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Reality - Ride Your Bike
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Reality - Ride Your Bike
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 Ile skateboard when my bikes broken , but i hate the bastards , always shit talking us as if biking pussy, reality is theyre just jealous becuase theyre to pussy to get the kind of air time we get.
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 yeah, i love skateboarding, i pulled a few lil drops and pop shove its when i was a junior in high, i respect the sport, but i fuckin hate those skate lil kids who r a fuckin posers and just skate cos their parents buy them all the material n the fancy clothes
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 My phlosify is that skaters are to poor to buy a good bike, so they buy skate boards,and because their jelous of are skills and money,they diss us even thought they stand of f*ckin 2X2 peice of wood and jumping half a foot in to the air...Smile am i not right people im i not right???Smile
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 you are right
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 You are wrong I board and bike,Boards are fun to skate and shit its not as serious its a nice break sometimes because skating basically just chill out with some friends try some shit play some skate where biking is so serious where I ride its oh you gotta keep up with these guys or your shit and no one likes you. Plus I board right now because I broke my wrist so that another thing is you can ride skate with some injuries that you cant ride a bike with,I know I'm going to get hella neg props but w.e!

But yes a lot of people who skate are stupid "hate the player not the game" or in this case hate the rider not the sport.
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 yhea but i dont want to be like the skater kids that every sport besides what they do is gay(thats how it is socal)
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 in uk all the woodchuckers are gay little c*nts who get in the way and think they own every single sk8t park. so i hate the c*nts. seriously tho.... wat kinda joy u get out of kickin a plank of wood with wheels, 5" of the floor.
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 quite a bit actually, and if anyone gives you shit you can pick it up and beat the fuck out of them with it!
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 well you can also use a bmx like this. i think a bmx would be a bit more painfull then a board!
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 mmmmm.... peg to head
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 No one wants to pop shuvit, cause skating is gay, and ur school must be a prep school or some gay shit
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 Thats soo funny ahhh. funny pic. thats how it should be. RIDE BIKES Not Skateboards
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 right there with ya
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 a very expensive skateboard dosent compare in price to a cheap dj or something so they are jelous Smile lol
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 have you ever seen a good trick on a skateboard?me not.just crashes.
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 Wow, Its Strange That Such An Insignificant Image Can Cause So Much Hatrid.
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 welcome to the human race
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 someone needs a reality check. I think joe freeride is from a different planet
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 haha that rocks!!! go for bikes not skateboards...
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 FUCK PINEPUSHERS!! there dirty little snakes!
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 steezuschrist im sayin ur kinda gay
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 f*cking sick photo. That's where it's at.
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 its strange that u bolded and capitalized every word...
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