Steve Smith
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Steve Smith


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 Steve Smith, first Canadian world cup champion and the only man who's bike doesn't fall when he gets off it! Apparently thats too impressive for Gee to even look at.
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 hehehee What a DAY ! Sik Mik , Minnaar and Sam Hill , perhaps Bruni too were the only ones to be happy for him ! the whole season
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 that was theeeeeeeeee sickest dismount in the history of the sport.
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 Such an amizing shot through all perspectives. POD with so many stories to tell.
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 he has a kickstand!
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 His mechanic looks like he about to lay an egg before the bike hits the ground. At least they have 8 months to fix it for next season.
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 It's a cameraman Razz
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 This was Stevie's moment, not Gee's. Gee knew his day was over after he finished his run.
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 Good to see other companies introducing self parking bikes, as well as Pinarello
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 Dirtworks - consider writing such things in the future without dissing Gee or any other rider. I strongly recommend everyone to get off of Gee, and remind you that it is more than certain that many people who are now cheering for Sam Hill were the same people dissing him for the way he talks, when he was at the top. I also warn all you Stevie fans that next year he will be the man to throw sht at. Screw bipolar idiots, only other morons can be interested in negative interpretations of orher peoples behaviours or face expressions. Don't like Gee's serious face? - nobody normal cares - keep it to yourself or better, don't allow yourself to develop such useless feelings.

FYI - I love seriously honest Gee, slightly mad Stevie, mummling Sam, enigmatic Gwin, tense Minnaar, messed up Ratboy, Blinky the gloveless - I like diversity, I like that DH is so small sport that they can still afford being themselves, not borox smiling faces.I don't know those people, thus I am not going to make any preconceptions who they are.
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 Well said !!
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 hear hear Wakidesigns well said but on the same note everyone has the right to voice there positive and negative opinions it makes for a interesting discussion and see things through other peoples eyes me personally i just love the sport in general and the people who represent I just hope the media gives these boys the coverage respect they deserve
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 Here* lol you're even canadian man... we are the dicks about spelling words certain ways -,-
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 Yeah guys, mountain biking is super serious business. But even though fans of literally every other sport do it, there should absolutely be no dissing of other race teams or riders. That's mean. I'm super serious.
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 I kind of meant: relax guys. I bet Gee isn't even half as serious about his game as an average Strava warrior Big Grin
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 Ya relax and race downhill as fast as humanly possible against all odds, teams, rocks, trees, and forces of nature, but stay calm and show no emotion.
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 To be quite fair we have to get a bit closer to the itchy truth here. Different people have different needs to express emotions in reaction to other people actions and looks. Problem is that media screw up that mechanism, because you start to experience emotions about people you don't know, you never met, who also don't know you. You have no physical or actual emotional bind to them, you just see them do something which cannot tell you anything about who they really are. Eventualy that person might be somehow related to you so you feel he is your friend (or enemy if unrelated), be it coming from same country, ride same kind of bike, wear clothes of the same brand. Whatever. So it is perfectly fine to say: "Stevie Smith is such an awesome guy", even though you have exactly same amount of arguments for him being awesome as being a too serious icehole. Why? Because you don't know him - you are just making an assumption, that happens to be the only socially acceptable one. I passed by so many pros in Hafjell and I did not say anything, I just smiled and nodded eventually. Because what should I say? Hey Greg, good luck on the race? fair engough! Maybe I hope you win? What if Sam Hill stood by? Maybe that's the fine line: good luck Stevie VS Stevie FTW? Because if you say Stevie For The Win, at the same time you mean "Sam, Gee, Greg and everyone else , I hope you don't win". But you don't say the second part, while this is exactly what you mean

So this false, but nonetheless positive and friendly mechanism of cheering for people is also a reason why we are booing other people. One that is not aware of that, can easily fall for this bipolar behavior. The more love and dedication you have for something aritifical (like a person you don't know), for something you are physically unrelated to, the more prone you are to offset hate somewhere else

Please remember what Stevie said about how he disliked the hype generated around him and Gee before Leogang...
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 They also ride pretty fast on a bike I noticed.
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 Gee looks like he could kick a puppy!
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 I dont think he drank enough redbull lol
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 Bike is so well balanced it stands there by itself.
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 it's gotta feel good to ghost ride a probably 8000 dollar bike . . . winning
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 More in the neighborhood of $11000 with all those blackbox parts
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 Photo of the Year. No contest.
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 anyone notice he's got daylight under both feet? awesome timing on this photo, wow!
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 Surely a bike that defies gravity must break some world cup rules?
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 it's not smith's bike that defies gravity, but he him self. He's not touching the ground.
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 can just imagine how on top of the world he feels right now
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 HAHA, Stevie's pose remind me of the "Didn't read lol" meme Big Grin
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 go Vanja.
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 so yesterday we had a dust cloud and today we have a winner.
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 just met him at joyride150
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 He brought end zone celebrations to DH racing.
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 Canadian style dismount, Bishhh Wink
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 Anyway what a lame POD.....
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 Would ya look at that!
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 "Like a Boss"
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 they see me rolling
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