YT Moves Away From Traditional Yearly Model Updates with New 'Core' Ranges

Mar 11, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  
YT INDUSTRIES Ace Hayden on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

YT has today announced it will be moving away from the traditional model year structure and move towards a new structure of 'Core' and 'Uncaged' bikes.

The German direct-sales brand will begin the rollout of its new categorisations with the Jeffsy but it will in time apply the same changes to the Izzo, Capra, Decoy and Tues. Starting with the Jeffsy, YT is replacing the old 'Pro Race-Pro-Comp-Base' categorization with the new numbered 'Core' system. YT will now use this platform to carry out running updates on the specs as new components become available, rather than relying on annual updates.

In addition to the Core models, which will be available year-round, YT will be releasing limited edition Uncaged models. These bikes will have more unique spec setups, be limited in volume and are designed to "satisfy the wishes of discerning riders who follow the latest trends in the industry". YT already started releasing Uncaged models such as the Shred and Elite in 2020, and most recently the Blaze models in February.

YT INDUSTRIES Ace Hayden on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

bigquotesWe are focusing our efforts on putting the rider front and center of everything at YT. The overall goal of Core bikes is to make it easier for customers to understand our offering and be able to offer the latest and greatest to the YT Family throughout the year. We aim to achieve this via intuitive naming, consistent stock replenishment, and running spec changes. 2021 is a transition year as we roll out Core across all our platforms and continue to experiment with new Uncaged models, and we couldn’t be more excited to begin this new era.Sam Nicols, CEO YT Industries

The Jeffsy will begin with three Core models, labelled 4,3 and 2.

YT Jeffsy Core 4

YT INDUSTRIES Ace Hayden on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

The Jeffsy Core 4 is the top-spec model with a lighter, high modulus carbon frame. The suspension comes from Fox's Factory range with a 36 fork and Float DPX2 shock providing 150mm travel front and rear. SRAM's X01 Eagle takes care of shifting duties while G2 RSC brakes slow the whole package down.

Price: €4,999, £4,499, $4,999 USD

YT Jeffsy Core 3

YT INDUSTRIES Ace Hayden on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

The Jeffsy Core 3 model also has a carbon frame. Suspension goes from Factory to Performance Elite and the drivetrain is now SRAM GX Eagle. SRAM's G2 brakes again provide the stopping power but with a bit less adjustability as they are the R spec.

Price: €3,999, £3,599, $3,999 USD

YT Jeffsy Core 2

The Jeffsy Core 2 is aluminium model of the range and it is also the only spec level that is available in both 29" and 27.5" wheels (the carbon models are both 29" only). Fox Performance elite suspension once again provides the suspension and it uses a SRAM NX drivetrain.

Price: €2,799, £2,499, $2,799 USD

For a deeper dive into model years and why the industry may or may not use them, read our Burning Question article on the topic, here. For more info on the Jeffsy line, head to the YT website, here.


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 This is a smart idea to mitigate component shortages and planned obsolescence. Hopefully it also reduces leadtimes.
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flag eugenux (Mar 11, 2021 at 6:52) (Below Threshold)
 to me, it seems like a strategy to change the current price range based on whatever thier minds want. Basically, "new" product range, new pricing.
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 @eugenux: To me it seems they are trying to move forward through a difficult pandemic and be more sustainable with an NOS (Never out of stock- which is a term used in clothing retail for core products) range of bikes which in turn will make ‘New’ releases feel more special and anticipated.
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 Thats exactly the plan, but its not going to reduce leadtimes of complete bikes. Expect to see more of this announced in the coming weeks and months. OEMs are experiencing HUGE delays and unprecidented lead times for crucial components due to the boom. Many (if not most) companies will carry over every possible model in the next two years in an effort to try and secure a stable supply of parts. A move like this was long overdue, but its a forced move at this point.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 11, 2021 at 8:12) (Below Threshold)
 Might also be smart for YT to stop their mysogynist approach to advertising, stop with the offensive images, and stop associating themselves with the worst President in American history. But I'm starting to think that they enjoy being the white male, white trash, MAGA brand of the bicycle industry. It's becoming their niche.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Give it a rest already.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 11, 2021 at 8:28) (Below Threshold)
 @Xlr8n: Nah, international women's day inspired me. YT shouldn't be treating women like this in their advertising, and anybody who disagrees with me is part of the problem. Just because you are a fan of the brand doesn't mean it's OK to brush away their offensive approach to women in the sport. YT should give it a rest already.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: what's wrong with white males?
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: DoubleClownAzzkick
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 @Xlr8n: YT Trollbot initialized..
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 11, 2021 at 8:47) (Below Threshold)
 @pipomax: That's obviously who YT is catering towards with their mysogyny, offensive porn-cartoon images of women, their obsessive use of dumb skull imagery, and their embrace of a UFC fighter who has been accused of racist and sexist behavior and was openly supportive of 20 x accused sexual predator Donald Trump. But this is a family friendly sport and women deserve more respect than YT has given them.

It is absolutely accurate to say YT is The white male, white trash, Trump supporting brand of the bicycle industry. Also safe to say they are the only bicycling brand in history to put Nazi Rune writing symbols on their product. Also safe to say they are a German brand who is completely disrespecting German history in WW II and the 6,000,000 jews killed in it by Hitler and his Nazi forces, and all the other countries affected by it who lost countless lives. My grandfather wouldn't have had to go to France and fight in WWII had Germans not embraced these white supremacist images. Yet the German owner of YT has a Nordic tattoo that does exactly that. If you want to associate yourself with that kind of disrespectful thinking concerning white supremacy, and like to objectify women rather than celebrate their achievements and encourage their participation in the sport, then YT is your brand.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: get help. You are truly insane.
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 Ah the MTB bubble. Glad to be a witness of this.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: There are several statements here intended to incite other commenters into correcting you.
This is the lure you've played out many many times across Pinkbike comments and you've been reported several times for it.
As a fellow forum user I'm asking you to stop.
Your incendiary posts are pure bait, it wouldn't really matter what you are writing or to what end, the constructs and end goals are always the same: Those of a troll, to incite others into an argument regardless of the underlying issue.
Inaccuracies and poorly researched diatribes only serve to invite people to correct your ignorance, another lure.
You never display any interest in compromise with other commenters, even when they partially agree with you.
You rarely talk like you've ever been biking, most of your comments are of the YT Trollbot.
You always throw down a gauntlet daring others to disagree with you eg. "anybody who disagrees with me is part of the problem".
You devote many many posts to the same reoccurring subject matter which all begin with the same lures and end with the same disagreements with other users.
At first I thought this was someone on a crusade against YT. But having read enough of this BS it's obvious you're here to troll. Back to Reddit please.
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 @pipomax: surely this is a parody account? It’s as if someone who doesn’t like the whole “woke” thing decided they wanted to troll everyone by being the workest of the woke.
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 @ODubhslaine: I've often thought the same, if you wanted to make fun of the anti-racist or anti-misogynist agenda you'd make up the sort of ill informed reply-bait we often see from this account.
Also if you look over previous posts the repetition of phrases is suspect, it doesn't deviate into 'human' conversation at all. It's pure diatribe.
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 @Steventux: yeah, it reads like anti woke AI. More often than not I scroll past this kind of shite and it’s probably the best course of action for the majority here. Starve it if oxygen and it goes away.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: you must be a real joy to hang around
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 This is not as simple as it appears on the surface. Bike brands are still beholden to key component manufactures release schedule. For example, if a brand knows that the new fancy pants XTREAGLE38ZEBATROIC is going to be available at date X and released at date Y to the public, they are not going to do themselves any favors by releasing their new model (which should have XTREAGLE38ZEBATROIC but doesnt) a few months before and end up having a new bike which is dated from a spec angle just shortly after it was released. So, you can go away from saying you have MY associated with bikes but as long as key suppliers are working on release schedules to suit the calendar the majority of the industry is working with...ur in a pickle.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: its crazy to think we live in a society sometimes
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Dude.. you created a whole 2 page album dedicated to trash talking YT, clearly taking things out of context in an effort to support your claims.. rather than saying a damn mannequin in a wig is sexism, you need:
1) get professional help... seriously.. do it. this isnt normal.
2) to get out and ride your bike and stop being a victim of nothing
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 At least Waki was fun to read. Bann hammer doubledickaddict!
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: So if that’s your inspiration for a bollocks political comment how come you are not hating on Monster with their typical girls in Lycra or Marzocchi from the old days again with girls in Lycra edging towards the age old saying of ‘Sex sells!’
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 All I read is wah wah wah. Why is everybody looking for a reason to be offended? If you don't like them, don't click on articles about them, or comment, or buy they're products. And take a f#$*ing chill pill.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 11, 2021 at 11:10) (Below Threshold)
 @Steventux: it's interesting that all you do is use broad generalizations in your weak attack on my facts, and have to resort to complete dishonesty about my posting history here. Anybody who thinks the way YT has treated women in their marketing is fine, and who thinks it's OK for a German company to be recycling Nazi white supremacist images is absolutely part of the problem of demeaning, objectifying women, and promoting violence against women, and tolerating white supremacy. Those are the facts you are completely incapable of confronting, which is why you have to desperately resort to calling me names and attacking me personally. You are actually the troll in this discussion, one which you seem to be completely incapable of engaging in intellectually or factually.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 11, 2021 at 11:17) (Below Threshold)
 @McArdle: You must know must be desperate when you have to rely on marketing from 20 years ago, from a since bankrupt and sold company, to make comparisons that aren't even valid in the first place. Other companies have obviously objectified women, but not in such a classless manner like YT has. No other bicycle company had promoted violence against women in its marketing images, or produced cartoon-porn type images of women in a basement like YT has. Prove me wrong.
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 Did you read my post!? At no point did I sight any so called facts. At no point did I call you names. But there's the deep end. Jump off if it makes you happy. Your so-called facts you're spouting are nothing but biased opinions like most millennial snowflakes. Keep looking for things to be offended by and virtue signal over. You're going to have a long hard unhappy life. Meanwhile I'm going to go ride and enjoy myself. I only wish it was on a YT just trigger you some more. Have a wonderful day!!
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 I only clicked on this article to see what kind of shit @DoubleCrownAddict was spewing. Sure enough...
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Your crusade has become a barnacle-like cyst on the muscular, tattooed buttocks of YT Industries. Is that really what you want to be known for on the Internette? If so, I applaud you for carving out this peculiar niche. I now look forward to your posts, however misguided and trollish they may be.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Jesus dude, taking that q/blue anon shit to the next level lol. For your sake, I hope you're trolling here. Otherwise find help immediately lol.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: bro, you’re perception is way off... they’re a bike company, highly successful might I add, because they make killer bikes for an excellent price compared to the competition.
Leave your politics out of it, they do.
Do you really think they’d be this successful if they weren’t doing it right?
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: get a hobby, off PinkBike.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: No, this is promoting violence against women with cartoon-porn imagery. YT isn't anywhere close. But man, have we come a long way from this.

Edit: Inside cover of Appetite for Destruction circa 1987. Viewer discretion is advised.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: no one here cares about what tou have to say. You'd be wise to use your energy more constructively.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Qanon supporter wears horns to a rally + YT has a 'pagan' goat in their marketing = YT SUPPORTS Q-ANON

Skulls + Tattoos = TOXIC MASCULINITY

YT has promo video with horror vibes showing 2 men and 1 woman rider being kidnapped = YT PROMOTES VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN

your arguments are such stretches that every reasonable person is wondering if you're simply trolling or actually mentally unstable.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: wokeism really is a religion. No amount of logic is going to prevent you from preaching.
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 @chriskneeland: 2 days in a row. C'mon PinkBike let us have a Friday fails full of YT so we can get more banter to end the week on a high note.
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 I bit the bullet and got the blaze and they had it to me in a week so hopefully, that does remain consistent!
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dayum DCA...

cancel culture died with 2020.

please respect this new year, stfu, and go ride your bike.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: *takes eyes, removes them from head, rolls them 180 degrees*
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 @TwoNGlenn: it truly is. it's worse than religion, because at least most religions encourage questioning (or segments of them do.) Wokeism is like the worst caricature of the Spanish Inquisition you could possibly come up with.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: That's it, you pulled me out of a multi year retirement from posting. I'll provide a different perspective from others. Humor, by definition, is rooted in truth. Whether that truth is widely accepted, something we want to hide or something we wish to change is irrelevant. Humor always has the potential to hurt by its very nature. Their Jeffsy campaign played on traditional gender roles, fair. I don't see the offensiveness, however. Think deeper, and you will see a young female character who has strong conviction and does not cower from her male counterpart. She is willing and empowered to make her position known, emphatically so. This does not represent weakness or submissiveness; quite the opposite.

Full disclosure: I am a liberal. I hate Trump and the current state of the Republican party in the US. I love Biden and partied in the streets when he was elected. I whole heartily support BLM and #metoo. However, there is a limit to my "wokeness" and you drunkenly swerved three exits past it. It's ok. Eat your CBD gummy, take a hot bath and recognize that for all its problems, life is still good.

I write this for the 5% chance your stance is sincere and not the 95% chance you're trolling. If the latter, then I hope this is good reflection for other readers.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Nope, I actually think he was spot on. My wife rides, my daughter rides too. My daughters life revolves around her bike. She wants to go pro one day. I think she can, and especially with all the positive people (though there are a few negative Nancy's too) and support from her peers (mostly male) she has all the opportunity in the world. Both are part of the community of moubtainbiking. Both are avid supporters of all things mountainbiking. They are not oppressed, nor are they objectified. Both of whom have seen all of YT's ads, and not once was any of your claims their interpretation. While equal rights for all is absolutely necisarry, equality is not... otherwise we wouldn't have competition in sport. Ever heard "everybody is good at something, but nobody is good at anything". Like this for example.. I for one am good at taking things with a grain of salt, you clearly are not... But I have good news for you, because it seems you have a real talent for fishing, so maybe you should do that.
Oh, and one more thing, maybe lay off the caffeine for a bit, the side effects can be pretty intense.
Good luck, and happy fishing!
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: My point with Marzocchi and Monster was that both companies regardless of timeline of marketing have used women in the campaigns.

Usually I enjoy a bit of jovial banter through the comments section but you are becoming quite obsessive over this ‘point’ you’re trying to make so maybe you should get out of your parents basement for some fresh air and leave your keyboard alone it’s been abused enough.
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 @TwoNGlenn: This isn't the face of 'wokeism' whatever that is. or even someone who holds social equality as an important value. It's a troll. No one on the left is this stupid.
What IS happening though is we are assembling into extreme political lanes at the behest of this shitty little troll to start taking each other apart and derailing any conversation about a bike company selling bikes.
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 @trialsracer: Someone or something is using a left-leaning political stance as a parody of a set of values to incite argument and validate the idea that 'wokeism' is unreasonable and stupid. Whatever you beliefs it's a waste of all our time and has nothing to do with mountain biking.
Unfortunately it's so poorly done that anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see how incoherent the arguments are, how repetitive the phrases, the DCA account never tries to engage on any level other than that of a troll, ie it's devoid of true concern for social equality, so a troll, get it?
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"On todays episode of how f*cked up is f*cked up: that's f*cked up."

You have clearly shown that you have no f*cking knowledge about anything.

Your behaviour is very Trump.

Please shut the f*ck up.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 12, 2021 at 4:16) (Below Threshold)
 @joedave: YT is the one who brought politics into it by giving a racist, sexist, outspoken Trump supporter/idiot UFC fighter a free custom bike.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 12, 2021 at 4:20) (Below Threshold)
 @exlax: So if it's OK to play on traditional gender roles, then by your definition it would be OK for a company jokingly promote the idea of women not being allowed to vote?
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 @deepstrut: why not both?
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: what are your thoughts on the character being empowered and convicted? Don't dodge the meat of my response by manipulating my statement to fit your agenda.
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 @jomacba: I'd really prefer not to associate this joker with fishing though...
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 @exlax: Like a troll would. Don't feed the troll.
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 @russhandsome: It was a pun. As in he's fishing for deeper meaning to interpret prejudice, misogyny, and hate.
  • 5 0
 @DoubleCrownAddict: thanks for the rant I went ahead and bought a YT since you hate them so much.
  • 3 0
 @DoubleCrownAddict: that’s an awful lot of words to say that your YT owner, german step father drank all your monster and didn’t take you riding with him
  • 1 0
 @Steventux: Y’all need to police your own. It’s out of hand.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: you're clearly identifying as a woman today.
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 @itsonlyaname616: It hsd the opposite effect on me. I'M BUYING ONE!!!A
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: you should change your name to doubledonaddict
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: when’s international wet fart day ?
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 @TwoNGlenn: Not affiliated in any way.
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 Damn YT killing it. Those prices!
  • 37 0
 now try to order one.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 11, 2021 at 8:15) (Below Threshold)
 @fruitsd79: Or better yet, try to get a replacement chainstay warrantied.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Wait...So you actually own a YT?...or you just here trolling by posting other people's complaints....Let's just cut to the chase: YT get with your girl or something?
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 @fruitsd79: Try ordering a Santa Cruz, even with their new pricing
  • 2 82
flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 11, 2021 at 8:57) (Below Threshold)
 @Xlr8n: Let's cut to the chase. You have the intellectual ability of a 13 year old? It's obviously an issue when every time their is a YT article people are complaining about waiting 8 months for a chainstay warranty. YT prioritizes competitive pricing above all else, including quality control, quality manufacturing, and especially customer service. I'm curious as to which cheap Chinese company they employ to make their frames??
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 @fruitsd79: you should try right now before this run sells out Smile
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 Impressive indeed! I just grabbed a nukeproof reactor 290c, with very similar spec and price. The YT adds carbon cranks(vs xt) and the x01 bits(vs xt). Price was nearly a wash, pre-brexit, but the nukeproof gets duty added to the states.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: you sure spread a lot of hate for being the "hater of hate" guy
  • 7 0
 @Xlr8n: No he doesn't get chicks so he feels he has to make these ridiculous remarks to be a knight in shining armor but really he just looks like a moron.
  • 2 0
 @fruitsd79: my buddy just ordered one. April delivery.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Don’t believe everything you read in the comment section.
  • 14 1
 @DoubleCrownAddict: there*

Since you accuse everyone of being a nazi anyways, I’ll go ahead and be a grammar nazi and point out your inability to differentiate between “their” and “there”.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 11, 2021 at 11:22) (Below Threshold)
 @willycoolman: I do hate cheap companies who prioritize cost over EVERYTHING else. From what I've seen YT is essentially a company that is for mountain bikers who want to take a picture of their pretty bike and post in on the internet, rather than ride it aggressively.

So many stories of guys who buy a YT based join price, break them or have other issues, get frustrated, and then say "never again" to the brand. They are a much a brand for bike posers more than actual bike riders.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: I mean I dont like that either but you seem to have a vendetta. There may be reason to have issue with them for their warranty issues but I've seen many who are very satisfied as well. On the other hand you go off on these insane tangents about loving Trump and sexism and all this other tinfoil hat stuff invalidating yourself. Anyone who has the time to put themselves in this deep of a hole over something this dumb has a few screws loose.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: ^^^... DCA finally takes his mask off an reveals himself as nothing but a troll ! Whatever point you may have been trying to make was just erased in an instant with this post^^^. Thank you kindly sir!!! SMH...

In the words of your favorite super hero: "YOU'RE FIRED!" LOL

... high-larious stuff right here
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Fascinating that with your sensitivities towards respectful representation of women and your interpretation of the brand as aligning with Nazi traditions you would choose the term "cheap Chinese company"? I mean- I'm neither saying that there is or isn't a history of lower quality and lower cost product from Asia, rather just pointing out that if you want to stand on a soap box built with planks of social awareness and cultural sensitivity; generalizing about the quality of a product based on it's production location or the country/culture it originates from might be seen as hypocritical. Do we now label you as historically racist based on that comment and no longer support you? Do we educate you and others who read the post of how your language impacts us? Do we create pages against your racism on forums and berate every post you make in the future with reminders of it? What do you think might be the most rational way to move forward with this?
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Gwin, Hoell, Trummer, O'Callaghan, Stark - all posers?

Me: Somewhat of a poser, but will smoke you on my YT.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: sounds just like personal experience to me
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 @withdignityifnotalacrity: jeffsy 26 still not available and they don'y have any 275 jeffsy small or XS. my kid outgrew his 24" but there is just nothing out there for 4'10"to 5'2" unless you want to pay four grand for a used bike
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 @AllMountin: I bought my mega 275 comp pre-covid $2200 to my door.
  • 2 0

It's not uncommon to see a Jeffsy (or Canyon Spectral) on my trails. Many times a more "affordable" model. These are run of the mill riders just out having a good time. Not posers. Not endurobros. Just normal riders who didn't see the value in paying more.

My friend who owned a Capra, Jeffsy 27, and Jeffsy 29 is a skilled rider and hard charger and thankfully never broke a frame. I've ridden the J29 a couple times and it's an insanely fun bike and rips just as hard as my Ripmo.

I have the same warranty concern you mention though when it comes to riding a d2c frame hard.
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 @snl1200: lol this is my favorite response to that dumbass
  • 6 1
 @Xlr8n: maybe DCA is actually Old and Untalented, and YT represents the myriad of athletic bullies through his life?
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 12, 2021 at 4:37) (Below Threshold)
 @suspended-flesh: They were/are paid to ride YT. I'm still curious which cheap cost-cutting Chinese manufacturer YT relies on to make their frame?? Relying on an extremely cheap frame manufacturer is probably one of the important factors as to why they are able to price bikes competitively.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Taiwan, not mainland China. - same carbon factory as other major/high-end brands.
  • 1 0
 Shame about the Australia tax, but good prices for everyone else. Eg, Jeffsy 2 is $3600 AUD at current rate of exchange, but is $4600 from YT website. Sigh.
  • 2 0
 @BorisBC35: that's your government bending you over, not YT.
  • 1 0
 @fruitsd79: Read through all the doublecrown garbage looking for this. Thank you! Lol.

*Full disclosure: I own and love riding a Jeffsy.
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 “Available year-round” lol
  • 1 0 a perfect world...which this will never
  • 4 0
 Maybe they are based on a fast moving meteor between the Sun and Mercury.
  • 35 1
 YT looks like they're delivering some well priced bikes with proper parts specs. Kudos to them!
  • 4 1
 delivering implies delivery
  • 1 0
 @j-t-g: mine comes Monday
  • 22 0
 I'm going to enjoy the moment when I selling my heavily upgraded bike and the prospective buyer asks me "what year is it?" and I can say "they stopped doing model years in '21"
  • 20 0
 Whoa! Those Jeffsy models are actually in stock!

I don’t actually need a new bike right now, but I feel like the fact that there’s a well specced and well-priced bike available and in-stock means I should just buy it now!
  • 6 1
 Buy it now, sell it whenever you like at basically no loss.
  • 12 1
 If YT ever manages to overcome their terrible customer support issues, the could become an insane global powerhouse of a brand with beautiful builds and prices.
  • 4 1
 They usa crew are handicapped by the germans brass. Hopefully san Clemente is reaching them-and maybe this is an example of that...
  • 1 0
 I’ve had three warranty claims with them, including frame replacement, they’ve been incredibly responsive and quick turn around. I have no complaints except bike availability, but that’s a good problem, for them.
  • 6 0

yeah joedave but 3, wtaf?!

i've had 3 warranty claims in almost 3 decades of riding.
  • 11 0
 un-planned obsolescence yay !.
  • 16 6
 Seems like yt puts all of their attention to marketing and none to their huge customer service deficit...
  • 5 1
 or their website. The dirt love has a bb drop of 1053mm and an actual seat tube angle of 23mm
  • 8 0
 @ridealltheb1kes: I bet it’s super stable with a BB buried in the dirt
  • 5 0
 @DizzyNinja: The wheelbase of 111mm has to be pretty twitchy too.
  • 3 0
 @DizzyNinja: you can use it to plant potatoes as well, yt are so ahead!!!
  • 8 1
 Hopefully they incorporate some way to easily tell the exact age of the bike. without doing so, it will simply encourage unscrupulous sellers on the 2nd hand market to try passing 3 yr old bikes off as 1 year old...
  • 1 0
 You mean like a serial number that has the year incorporated?
  • 1 0
 @Pussyslayer: yes. lots of companies don't make serial numbers like, "YT2020JEFFSY29XXX2929392" or whatever. most are like "DD1000183493928493" which means you have to email them, wait 2-53 days for a response. not too helpful.
  • 7 1
 I may be a contrarian (or just cheap), but did anyone else notice the most inexpensive Jeffsy just went up by $500. At $2,300 for the Base with solid spec. this was an incredible deal. At $2,800 with a mildly better spec. it's just OK. How about a Core 1 with a Yari?
  • 1 0
 Expect that to be the new standard across the board.
  • 1 0
 @cpigg welcome to the next 3 years of global inflation! can't spend pretend money forever and not pay the price...
  • 1 0
 This is across the board. Many many thanks to SRAM and their garbage NX/SX line. Used to be that GX was the budget spec and it was OK. Now its out dated spec boat anchors that force you to buy a new hub at the least if you want an upgrade.

I do like my GX but I won't be buying a SRAM groups at ever again.
  • 8 0
 Such a killer value on those Jeffsy builds.
  • 7 0
 I didn't know Dave Grohl rode for YT
  • 7 0
 YT: Available all year round
Everybody who ordered a Capra: Wait what?
  • 3 0
 Smart. Banshee does this as well. Annual incremental change to a frame or to for the sake of “keeping it fresh” is silly. Good bikes are good bikes for longer than a few seasons. I’ve been on my Jeffsy since the latest revision so about 3 maybe 4 seasons now and I don’t have any inclination to buy another trail bike for at least another couple years.
  • 5 0
 Spring 2024: we are returning to annual model releases to reduce consumer confusion like every other brand that ditched annual releases and went back a couple of years later.
  • 3 0
 all I see is cost increases in disguise. changing bike names is purely marketing nonsense. I get their need to increase prices due to supply constraints. but do it right - like Santa Cruz announced yesterday (and other brands in past weeks...) - say it outload to your customers that you need to increase prices. Don't hide it under marketing crap of name changes. I don't like this at all. Alum Jeffsy (base) went up from $2200 to $2700. that's almost 25% cost increase. Top of the line Jeffsy is $5k. that touches pricing of boutique brands with trademark suspensions.
  • 1 0
 These price increases are BS anyway. Watch the vid on Vital MTB on Push Industries. If a small operation can face increased costs for their raw materials and find efficiency gains in their operation so as to NOT increase pricing, then so can Santa Cruz or any other bike co. It's price gouging, plain and simple.
  • 2 0
 Transition tried to do this for a long time. It didn't work. Eventually they had to get in line with the rest of the industry, in so small part because the "Model year" of a bike is inseparably connected with the publics' perspective of a bike's value. Maybe YT can have better luck?
  • 1 0
 Felt talked about it too. I think a few brands have tried.
  • 3 1
 I bought a BLAZE and had it in a couple days, it's such an amazingly fun bike bike to ride, not sure why so many people are bagging on YT, price is great, the bikes kick ass , customer service amazing.. Whats not to like, it's great to be able to get around the middle man (bike shop) and get a bike for a really good price, not sure what all the other nonsense is on the thread but I'm 100% stoked on YT they've been great....
  • 2 0
 This is actually really awesome. I had been considering both the base and comp levels of the Jeffsy, and the Core 2 splits between them quite nicely. Hopefully this will help them keep bikes in stock as well.
  • 1 0
 YT is killing it with their spec and designs. The only thing I'd change with my 2019 Jeffsy is maybe make the seat tube a bit slacker, it kills my wrists, but I'm sure I'm in the minority here. Otherwise, it's light, punchy, still has 140mm of travel, a bike you can rip your local trails on and not be afraid to take to the park. Thankfully haven't had to take it in for any warranty related issues.
  • 1 0
 Genuinely curious, how does this hurt your wrists?
  • 1 0
 Try a taller bar
  • 1 0
 @daugherd: a lot of pressure on the wrist on flatter terrain.
  • 1 0
 Do you feel like your weight is too far fwd when sitting with the steeper sta?
  • 1 0
 I just don't see how this will make a difference at all for the consumer? Or I guess specifically me, a consumer who doesn't plan out a purchase around bike release dates or the newest and latest. I am an impulsive shopper though which probably is not good. Once I make the decision to purchase a bike, I figure out what type of bike I am looking for, i.e. HT, FS, Trail, Enduro, XC, DH, etc. Type of riding i am going to be using it for and than figure out a price range. At this point I than look and see what is available at the local shops. Once I see what is available I do some research via reviews, discussions and demos (if possible) and purchase. Key determining factors for me are price point, reliability and deserved reputation.

Must say though very interesting article along with the deeper dive articles.
  • 1 0
 RSD has been doing this for years, as have several road bike brands. Produce a frame model in a bunch of colors and build kits without attached model years and keep selling those same frame colors and build kits until there is an update to the frame. The RSD mayor is going into the V5 stage this year if they ever actually deliver the bikes people started plunking pre-order deposits on six months ago. It's to have three frame colors and four build kits. The V4 had three colors and three kits and was sold in 2019 & 2020. The overproduced / undersold V3 had four colors and three build kits and they only finished selling V3 frames last year around June as I recall.
  • 1 0
 Commencal has been doing special editions akin to the uncaged series for ages - its awesome - such a great way to keep models fresh and the chance to be creative on a limited production run seems to produce exciting specs and designs. Dope.
  • 1 0
 In the end consumers will still recognize changes as year model changes. There have been other manufactures that have tried this or still say that they are doing it. Any change to spec is a change nonetheless and usually comes annually. And guess what that is a year model change not matter what the manufacture says. Even if the frame remains the same color it is still a change.
  • 1 0
 They can stop having model years all they want but the year made better be stamped on the bike somewhere. Someone's clapped out old shit wagon being sold 3 years later on Pinkbike is not new. Plus old stock found sitting in a warehouse for 3 years and then sold is not new ether.
  • 3 0
 I'm just glad to see fewer E-13 components spec'd. The only issue i have had with my 2 YT's has been related to E13 junk. They got the memo on that it appears.
  • 1 0
 Wow. I bet some of you guys are really fun at parties. On another note, I feel lucky I got my Ripmo AF in the fall. It's been a long winter, but I'm ready to go for spring. A Jeffsey was on my list but they were back ordered forever. Got lucky I guess. Even had a few upgrades (SLX brakes and Raceface bars and stem) for free. This is the year of grab what you can I guess. Good luck everyone!
  • 4 0
 So much bang for the buck...
  • 1 0
 "The overall goal of Core bikes is to make it easier for customers to understand our offering..." Hmm, how can we do that... I know, let's call the 3 core models "2, 3 & 4"!! Hahaha!
  • 1 0
 That Jeffsy 4 color is awesome. Do I need to upgrade my 2018 Jeffsy right now, or wait for the Izzo? This downcountry thing has peaked my interest
  • 3 0
 That deep red on the top model is beautiful...
  • 3 1
 By the time you get to the comments, they will all be sold out. You have to jump faster than a cat on a hot tinned roof.
  • 2 0
 my buddy didnt even wait until he got home from work. just bought one 5 min ago lol
  • 1 0
 @deepstrut: August 2021 shipping. That is a long time.
  • 2 0
 Jeffsy Core 2 doesn't have Performance Elite but Performance only suspension
  • 4 2
 Let me guess they also included a price hike and/or component downgrade to accompany the lineup shuffle?
  • 4 1
 YT is legit, still one of the best deals out there for price to spec.
  • 1 8
flag bamba (Mar 11, 2021 at 18:25) (Below Threshold)
 is this a joke? are you actually seeing the same things I am seeing or do you work for YT or something? the price increases with this new marketing nonsense for same bikes - $5k for Jeffsy is no bargain. sorry. its touching boutique brand prices which there you actually pay for trademarked suspension. it specced nice but no more the bargain prices that historically attracted their customer base.
  • 2 0
 CORE SHRED UNCAGED BLAZED SHRED ELITE Ok we get it, you're trying really hard, and we see that. Keep it up!
  • 1 0
 No bike bom bike shops,bike brands just ordered small amounts of products to store.. now they sold all that low stock trying to get their reordered products in.
  • 1 0
 I’m sorry but huh?
  • 4 2
 Do YT sell bikes or just market bikes? I'd buy one if they were ever available ...
  • 1 0
 @DoubleCrownAddict: Good luck on the trail mate... looks like you are making several new friends that will make sure you pick the right line. Cheers!
  • 1 2
 HEY! I am so fkn tired of hearing about @DoubleCrownAddict i wanna gouge my fkn eyes out with a rusty spoon! Here's a radical notion - JUST DONT LOOK - remember that Simpson's episode where the advertising comes to life? THIS IS LITERALLY THAT.

If you down vote or reply to him in anyway you are perpetuating and enabling this. And YES I am guilty of doing both those things in the past but it has occurred to me that short of PB banning the guy which raises a SHIT TON of other issues, the ONLY way to make this stop is to ignore it. And obvisouly it wont stop, but at least it wont go on for days and maybe he'll get bored, or medication.

But dont respond to the guy and then bitch about the shit he spews. Its like having a sack of shit which you kick and then complain that it smells like shit and now its on your shoe - just leave it alone.

A tree in the mfkn forest people!!! F!@#$@%^@!$!@^#@*&@^@%!&K!!!!!!!!!!
  • 2 4
 In non-pandemic era years, you could count on the "past year's model" of bike, car, ski...whatever to be deeply discounted...but with the demand this year, companies can just keep cranking stuff out and still watch their profits grow.
  • 4 0
 this year ive been seeing used bikes being listed for MORE than the MRSP because "they had to pay tax too"... its insane.
  • 3 0
 So smart.
  • 5 5
 It sounds like a good excuse to end promotions, last year model sales and etc Can't see their bikes getting cheaper with these changes.
  • 9 0
 it see it as a smart way to update a model range when a new generation of groupset drops instead of the artificial wait for a new model year to roll around and stick to the same spec for the whole time, risking unavailability because you really need that nx derailleur in this specific model. This way they can update the spec whenever something new comes out, something is unavailable or something better has come around. Makes so much sense from a business perspective, heck even from a customer perspective it makes a lot of sense. What DOES NOT make sense is why you still can't fit a full size water bottle lol
  • 16 18
 Going to be fun watching the superboost+, kashima seatcollar, integrated water bottle teeth prodders getting ripped by teenagers on a core YT with 2020 shimano in 2025. How do you ride that core bike so hard bro? those marzocchi are so core
  • 34 11
 @browner Why are you so interested in seeing people with nice things be bettered by people with less nice things? It's a weird point to make that comes across as a bit of a reflection of your own insecurities.
  • 12 0
 @arna86: Because it's core
  • 5 4
 @arna86: It's the Turd Polisher Syndrome. TPS. A mental health condition. Also pops up frequently at long range rifle matches. No Cure.
  • 3 1
 @RayDolor: @RayDolor: The ironic thing is, it looks like he himself actually runs a pretty sweet, not so low end custom Nukeproof Mega 290!
  • 1 6
flag browner (Mar 11, 2021 at 9:56) (Below Threshold)
 @arna86: just like supercar fail videos on YouTube you stalker - so juicy you can't look away
  • 2 5
 @arna86: also I get ripped all the time by Joey's on GT timberlands so figure that one out freud
  • 5 1
 @browner: It literally takes one click on your profile name to view your photos....the photos you chose to publicly share. Hardly stalking...
  • 2 4
 @arna86: whatever helps you sleep at night. Wink
  • 9 9
 I have moved on from YT to YETI (why pay half if you can pay double?), but that sounds like a good and interesting idea. Best of luck!
  • 91 4
 How do you know if someone rides a Yeti? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.
  • 18 2
 @the11firm: I usually look for the D.D.S after their name
  • 16 1
 Thats in Switzerland down here our broke asses are more likely to run into an actual Yeti on the mountains than a Yeti bike on the trails
  • 1 0
 @petrospit: It’s quite rare to see a Yeti out around here. Of the boutique brands you probably see more people on Santa Cruz than the others. There are quite a few people on YT though Smile
  • 2 0
 The way things should be.
  • 1 0
 Most bike brands out there, next years models...... Same stuff painted a different colour
  • 1 0
 "The Jeffsy will begin with three Core models, labelled 4,3 and 2".

Why not 1, 2 and 3?
  • 1 1
 Why not 4,3 and 2?
  • 3 0
 So they can add the 1 later when really cheap components are available to bolt to it.
  • 2 0
 @secondtimeuser: jeffsy 0: SX drivetrain, Level brakes, resin-only 160mm rotors, non-tubeless unbranded wheels, Judy front suspension

Giant: our 0 models might need renaming..
  • 1 0
 Why not A, II and 3?
  • 1 0
 uhm, the suspension on the core 2 is written as performance elite and it's actualle performance
  • 1 1
 These core models are supposed to be available year-round? Yeah right, in 6 hours almost all of the sizes are sold out! I guess I was too late
  • 1 0
 I wish the website had a see whats in stock button, save a lot of time looking through stuff you cant actually get.
  • 1 0
 Lol. I'll save you the trouble. They are always out of stock. Seriously, I still wonder how I managed to get a Jeffsy on clearance back in '18. $1,950 delivered and still rides awesome.
  • 8 10
 GOAL: make it easier for customers to understand our offering

SOLUTION: running updates on the specs as new components become available

CUSTOMER: confused by ever changing specs

Nailed it YT! ;-)
  • 2 0
 This is hardCore
  • 2 1
 All I wanna know is when are Yt gonna make a decent long-travel hardtail?!
  • 1 0
 I still want a dirt love one day
  • 1 0
 adding this to my list of "reasons why I don't understand the YT hate"
  • 1 0
 So that's what John DeLorean's been up to
  • 1 0
 Oh look.. A different color bike... YAWN
  • 1 0
 Anything is better than Audi's illogical take on nomenclature Big Grin
  • 1 0
 No carbon 27.5. Cool.
  • 1 1
 that be no from me. yt is ugly and uninspiring.
  • 2 2
 oh it comes in red
  • 1 1
 yes. comes in beautiful red. but costs 25% more for a color change...... seriously. $5k... where is the consumer direct pricing that once was?
  • 5 6
 no more 27.5?? 29=piece of shit
  • 1 1
 People don't buy 27.5 anymore. My LBS says that the 27.5 market share has imploded and is down to far less than a quarter today, limited to a few small-sized frames and some free-ride aficionados. All the rest (like really everyone) is riding 29".

So if 27.5 bikes aren't in demand anymore; why make or offer them?
  • 1 1

Capras come in 27.5 or 29 throughout the range. My TUES is 27.5 I 'm not going to bother looking the the YT site but 27.5 in not dead.

@riverbum: You're trippin. Who cares what the majority of the marketing victims ride?

Mullets are pretty much standard for pro DH now
  • 1 2
 @riverbum: "My LBS says" that's because they are pushing all their 29ers stock as that's what the latest boom was. All the cool kids know 27.5 is the way to play.
  • 1 0
 @Xlr8n: That's a pretty stupid answer, but hey - even cool kids are just kids and have every right to say stupid things - they are kids after all. No bike shop orders bikes that aren't in demand because the owner principally bets his own money on the stock.

The "latest boom" was 27,5; MTB wheel size went from 26 to 29 - the in-between size 27,5 arrived about ten years after 29. But again: how shall a kid know?

PS: I own a 27.5 and a 29er, and the former hasn't been ridden a single meter since the day the 29er arrived - it's THAT much of a progress
  • 1 0
 @suspended-flesh: just what I said: about a quarter of the market is still buying 27,5 .... that sure includes niche markets like downhill bikes. Compared to XC, trail, AM or enduro, DH is a very, very small portion of sales.
  • 1 0
 @riverbum: That's all good but I'm not going to stop riding 27.5 - Enduro (all day trail rides, Enduro and DS racing) or DH. Maybe a mullet for DH but I don't really have that need - I ride for fun.
  • 1 0
 @riverbum:Nah, the 29ers are actually the latest hype as it took them several trie to figure out how to make a 29er frame that would even half way handle like a 27.5 and not look gooofy as balls and that didn't happen until the last 5 years or so. The first couple generations were a bust.
As far as the "kid" mantra goes, my reference must have gotten lost in translation as I'm actually well into my 50's and have been riding all things wheeled for most of that time. Yes, 29er's have their place but they aren't the most exciting choice of the two to get down the hill, just the most comfortable with the least amount of line picking. I rode a 29er for the last 3 seasons before the moster trucking got old. If your goal is to roll over features quickly the least feedback, then 29ers are the call. Good thing is there are plenty of choices for plenty of riding styles. Peace.
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