service infrastructure while keeping fair prices, rather than paying extraordinarily high amounts of cash for pro athletes.
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 @mazze: When you agree to a verbal contract then it's pulled away a short time later without any justification that feels like some dishonesty. They should have invested not in customer service and less in stupid, expensive Christopher Walkin ads. More than any other bike company in existence for their size, YT puts more effort into marketing than anybody else. That's what has made the company successful. That and cheap mail order prices.

If you want to be part of a marketing cult that subtly if not explicitly exploits youth, has no local bike shop connection, has no real legacy, whose culture is defined by the cold hard realities of the soulless internet void, and if you like cheap prices at the expense of everything else(except anime marketing) then YT is your bike.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: You forgot to rant about the lack of bottle cages and flaws in the rear triangles. Maybe in caps so people know you mean it.
It's fair enough to have a prejudice but call it a prejudice and don't try to make some objectivity out of it.
You don't like YT, join the queue of pinkbikers with legitimate grievances and also the ones like you who have sort of compiled a mood board full of mock outrage.

Addressing the points you make individually (I've got a bit of pandemic spare time):

- The soulless internet void: Do you get the irony of putting that on this webpage right here? Most bike companies sell via the internet. If you need someone with a platted beard to sell you a steel bike somewhere that also does great coffee, that option is surely available. I have 5 LBS's like that near me.

- Contracts : I work by contract, I have no employment rights like full time employees do. A company can serve me notice to terminate in the agreed contractual timeframe and that would be consistent with the terms of the contract, that's how contracts work. Contracts are inviting to riders and teams alike because they are shorter-term agreements for the supply of services. If YT did something outside of the terms of the agreed terms then Gwin could sue with a good chance of winning.

- Expensive marketing : Marketing is a thing that has been around for decades, some of it won't be to your taste, and some of it you won't even notice, it's that good. I agree that advert was probably a waste of money but here we are talking about it years later so it worked on some level, I guess it depends on your definition of value.

- Cults, blah exploting the youth : Monster and RedBull are two examples of companies with relatively worthless core products which are very cheap to manufacture and probably not ideal for your health. They target the youth market aggressively. On the other hand both put out some amazing content and sponsor some really good programs for young people. ie. Not all bad.
How many frames and pit support have you supplied to up and coming racers recently? You can argue they are doing it to cover themselves in glory or as a marketting stunt but ask Oisin Callaghan or Vali Holl about what a shit company they are before going on a reckonfest here in the wastelands of the cold void.

Lets not dress this up as something it's not, you don't like the way they parted company with Aaron Gwin, you don't identify with the brand but again they haven't done anything new or particularly onerous here. In fact it's easy to argue they've done a fair bit of good for the sport. Regardless, haters gonna hate.
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 @Steventux: also it is worth noting that alligators are going to alligate
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 @Steventux: When you agree to a verbal contract then it's pulled away a short time later without any justification that feels like some dishonesty.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: First of all, it would be great to get both sides of the story for a bit of balance. What are your sources? One article from one side? Genuinely would be interested in what both sides say about it.
Secondly a verbal agreement is not the same as the dotted line. If what Gwin says is true then it sounds rough but not illegal, a bit abrupt and surprising but not malicious.
Look at how deals are done to secure contracts for racing drivers, jockeys, soccer players, road cyclists for a bit of balance, it's a cutthroat business with lot of insincerity and 'alternative facts' to seal the deal.
Put another way, would you buy a house or a car based on verbal agreement? Would you put complete trust in someone without seeing and signing the paperwork?
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 @Steventux: jockeys?

They just want cocaine bro...
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 Gwin hasn't performed since he went to wagon wheels. prove me wrong
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flag trainboy17 (Dec 10, 2020 at 6:56) (Below Threshold)
 Sure, look at this year's results. #facts
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 If 26'' rear wheels don't become mandatory shorter riders will forever be at a disavantage.
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 I’d say the injuries got a lot more to do with it. If he’s healthy he’s gonna have a great 2021 with an established bike and a schedule that’s not up in the air.
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 @c-radicallis: 27.5 works for me. 29ers I gotta kind of straddle. 26ers are still fun
  • 6 2
 @bulletbassman: Yep. He’s had a run of bad luck the last few years in terms of injuries. I don’t think wheel size or the bike he’s riding has much to do with it.
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 He won on his first race with 29 inch wheels Smile ( Losinj 2018 )
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 @m1dg3t: Big wheels work for everyone.

The problem is rider input to the bike just becomes more limited as you go up in wheel size.

Everyone could ride a bike with 2m diameter wheels, but no one won't be able to do anything besides pedaling and turning (and that is turning without generating any differential weighting of front and rear wheels across time).

Any bike control technique that requires significantly shifting weight to whatever wheel would be impossible to realize.
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 My bad he was on 27.5 wheels...
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 Since this article isn't about Gwin nor wheel sizes, I can prove you're in the wrong thread.
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 @c-radicallis: Ok but what about people like Minnaar who said that the 29er V10 was one of the first bikes that actually fit him, the bike is proportional to his body size. I agree there should be an upper limit, but mandating a single wheel size will always disadvantage someone!
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 Pretty sure he was mullet every race this year
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 @mayha49: Yes the rest of the Syndicate went with the mullet bikes, but I think he stuck with the 29er. The concept of the mullet is really interesting, but if you have the length for full 29er and its working well...why not keep it!
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 @WearR: No it won't. You can acheive the same fit he now has on a 29'' inch bike, on a 26'' bike.

His problem wasn't wheel size. It was geometry.

Designing a bike around 29'' wheel simply forced the use of the geometry Minaar needed, aka longer chainstays and higher handlebars. All this while giving him the benefits inherent to larger wheels.
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 @c-radicallis: I see your point, I must admit I hadn't really thought of it that way! I still feel that if the larger wheels fit you, you should be able to use them, but you're right that the geo is by far and above the most important part of the equation.
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 @WearR: I'm not against larger wheels, and i actually think it's stupid there aren't any wheels larger than 29'', since XC riders and taller riders would obviously benefit from such thing.

I'm just against them for racing since they inherently decrease the competitive potential of smaller riders, making the sport even more exclusive than it already is.
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 No that was 27.5@Leodt:
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 Gwin got a new hot wife and big new mansion, so probably lost his edge.
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 @c-radicallis: I've wondered about that a bit, as the tracks have gotten faster and bikes have grown regardless of wheel size I wonder if DH is inheritintly becoming a tall guy sport. With the move to modern geometry and bigger wheels how many times in the last 5 years has a rider under 6 feet been on the top? Does the longer legs and reach give a performance advantage that's increasing to the point that shorter guys are at a significant disadvantage?
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 @CONomad: Brosnan's been at the top for quite a while and he's well under 6ft I think.
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 @m1dg3t: at the top yeah and so has Hart... and both are crazy talented. But when you are at the edge where were seeing 2-5 riders finish in the same second is the height difference starting to keep these guys off that top step?
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 I’ve seen the most successful racers actually strap their saddle directly to the top tube, in the middle. It looks crazy but it puts them at a positional advantage. I’m just kidding
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 @CONomad: I think Hart is the same size, or very close, as Bruni. Maybe you've heard of Loic?
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 @Ryanrobinson1984: LoL Like the old days of DH when seats were as big as the top tube LoL
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 @m1dg3t: Bruni is 180cm fairly tall compared to Hart... But I'm not talking absolutes here of course there have been short guys with the win in the last 5 years. But as a percentage of the overall it sure seems to be trending lower and lower.
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 @CONomad: Vergier is pretty short too. I'm sure there are more. I don't think height plays the role you think it does.
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 Find the YT bashing a bit odd here, Gwin served a purpose, he raised their profile massively and no doubt it cost them a frigging fortune. Then they go back to their name “young talent” and bring on a team of youngsters. Angel isn’t a potential star now, he’s becoming a big gun - it makes perfect sense for him to toddle off and find another team. No doubt we’ll be reading the same about Oisin in 5 years time.
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 True that. Can’t believe some people are still whining bout YT dropping Gwin. It’s called business. And they even where so honest to tell him straight up he served their purpose and they got all they wanted. How can you not appreciate that?
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 @stefkrger: You appreciate that YT lied to Gwinn? You should date a prostitute if that's the case.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: C'mon now... Working girls need love too
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 Stoked for Angel! Great to see him regain his form and put his injuries in the past. All the best in the future Smile
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 Good on Angel--he's in for a well deserved raise after a few frustrating seasons that he managed to push through. Don't forget Martin is Angel's agent, so he benefits from Angel's pay raise no matter where Angel goes.
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 But the YT Mob is Martin's team...
  • 21 0
 @timbud: @timbud: Yes, it's my team, a private team sponsored by YT who have always supported our decisions on riders to hire. I haven't been Angel's agent for some time now. We are great friends and I fully respect his decision. His decision as described to me is not driven by money, but more by personal challenges he wants to set for himself. As a Spanish resident, I want him to succeed as much as anyone. Would I have wanted another year? Of course, but what I or the team wants isn't really the key here.
  • 2 0
 I have has a very good experience with YT in the USA. Every time I have called the headquarters in San Clemente CA. I have had a good experience. They have helped me out with product and advice. I actually picked up a part for a friend at the headquarters and was treated to good customer service and a beer on tap. I think that say it all LOL.
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 Was awesome to see him ripping again and on the hot seat! Guy has a bright future.
  • 4 0
 I’d be hesitant to leave a team that supported me so well during injuries and no results.
  • 2 0
 Never had any issues with customer service with YT In New Zealand as had a couple of warranty issues that were quickly resolved. On my third YT in 5 years and LOVE the bikes. Best wishes for the future Angel .
  • 4 1
 I know it’s not directly related but I have about 6 rides in on their IZZO and the thing rips.
  • 1 0
 Would it be dumb if me to buy one and up the fork a bit or just keep my Jeffsey?
  • 1 0
 @slayersxc17: not sure, man. I think brands build frames with certain suspensions in mind.
  • 5 3
 I think he might join the Syndicate. I know him and Minnaar get on well and he just seems like a good fit
  • 3 1
 He isnt going to Syndicate.
  • 7 7
 Good for Angel. Was all smiles being the "coffee boy" for gwin, had injury after injury, worked hard and is now in the top 10. I can't wait for him to finally look down on Gwin from the Podium. That will make me smile.
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 Hmmmmm. Not a gwin fan?
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 @slayersxc17: Used to be, I guess I still am. He was definitely a monster that shook the sport up for sure. I wanted to see him take the most wins title from Minaar, but after the anti science covid comments I'm not so sure. I shouldn't have to agree with everything someone says to root for them and I definitely have a bunch of friends who think just like him. It's been a weird year... I'm sure I'll jump right back on the bandwagon after he pulls off a win in the snow with a flat tire.
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 well done Mr Tennyson
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 GIANT news coming in January ...
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 I'm not hoping good news from Giant factory team. Sadly to say, but the team is not looking good future, old bike, not a support team at all...I would like to see Giant back on the top again. Will see.
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  • 3 1
 Redcar rocket coming in?
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 I have a reliable source that says Randy will be riding for YT in 2021.
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 Cube with Danny hart??
  • 1 1
 Looks like commencal but not in a factory team.. meh
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 Joining the syndicate probably
  • 1 2
 Was he not able to get the bike model he wanted because it wasn't in stock?
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 C'mon YT call loris!!
  • 1 2
 More like Angel parts with YT and demonic brethren.

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