zam fo(u)r wheels

foto by Jan Kasl
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zam fo(u)r wheels foto by Jan Kasl


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 great shot! i never realized how good these guys on the 4 wheelers really are till i saw one the other day.. some guy clears the jump perfectly and throws in a one handed whip as well! very happy to see that kinda stuff Smile
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flag holyrider3 (Oct 11, 2014 at 1:58) (Below Threshold)
 This is meant to be pinkBIKE not pinkQUADPIECEOFSHIT! fucking learn to ride
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 Whats wrong with you ?! Maybe read the description of the pic!

"Selected by Matt Wragg - Spinal injuries send shivers down the spine of any rider who hangs it out there. It's always inspiring to see someone who has gone through this most brutal of injuries, but hasn't let it stop them living life to the fullest."
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 holyrider3 , you are just the worst type of cunt
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 Bet he gives some bullshit about it not being him who posted it. Seems like a serial dick.
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 Check his profile , it's just a wall of insults and wanker comments , still he's only 19 probably hasn't been kicked in yet for his mouth Smile
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 Just another obnoxious troll who's sense of entitlement compels him to belittle people. And looking through his profile and all those nice shiny bikes look good... i wonder how much mummy and daddy have spent on them all.. hence the sense of entitlement.
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 YES!! account suspended !

awesome shot and riding btw
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 haha! 204,000 holyrider3 free hours!
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 Stfu don't be an asshole some people actually can't ride because there legs are paralyzed so they can't ride a bike and they ride one of these
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 holyrider3 dumest comment ever on PB what a piece of jerk you are.
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flag DonaRCrump (Oct 11, 2014 at 18:11) (Below Threshold)
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 You are a descrace to mt biking and the human race. Go fuck your self. Again
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 Awesome shot. Nominated Smile
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 same here
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 Holyrider 3 you are a collosal cu*t does it not occur to you people ride these because they are unable to ride a conventual pushbike because of what ever reason and are not prepared to let anything get in the way of the sport they love, your probably mad because there faster than you and your tiny pea brain has no other way to process it, I seen someone shred one of these in whistler and he was steezy as fu*ck, I find your comment highly offensive because in my line of work (millitary) i know people who have suffered spinal and lower limb injurys, I can't believe how ignorant you are, you'd think twcie if that was you, I'd say you don't deserve to be able to get a leg over a push bike and go out and ride but I wouldn't wish that on anyone , you need a pat on the head... With a brick .. Repeatedly
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 I will never have an excuse to not do something ever after seeing this photo and the video that goes with it. This kinda stuff is true inspiration to never give up what you love doing.
  • 2 0 suspended for 8500 days ,
Thank you PinkBike for teaching people the lesson of respect !
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 I wouldn't mind having a go on one of those! Respect to the guys who ride them, for just wanting to get out there ride no matter what!
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 What a great shot!!! Fantastic And as for the BULLY. It makes me glad to know that Pink Bike doesn't put up with that discracefulness! Shame on people like that
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 this is 4 times cooler than any other POD this week
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 four wheels bike!how to make it
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 Great piece of motivation right here!
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 La pasion por el Downhill va mas alla de nuestros limites Big Grin
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 is it real bike good minde man
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 DIY bike, I like it !!!
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 amazing POD great riding
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 Nice bike
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 Sweet POD
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 Great pic!

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