Spot the rider in this one? Riding big mountain trails in Alpes doesn't get much better - Laurence CE -
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Spot the rider in this one? Riding big mountain trails in Alpes doesn't get much better - Laurence CE -
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 Should I feel bad that I just spend the last 15 min of my life searching of my life searching for the rider only to realise that its a trick photo and there isnt really a rider........ wait dammit now I see him. Why so much nature, why such little cell phone screen Facepalm
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flag codytoms949loc (Dec 28, 2013 at 9:50) (Below Threshold)
 ya what is up we these last two PODs being 95-99% nature shots
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 ..becasue mountain cycling aint nuttin' without majestic nature. Yall sound like XC roadies who enjoy peddling far, farr to much. 29'ers are cool
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 @Tripinballs "Whats up with nature shots"??? A. Its called MTN biking, not ride-from-walmart-to-target-to-chasebank-biking. B. I love huckin drops and railin berms and scarin myself shitless on a bike, but that's only half of what I love about mtb. The other half is the setting; moments spent in solitude, nature & exploration.
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flag codytoms949loc (Dec 28, 2013 at 20:00) (Below Threshold)
 ur a deegan
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 i can see from this distant, he forgot to unlock his shock
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 This WILL be POD sometime soon! Absolutely outstanding shot!
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 This a cool shot, but i just feel the rider is too small in this. I know that's kind of the point but to me, this is no longer really a riding shot.
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 nice shot bud... you might recognize my video then... opening scenes shot from the exact same angle.... this is my back garden !
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 Lucky you!!!!! I have thorns and loose rocks in my backyard
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 Where's wally? Please TLD release an appropriate jersey! Far more importantly, awesome shot Mr Crossman-Emms!
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 Beautiful place and great shot!!
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 I'm loving the mix-in of Europe POD's lately. Wish we had as many open views in the PNW.
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 God forbid anyone on ze intraweb smell dem roses eh
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 That bike he is riding is SICK!!!
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 Amazing landscape !
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 really nice pal
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 Sick Sir! You starting the where's Wally, MTB edition. haha
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 The hills are alive with the sound of a rider somewhere
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 alpinehero' has the sweet vid =O x-country MTB
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 this is awesome. shouldn't be POD of a bike website though theres no biking in sight, just a trail miles away
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 woooow there are so rocks!
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 That landscape is too fkn beast
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 Shouldn't really be pod. Maybe on landscape photography website but this is pinkbike, for those who like riding pictures and bikes, not hills and grass.
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 Absolutely amazing
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 Wheres the rider!?!??!?!
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