Mongolia Bike Challenge
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Mongolia Bike Challenge


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 I don't understand English, I use the best word to describe this picture I know is really great, looking at it feel very good.
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 Don't worry you have a better grasp of the English language than most English people!
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 This made me laugh, you guys are awesome.
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 hahaha @leo-jing you are awesome Smile
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 Pinkbike still owes us comment of the day Wink
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 Just want to say nice xc pod...
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 Turns out Mongolia looks remarkably like Kamloops
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 The best way of evaluating a POD is to count comments and favs. It still remains among the most classified data on the Planet who owns it and what the procedure of picking a pod consists in.
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 I've never thought I wanted to ride cross country until I see the Mongolia shots. Every year, it makes me want to buy an XC bike. I just wait until the urge passes
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 Very nice!
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 Love it!
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 Kimura's Back Either way. Epic photo and landscape.
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 Beaut Scenic shot!
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 The only good thing about this picture is the backdrop, the rest is not good, it has nothing extreme.
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 Not trolling or snipping at this photo. It is a shame the focus did miss on this shot. But it gives you a feel good factor to get out and ride
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 I think its good the way it is..
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 Is everyone from Wales this annoying?
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 oreo only to Americans
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 Cuts the way you described is is like if I went up to someone and said "no offense but you're f*cking ugly" it makes no sense
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 well if it reads that way thats my bad. was not ment to sound that way
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 I'm pretty much American and good with all folks from Wales and anywhere else. Accepting a critique comes with the territory of being an artist and posting your stuff. It's not intended to insult, it's people that love the art being able to talk and discuss their thoughts on the elements. It is what it is. Being part of a social forum is the interaction and collaboration of ideas and thoughts. Tolerance is putting up with something you don't enjoy. Acceptance is sharing your space with those that have a different perspective. Let's share and accept.....peace and love people.
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 dat whip!
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