Horizontal turn !
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Horizontal turn !
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 Every time I hit a berm, I think I look like this. The reality is somewhat different.
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 ha ha.. spot on m8.. spot on!!.. :-)
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 Ha ha ha... too true... Video work is just as bad... what seems like a huge boost looks like a speed bump in a video
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flag giant1996 (Nov 21, 2014 at 16:51) (Below Threshold)
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 Matt Hunter is that you?
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 Mattieu Le Hunter, his french cousin
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flag RedBurn (Nov 21, 2014 at 14:02) (Below Threshold)
 Isnt it the same turn ?
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 Sure, why not.
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 horizontal bar drag turns >> Shitty roost shots
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 only if they produce a video of him not crashing a la matt hunter
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 true hah
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 its POD! no disrespect to the others but i want to see more close action instead of boring panning shots! Nice work man
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 I dont think Bryan fell once on all the tries I asked him to get the right shot...
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 Really? Impressive.
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 Half finger gloves!!?? Wow. Ouch.
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 When you think about it, the most useful part of any decent glove is wrist padding anyways.
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 You wear gloves for protection?...
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 Why the f*ck else would you add a layer of lack of dexterity to one of the few contact points with your bike?
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 Half Finger is way more comfy and enjoyable. The only time I full finger it is when it's cold enough to.
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 If you rotate the image 90 degrees, it looks like he trying to fall off the edge.
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 riding YT? no way !!!
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 How do I drag bar without dragging knee?
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 at least this photo has the camera specs and doesn't look so highly edited like the other one
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 jeemeny schristmas that's a lean
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 So this corner is now the all new style of advertising for bike companies... Im cool with that!
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 I feel like they kind of washed out the exposure...
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 Look at the bend in the front rim as it takes the sideways load. Cool
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 Capra's rule
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 How Low can You go How low can you go
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 that must hurt
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 Tilt the photo?
Looks pretty close to true horizontal.
Notice the trees in the background
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 i see what you mean... turn your pc screen and youll see the grass and trees suddenly look straight
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 Fucking assholes removed my comment. Politics!
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 @dualauspensiondave you comments are at the bottom hidden because enough people decided they didn't like what you were getting at. Yes this shot is similar to another recent and well known shot, yes maybe a bit too similar and taken just a bit too soon after the other shot in question, but head on bar drag shot have been done for years so who's really copying who anyway. And speaking from experience it is often a riders idea to replicate or reinterpret a rad shot they've seen elsewhere... And the photographer just makes up half the equation.
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 Yeah, people are too caught up in who the photographer is with this photo. I call things how I see it, and what I said is true. We wouldn't want to piss off arguably the best mountain bike photographer in the world now would we. I just think that he's better than that. Always liked his photos for quality and originality.
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 Yeah but, no.
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