Kc Deane taking a last lap in Whistler Backcountry.
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Kc Deane taking a last lap in Whistler Backcountry.


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 Granted, its a great shot. But there are TONNES of "Stunning" photos out there, this is a mountain biking website. Go to white lines or something if you want more shots of Snow sports.... Theyll be a "stunning" football shot as POD tomorrow.
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 C'mon Pinkbike we want to see biking photos. If we wanted to see ski photos we would be on Freeskier .
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 Pinkski sounds like the kinda name a Polish stripper would have
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 Now do that on a fatbike.
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 Now do that on a road bike.
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 Now do that on unicycle.
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flag Suzieboo (May 23, 2014 at 8:16) (Below Threshold)
 Now do that on a skateboard Smile
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 Now do that on shrooms.
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flag biketechrj (May 23, 2014 at 9:18) (Below Threshold)
 no....just no...^^^ it needs to have tires dude. notice the pattern?
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 All those skateboards with tyres. Thank god you spotted the pattern,
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 Lol I was thinking wheels Smile
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 I noticed a pattern.. Now do that on "fill in the blank".
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 now do that in netherlands.
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 Do u read other comments b4 u post? Just wondering...
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 that's a rebellion
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 ricktopher columbus
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 basically dk cringe
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 I love how some of you act like your day has totally been ruined if you don't like the POD. You're right, there are TONNES of stunning photos so go ahead and look at them too. Maybe take all the effort it took to vent your frustration and show some appreciation for the photographers instead. Good job Steve (and Matt).
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 At first i was on line with jdotr.. but then. HEY:. positive karma, and look on the brite side.. it IS a stunning photo, and as one who also likes to take pictures its great to be able to see the stats on the right side.. so i gotta go with you general-lee and give you a green arrow :-)))..
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flag jdotr (May 23, 2014 at 10:07) (Below Threshold)
 karma is bullshit, im just saying surely this website is primarily based on Cycling? it defeats the point of having a cycling hub, pinkbike shouldn't conform to the worlds generalisation of extreme sports. Don't get me wrong I love a bit of skiing, and most other 'extreme sports', but there is a time and a place, today isn't the time and pinkbike isn't the place...
Also, I did acknowledge the fact that its a great photo, so your frustration point is invalid!
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 I think it's great how much people care about what we select as POD, whether I always agree is not the point. I personally think any aspiring mountain bike photographer should be looking outside mountain biking for inspiration, and sure, bike shots should be 99% of what runs as POD, but for that other 1% why not run breathtaking photos, regardless if they have a bicycle in them or not.
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 Because it's a cycling website?
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 dispite not being a mtb shot; skiings the second best sport so i think we need to share.. and i definetly think this deserves POD
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 So are we going to start seeing Blake Jorgenson's ski photos up here too then? Mt. Cayley is a gorgeous peak regardless, it's probably the most published mtn from the Sea to Sky area - on par with black tusk.
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 If he submits them and they're this beautiful, I would make one of his shots POD down the line - his MTB work is rather nice as it is.
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 What about snowmobiling? Haha, I know Steve's sitting on some sled bangers too. A pretty photo is a pretty photo - regardless of what sport is in it.
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 What is this, Newschoolers? Great shot Steve.
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 a skiing photo of the day?????????
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 Nice photo and all but the snow is gone !!
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 Is there a skiing website in the same vein as pinkbike?
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 Brilliant shot! Well done. Thanks!
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 This is unfortunate proof that DH mountain biking is a dying sport. Pinkbike is trying to diversify its audience before the drought hits
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 I don't think so. It's a sick image posted to pinkbike, therefore fully qualified for a POD.
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 Wow, that is special!
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 It's great!
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