Gee takes it with british calm.
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Gee takes it with british calm.


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 I can't get why everybody hates Gee now!? A few years ago when the Atherton Project was running, everybody loved Gee and now that he's one of the best and tries to get the World Cup Title everyone says he takes it too serious and stuff. But winning something is the reason why you try it, isn't it?
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flag GiantFaithUser (Sep 22, 2013 at 11:09) (Below Threshold)
 because everyone hopped on the steve smith train.... haha Gee is still a better rider overall and he should have had this title.
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 @ Giantfaithuser: If Gee was such a better rider he would have taken the title. What it comes down to is Smith was faster, and is the winner.
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flag GiantFaithUser (Sep 22, 2013 at 13:29) (Below Threshold)
 Lol okay
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 the picture really isnt hating on him
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flag Protour (Sep 22, 2013 at 17:14) (Below Threshold)
 No, and you can not doubt his determination and work ethnic, and I've heard he can be nice. But he still looks like a total prick if I was judging on looks alone. Smug, arrogant, and bitter describe that look. A PR agent would tell him to never to purse his lips in public, lol. But overall he had a good year except that time he busted his balls.
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 @giantmoron: I don't need to argue with you. Proof is that Gee lost.
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 Lol okay
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 I'm a big gee fan, so can you please explain if smith won on 3 tracks and gee on 2 why gee should have the title?

Also smith won on wet tracks, so could you explain why gees a better rider overall?
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 i dont know who would be really better.. all i noticed.. gee is a sore loser.. as soon as he knows he lost.. he's gone..
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 Huge for Stevie!

@Hoshi what the f*ck you talking about. This is how the man eats, this is very serious for all the athletes. Am not gonna be mad at Gee for being disappointed. Am quite sure Stevie is just as serious as Gee, that is why they are where they are. Am sure Gee is only disapointed with himself, and not mad at Stevie for winning. I got nothing but crazy respect for all the athletes in this sport. If an athlete is full of himself/herself, its all fine with me, there is no easy road to this level of racing. So let a man/woman celebrate or show his disapointment however he/she feels.
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 I don't know why everyone loses their minds. I was just trying to say that it looks like Gee never has Fun. Steve just seems to be a relaxed and funny guy while Gee always seems to be mr. super serious in all his interviews. I have as much respect as everone else for all those WC racers but that has nothing to with the fact I am super happy Stevie took the overall. People on the internet just need to calm down in general and stop start b*tching as soon as someone has a different point of view!
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 Gee wants to dominate the sport just like Usain Bolt or Elena Isinbayeba, i honestly dont think thats even possible in this sport, Gwin did something close last year and the year before and we wont know the real root cause for not keeping up this season, we'll know until next year. Bottom line is that Gee needs to chill out, as somebody else said on this page, come on man, you're being paid for riding bikes
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