Winner here last year and of the last round in Cairns, Gee Atherton wans nothing more than a win at Fort William.  He had a few Mechanicals today on track but should be sorted for qualifiers tomorrow morning.
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Winner here last year and of the last round in Cairns, Gee Atherton wans nothing more than a win at Fort William. He had a few Mechanicals today on track but should be sorted for qualifiers tomorrow morning.


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 Im staggered nobody understands the panning shot, love the colours and textures, mint photo, props to the shooter.

everyone needs to chill, you're on pinkbike maybe 30 minutes a day, can you not control yourself and withhold that negativity for a short period of time?
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 ummm maybe a little more than 30min for some of us haha and also panning is an extremely hard shot to get or atleast i struggle with it
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 This is not a good panning shot. The rider is blurry should have popped a flash rear curtain sync.
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 Stop complaining about the rider being blurry.. it adds to the effect, and panning a dh rider isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world
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 @gladiax87 maybe if I take your advice I'll stop being so shit at the whole photography thing. Thanks for your advice hahahahaha ;-) I do love a good amateur hour photo critique from people who don't know the half of it.
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 Ha ha well said @davetrump. I've seen your work, you take awesome shots Big Grin
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 I still need many followers to get a POD .... Every sunday I get thoudsand shot's like this but I simply press delete button on my 5d thinking I will never get POD if I publish photos like this one .
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 Personally the blurriness really evokes the sense of speed and chaos that is downhill racing.

Not at all discrediting the skill thats involved with getting a sharp image (I surely don't have the steady hands for it) but sometimes the perfection is in the imperfection.
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 That's a fair bit of ignorance there as to how hard it is to do a panning shot like this this well.
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flag gladiax87 (Jun 27, 2014 at 3:36) (Below Threshold)
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flag gladiax87 (Jun 27, 2014 at 3:39) (Below Threshold)
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 @ gladiax87 - I agree with you fully this shot is not a good pan whatsoever.

@ mattwragg - Yes it is hard to do this panning shot well, this is a prime example of someone failing at it.
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 People get to hung up on pods, you shouldn't judge your photos by their pod potential.
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 I have some good pans too, but I don't get my knickers in a twist over a POD.
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 Gladiax87 - Getting a POD has nothing to do with how many followers or likes you get. And its not just the pan that makes this a great shot. Its the composition and the angle of the rider compared to the fence etc etc......You can't just get any old pan shot and assume its as good as any other one.....
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 For certain. The bull on the helmet and the logo on the goggles are sharp so technically the panning technique was spot of for all you know it alls. A DH rider through a fast rough 90 degree and steep corner is never the same distance from the lens, especially considering he was only 20 feet away. That and the jersey, bike, hands, body all shake on rough terrain. Literally no part sits still for 1/60th a second on a WC rider except maybe the helmet of it's not too rough (or if in the air) It's meant to be blurry or I would have used a higher shutter speed. I challenge you to stand there and shoot this. Also note that you can't see the rider coming from the right and therefor can follow them into the turn. You have a split second to compose the shot and pan. Good luck kids ;-)
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 Sharp? If you say so. By your comment above I guess you should have chosen a spot that all those variables that a fotografer considers before even planning to do a pan were not working against you. . . . Maybe a rear synced flash or two and some remotes next time.
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 How about no. It's a World Cup race during practice, not a photoshoot. Perhaps those of us who do this week in and week out for a living like a bit of a challenge now and again, and are no afraid of a bit of blur. The photo is as it was intended to be. No screw up or accident. Thanks for the tip on flashes and remotes. If I wanted my shots to look like your shots them maybe I would have taken them out of my bag. But if you want to play amateur photo critic, send over your portfolio an is be glad to give you my professional opinion.
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 I dont know davetrump... These guys who look at your photos sometimes sure know what they're talking about. At the next world cup you should just ask them what to do!
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 Black and yellow, what a fast fellow
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 Matt Wragg , good joke !!!!
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 Sweet pic!!!!!
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 Such a good shot!
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