Nate Adams get the Niner WFO 9 a little tabled euro style near Fort Collins, CO
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Nate Adams get the Niner WFO 9 a little tabled euro style near Fort Collins, CO
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 Only 2 days til Christmas and PinkBike gave to mee, a twenty-niner controversyyyy
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 You're screwed for comments after Christmas...

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 best one yet
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 Is that the same Nate Adams who ride freestyle motocross?
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 No it's the Nate Adams who rides mountain bikes...
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 Wow sorry Ian, I'm sure he wasn't hoping to unleash your ubiquitous and inappropriate sarcastic trailing dots, and you didn't even answer his question, sarcastically or otherwise. Cheers for the great comment anyway though.
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 He did answer the question. It is not the same Nate Adams that rides freestyle moto. This is Nate Adams from Ft. Collins, Colorado who previously rode dirt jumps and slopestyle professionally for Santa Cruz, Deity...
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 I'm sorry joe701, I wasn't intending to be sarcastic. I just think it must sometimes be a little difficult always being compared to another athlete with the same name. As Simcik said above, Nate Adams was pro DH, Dirt Jump and Slopestyle rider from Fort Collins.
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 This is just so much fun to read! Big Grin
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 Doesn't count, it's a 29er.
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 I wonder , would it be easier to whip a 29er or harder due to the gyro effect ?

Or maybe it's tough to get it moving but once it's moving there is no coming back ? Razz
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 unintentional 360 at it's finest!
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 Nah I reckon with a 29er you'd whip her a little, then the wind hits you and then you fall because you ride a 29er.
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 Easier.. whipping niners is the funnest shit ever
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 Harder to get there, easier to bring back
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 that aint not whip. like a turndown
  • 2 1
 HOW IS THAT LIKE A TURNDOWN? Are you on Meth or wut?
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 its not a turndown but like a table
  • 2 1
 There's a big difference between a turndown and a table...
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 i know, i can do both. just this table is not the conventional one
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 That is definitely a POY candidate! Great Shot Ian!
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 well, thats a photo I would not like to have against mine in POY. Nice.
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 Actually the best mountain bike photo I've ever seen. Perfect in so many ways!
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 Any chance for larger, higher res pod's to be posted for some "right click/save as" action?
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 Nice shot Ian. I like this shot even without the rider. That is pure golden sun at its finest.
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 simply awesome!
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 love these jumps
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 Hit them, you wont
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