Enduro race crankworks Whistler british columbia canada
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Enduro race crankworks Whistler british columbia canada


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 Looks like something from Lord of the Rings Smile
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 What ring size will rule them all?
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flag SKIGAN14 (May 20, 2014 at 5:34) (Below Threshold)
 One cannot simply win Crankworx Enduro... Smile
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 Gandalf could be a sick enduro rider, we'll never know
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 The Desolation of Clementz: A broken collarbone
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 Awesome shot Matt!
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 This isn't my shot, sadly. It's by the very talented Blake Jorgensen, I uploaded it for an article, but it's not mine.
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 Ha. Well props to blake then.
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 I am confused, this is Whistler (as caption says) or Molini (as Location info says)?
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 I believe Matt is from Italy and he never reset the location of the photo to Whistler
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 makes sense
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 Great shot, bang-up job behind the lens. But, I wonder who got there first? I've seen about a half dozen shots of this same spot, same basic frame from a whole bunch of local photographers...let the debate begin!
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 That's because its a great spot for a shot. Lots of room to use the long lense to get huge depth of field
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 How did he turned the bike in such a short corner? or is his rear wheel holden and sliding in the picture. Think I should have a larger screen for watching Pinkbike.
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 now thats what i call a photo!!! how do PODS get picked? i would one day love to have a POD
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 keep riding, keep taking photos - practice makes perfect.
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 Just keep posting them, then Matt will come across it and will pick it.
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 looks so awesome. love this one.
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 Thats a fuking nice POD.
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 this looks kinda like fontana Smile
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 Ofcourse Graves Smile , how else in that sexy sb66 Big Grin
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 He chose his own POD?
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 feature of the day
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 The photo seems slightly out of stance with the back drop of the mountains and how close they look to the rider on the ridge. To me it seems to fake
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 You've never been to whistler I take it..
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 No I haven't but I would like to I was just stating my opinion on a open based comment section and I already got neg props..
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 The work involved to "fake" or photoshop is astronomical. Blake is a phenomenal photographer, arguably one of the best ski/bike/mountain photographers out there, and Whistler is gorgeous. There is zero need to fake a photo around here, and I doubt anything fake would make it as POD.
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 Ya its a sick photo I just thought it was too good to be true kinda thing, but I respect your comment and I apologize if I offended anyone.
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 johnson5 you should look into how the focal length of the lense affects the compression of the background of a picture and you'll understand why this picture looks like it does. This picture looks just right for being shot at 165mm with a full frame camera.
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 mountains at the back look photoshoped
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 or painted
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 or perfect hahaha
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