Kelly is the man! #mcgazzaforever
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Kelly is the man! #mcgazzaforever


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 He should've won rampage.
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flag Ericrattray (May 12, 2014 at 0:22) (Below Threshold)
 him or zinky pity they didnt pull out the bottom part of the course
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 Yup, we all knew Zink was gonna go big, so to see somebody else pull a big move out of the bag was awesome. Can't wait for the next Rampage !
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 I love that he didn't claim it beforehand or brag about his intentions or even make his plans known, and just sent it surprising the hell out of everyone... No-one saw it coming and that was the best part!!!
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 his run was as big as kyles, and more technical, throwing a flip on the canyon and corked flip up top on a dh bike!
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flag richierocket (May 12, 2014 at 2:26) (Below Threshold)
 Thats just stupid!!!
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 skootur- He did state that he wanted to flip it but for some reason (or for obvious reasons) it was heavily overshadowed by the hype of Zink's flip. Regardless, I think everyone was surprised by what people were tossing down their first runs... so insane and it never gets old watching it. I had to re-watch his run on the youtubes after seeing this sequence shot.
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 Wasn't Kyle's no hander the same trick he did when he first won Rampage years ago?? No sure why he was rewarded for doing the same trick again?

Kelly's run was better no doubt.
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 ricky- Because it was a completely different, monstrous drop... that's pretty self evident, bud. Regardless, Tyler McCaul should have won.
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 Agree that T-Macs run was hugely overshadowed by the big tricks! biggest hand built drop on the course and no one has covered that! wild run! Also Strait didnt put a tyre wrong the whole way down - absolutely flawless run on a hugely technical line - big mountain isnt neccesarily about the big tricks but the big lines. Also Zink and McGarry's wild runs werent fully completed as they both rolled out early (if i remember correctly) but no doubt Straits run was technically flawless on a hard line!
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 Sweet angle!
Im the guy in the bottom right corner Smile haha
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 Damn we need to wear PB name tags next time Wink
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 good call! haha
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 Yeah nice sequence!
I'm behind the yellow busch in the middle ;-)
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 Im actually doing the backflip
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 I'm the guy in the graveyard if I was the guy doing the backflip....
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 I'm in that picture as well haha YAYYYY!
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 MCGAZZAAAA!!! f u c k yes
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 If you took out all the other sequences, but the one where Kelly is at his apex, some PB troll would call Photoshopped.... and I couldn't really blame him.
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 Do we really need a wide lens for catching this huge action ?... I mean the picture it would be perfect for me just without this lens deformation and I think rampage is big enought for catching the whole real action without tricking the pictures with wide lens... I just an opinion. Sorry! god job anyway with this sick sequence!
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 I wanted to include as much of the actual canyon as possible, with all the photographers and media crew in it and also show the action from inrun to landing, with some parts of it positioned against the blue sky to give it more height, and this is the best angle that I found that combined all of my ideas. Wink a longer lense is quite complicated to use at this spot since there's much less room around the canyon gap than you'd expect.
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 Thanks for your words! I supose it was easy to say but not when you are there... Sorry I just got your picture for an excuse to let my thoughts about this issue...
Anyway I realized you just did it as I like it in this one flip side!
But true there is no blue sky!
Let me know if you come back again to Spain, may I have some "job" for you! Wink
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 My only thought when i see something like this is...Where to from here? What could they possibly do to top that~!
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 This right here is how I want my last seconds on this planet to go down.. I TOTALLY wouldn't mind dumping flat into the other side of that span just to say I tried... and as long as someone else saw
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 I don't think you will be saying too much after that crash...
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 Yeah McGazza!
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 6 years later and the legend that was still has all the feels and goosebumps for me.....#mcgazzaforever
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 nooo im the guy in the bottom right corner.. tho i thought my shirt was purrr i mean blue..yep photo shopped
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 coś pięknego superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Smile
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 u r sick !! ... albo po polsku mowiac : POJEBANY..
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 very crazy!
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 smooth as Sh*t !
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