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few photos from 2013

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few photos from 2013 www.aspectmedia.tv
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 Oh shit... I don't understand how he did that on a sand berm..?

Edit: Too scared to ride rampage? Those are fighting words.. haha
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flag sandrida (Dec 1, 2013 at 6:16) (Below Threshold)
 if it would be sand like here or sand like in the dessert i bet it woudnt be possible. you cant turn rough on sand
i dont understand how to do that. i bet you need a berm, turn and pull hard, anyone of the downhillers here can explain?
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 see the knobs on his tires they help grip.
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 Love the description of why it was selected haha, Matt Wragg... Classic.
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 Ah yes, not that's a proper roost! So sick.
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 I find it funny that in the description it says that he is not scared of a flat berm. But how can a berm be flat?

I believe also that the ground at PORC is not completely sand, moreover sandy earth. Nothing like sand on a beach or in a desert.

But I could be completely wrong in all aspects.
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 yea the desert is dry... when theres much water on sand sand gets hard so does dirt but once drie dirt is even harder. no need for thumbing me down, the fact that it is all sand here is my problem. and i know what i am talking about sand took me down many times
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 @iamshapry - no, it is just that berm that is sand, no longer there
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 I really don't get how how people hit it that fast. Last time I tried I went over the top and fell down the other side
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 Oh you turnip lol
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 PORC FTW!!!!!!
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 London? I was simply oblivious to that shizzle happening in London village... Great shot!
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 does he have throttle??
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 haha ur suppose to rip on the grip an pull up an say out loud braaaaap! And mab the front end will come up lol.
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 another POD from the UK? We're doing alright aren't we lads! Nice shot as well
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 *and lasses of course!
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 Wada you know...your right
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 Roooost! This guys style is just sikk!
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 reminds me of 1980's photo-op on my halfpipe
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 Whats the name of this jersey? thanks!
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 It's called Thomas
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 Fox 360 flight Jersey
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