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Aaron Gwin Specialized Demo at Fontana 
Photo by Dan Severson
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Aaron Gwin Specialized Demo at Fontana Photo by Dan Severson
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 dat kashima... SO FUCKIN MINT I wonder if Gwin has to switch between tents if he wants his suspension serviced.
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 I'd imagine Fox comes to him...
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 well then you'd have Fox guys in a SRAM tent. can't have that now can we
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 All of them are owned by Lockheed Martin anyways...
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 waki they make planes.
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 Why would Gwin be in the SRAM tent? I'd imagine he'd hang in the Specialized tent, and all the techs come to him...
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 probably the most sensible answer yet!
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 mfbeast - no, far more than that! For instance they produce hard drives for Facebook and microphones for I-Phones - if you know what I mean :wink: remember who told you that!
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 go home waki, you're drunk
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 waki facebook is a site, not a manufacturing company. they don't get hard drives made for them dumbass.
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 mfbeast12 - U serious?
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 yeah, the only thing remotely related to that is companies like IBM hosting the server that a given site runs on.
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 I am telling you! LM or Monsanto has something to do with it, they read our messages and listen to out conversations! They probably own our profiles.,.
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 my god you are so wrong about america.

Lockheed Martin is an aviation company in the private sector that also does defense contracting for the US. They have nothing to do with servers or hard drives.

The NSA is a government agency, the kind that employs Lockheed Martin to do defense contracting- but it's weapons related, not technology related. They do hire companies to do technology-based defense contracting, but it is not Lockheed Martin. Booz Allen Hamilton is a major player. One of the things Booz Allen Hamilton does (or, did- before Edward Snowden) is/was to collect metadata regarding the Internet and phone habits of Americans, which includes that of sites such as Facebook.
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 ...so, yeah... Um... Kashima is super duper slick, right...?
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 mfbeast12 - pssst... I am starting to get an impression that you take my posts seriously... but if you are playine the game, then... just give me a wink! Sorry in case I blew it...

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