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 Thanks bro, much appreciated Smile I actually got the frame off the PB BuySell. A guy in Canada was getting rid of a brand new one. I sat on it undecided for a while, and then I finally bought it Smile As for Easton, their stuff is just so well made. I actually recently swapped out my stem for a 55mm Easton Haven. I love it!
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 I heard they ride pretty well. Wish to try one. About Easton, they are making great stuff and great support. But hard to find spares. It took me a while to buy spare nipples and spokesl no problem yet, but I bought them for sure. Real pain in the ass was find 15mm axle adapter because my front wheel was for 20mm. At the end I get it from Scoot from Easton for free. Impossible to buy one anywhere. Hail for him. Little dissapointed the Race Face bought them.nFrown
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 Wow, I never had to look for any spares yet from them, but that sort of sucks. I'm glad to hear that you got it all straightened out. I have a Lyrik 170mm RC2 DH on my bike and it runs a 20mm axel, so I didn't have any issues. I actually bought it 'just' right before the new Pikes came out and became so popular (and I got a pretty good deal on it). I don't know what to think about that. On the one hand, I would love to try the new Pike, on the other, the Lyrik rides quite well and I'm pretty happy with it. I suppose that I can't justify getting a Pike now that I have a brand new Lyrik...

About Race Face buying Easton, I'm actually quite surprised. I always thought Easton to be a big brand so it seems strange to me. Well as long as they continue making quality parts and have good service... Maybe spares will be easier to come by now Wink
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 Yeah, Lyric is awsome, but Pike? Dude it's the whole new world. But be calm, Lyric is way to go as well. I bought Pike because of this build. I had shakira float 36 before and against the Pike its like RST forkSmile
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 Really love your Knolly man. Awesome job on it, and great selection of components. So Awesome! I'm in the process of reworking a few things on my Slash. I'll post pics when I'm done. Cheers!
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 thanks. I saw your Slash. Damn you! Smile you have that polished version which I wanted to buy before Endo, but they're f_cking expensive. And Easton, you have taste. Smile

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