Kyle Strait tearing down a ridge.
Kyle Strait / UT.
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Kyle Strait tearing down a ridge. Kyle Strait / UT.


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 All of these pods are definitely starting to give nation geographic photographers a run for the money! Absolutely stunning shot
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 it looks amazing, but my photo shop senses are tingling, ill be happy to be proven wrong but I'm pretty sure the rider and dust cloud have been added to the photo.
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 Still no boobs though
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 I'd have to disagree. I'm not sure what Brian Camp's post processing routine is, but all that looks to be adjusted here are the "levels", and a very slight touch of saturation.
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 So good! I suspect 2 exposures taken on a tripod and then blended to pull off this shot. Not sure you could get such a well lit foreground and perfectly lit sunset sky in one exposure. Nothing wrong with that though, really impressed with the final effect, not to mention the amount of planning and timing that went into this shot in a truly epic location.
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 I am pretty sure this is photo-shopped. The dust cloud looks very unnatural, it seems too opaque and ends too abruptly(it would likely continue up the riders line unless windy, if it was windy the dust cloud would not be so opaque), also the hue is very unnatural and doesn't seem to match with the dirt. Also the dust and rider would have a shadow since the sun isn't directly in front of him but far to his right, if the sun was i nfront the dust cloud near the rider would be in shade from the rider.
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 Still disagree. Coming from an area with very similar dirt all I can say is that the dust clouds look just fine. That and the fact that your accusations of him inserting such a prolific rider such as Kyle Strait into his photo is the equivalent of calling the photographer a fraud with no artistic integrity. I can't speak for the photographer himself, but as a photographer myself I know how much time, effort, and planning it takes to get a short even half this good. I can see what robb was talking about with the double exposure, but with a skilled eye it's not too hard to get this kind of shot with a single exposure. I personally would love to hear how this shot came to be and what techniques went into is development.
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 hey i mean no disrespect, its just my opinion.
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 Hmm. Thinking radrider is on to something - was looking for a rider shadow myself. Unless of course the photog' wants to chime in and put the uncertainty to rest.
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 Who knows, all I can say is I spend a lot of time inspecting light, color, perspective, the things that make up our perception of view-able reality, so that I can try my best to recreate reality as photographically realistic as I can. And if this was a painting, it would be complete, except I would work on the dust cloud and add a shadow for the rider.
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 Wow, best shot I've seen in a long time, breathtaking.
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flag jaliyl (Jul 30, 2014 at 9:40) (Below Threshold)
 Was it really breathtaking? How long were you unable to breathe for?

As for the photo, props to the photographer for not over-processing it. Great shot.
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flag jaliyl (Jul 30, 2014 at 10:55) (Below Threshold)
 Ooooo, negative props. Not what I was going for. Simply trying to get people using English words and terms correctly. (thumbs up)
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 why do people get so butthurt when they get neg propped
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 breath·tak·ing | (ˈbreTHˌtākiNG/) | adjective

astonishing or awe-inspiring in quality, so as to take one's breath away.

"the scene was one of breathtaking beauty"

synonyms: spectacular, magnificent, wonderful, awe-inspiring, awesome, astounding, astonishing, amazing, stunning, incredible

Seems to me to be the correct usage of that particular English word...
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 jaliyl, you're dumb.
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 Hey jaliyl - great job ending a sentence in a preposition.
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 I am an English major and approve this ridicule.
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flag jaliyl (Jul 30, 2014 at 16:11) (Below Threshold)
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 Until I found the rider...I thought the landscape was much, much bigger...haha (the rider/bike being the only thing to give it scale)
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 now that is one beautiful shot. Great colors, great light, great landscape.
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 The first thing I noticed in this shot was the riders body position in relation to the terrain. It doesn't really fit. If he's pinning it straight (haha) down the fall line (hence creating so much dust) then wouldn't he have caught some air on that bump or at least be on the back wheel?? Also looks like a decent huck approaching below...
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 THIS IS AMAZING.....ill take 10
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 before I even read the comment from scott I was thinking that this might be a contender for POY! epic shot!!
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 This shot is ridiculous- landed in faves- but how can it be in POY 2014 when it was uploaded in October last year?
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 i love shots like this as they are amazing! but they kind of turn into a game of find the biker lol
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 Head and shoulders above anything else I've seen as POD recently. Wow, breathtaking.
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 So good, definitely a contender for POY.
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 Either im drunker than i thought.. or that perspective is crazy!?
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 Time for a new desktop!!!
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 can i please have this in original size ??
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 Wow, beyond epic!!!!!!!!!!
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 the word "epic" is a little overused in mtb, but this picture is EPIC!
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 One of the best shoots I've ever seen.
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 Killer shots mate
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 Zink will drop it
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 Absolutely unreal!!!!!
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 mind-blowingly beautiful
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 no comments????

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