Zerode goes 27.5"

Aug 5, 2015
by Paul Aston  
bigquotesZerode bikes have been around for a few years now, the unique design has come from a ground up approach to mountain bike suspension design. The high pivot and reduced unsprung weight of the design means the suspension is second to none.

Zerode doesn't have a marketing budget to speak of, not surprising when you consider it is a one man affair run from a garage in Rotorua, NZ. Despite this, Zerode riders have racked up national titles all over the world, a Masters Worlds title and two privateer world cup championships.

Adapting to trends like wheel size can be a nightmare for small manufacturers. Even small production runs take a long time for a small company like Zerode to sell through, especially in the niche DH market. However Zerode now have a 27.5 version of the G2 available.

With the NZ dollar low against the US and most other currencies the G2 27.5 is looking like a very attractive option for those looking for a new DH sled.

- Rob Metz, Zerode Bikes.

Zerode G2 27.5
Zerode G2 27.5"

If you want to know more check out:


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 damn, exchange rate makes that a pretty amazing deal ~$2300usd / $3kcad for the frameset. with a gearhub! great to see rob is still keeping things rolling. hope the trailbike sees the light of day eventually.
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 Get one for a review, always like them but wonder if they've slightly ironed out the fact it starts with like a short wheelbase and ends up with a long one. Maybe they just didn't make one for tall folk, haven't checked since v2, but back then in order to have a reasonable wheelbase (at least 1200mm plus) at full compression it would start out supershort. Love the slightly lengthening wheelbase idea, have ever since the BMW Racelink (we need that lot back), just not sure about how it would feel normally. I'd love to own one of these, they're super cool looking and definetly pretty nicely engineered.
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 When you take the fork's movement into account, the wheelbase is pretty close to constant. See how the swingarm is almost perpendicular to the fork?

Most bikes shrink at both ends when the suspension compresses, which is kinda stupid - if you're coming down super hard, wouldn't you want the bike to get more stable, rather than less stable, while you're dealing with all that force?

Canfield's Jedi frame grows a couple inches when compressed, I have one and I think it's a great design.
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 Wheelbase doesn't lengthen, more constant. In contrast a "standard" bike shortens.
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 Yeah I see what you're saying. It becomes one of those paradoxical issues where the bike is so unique it really needs a proper test ride, but so rare you're not likely to achieve it. I reckon they should send me one and I'll take it places and let people try it out! I mean sponsorship is great but ratboy wouldn't let me have a run on his bike for some reason Smile
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 I own a 26" version of the G2. The physics behind it made sense in my mind for a downhill bike, the rearward travel axle path allows the rear wheel to move back & out of the way of objects. Nobody wants a 90 degree head tube angle. Everyone is moving towards slacker head tubes at the front but still running the equivalent of a 90 degree (or worse) angle at the back.

This bike effectively gives you a slack rear end to go with your slack front end.

I bought mine without having done a test ride & I can tell you it feels 100% correct when it is pointed down.
The only down side is that eventually you have to get back on your conventional all mountain bike & feel its rear wheel getting caught on everything. And then you dream about the day when they release an all mountain version with this design so you can ride it everywhere.

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 These bikes could potentially be the beginning of something great. There's no doubt about it, gearboxes make sense. It's just taken sometime for some bright spark to come along with an idea that really works. I'm on my second Zerode. First the G1 now currently the G2. I did try the Devinci Wilson in between G1&G2, and although the Wilson was nice to ride, it didn't feel as rear end stiff and planted like the Zerode. This one man bands mind makes sense to me and many others. However, the marketing will always be a factor, it'll just take a top 20 rider to take a chance on one of these to send this company into hyperspace. Whilst in France this year I had a world champ rider approach my bike with a comment of "Mate! "that's a real pinners bike". tup no other bike gets the attention as these do, and for a reason. P.s. thanks Greg
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 This bike is strangely alluring
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 That's coz it looks like the sort of dh bike Terminator would buy. 'I need your boots, your neck brace and your bicycle'.
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 I want one!
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 Btw... Website doesn't link on my phone. Not sure if it's just me, anyone get the link to work through a device rather than a pc?
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 There is something wrong with the link in the article, copy and paste -
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 Good work. Thanks
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 i didn't know Zerode was a one man outfit, that is insanely impressive! Absolutely in my top 3 dream rides right there. I think they're beautiful
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 i think it looks clean!!
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 Looks pretty sik to me
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 wtf, if it aint broke dont fix it
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 I don't know what the hell that thing is, but I think I like it.
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 it would be great to use the shimano alfine di2
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