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 Matt Wragg :
What is wrong with you?
You see always the same pictures, the same photographers?
You can not find other quality photos?
What is the condition for POD? The author has to have previous Pod's?!?!?!
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 Thank god there is somebody who think's like me !!! I'm always striving to get a good shot that deserves to be POD , but in Pinkbike the way of choosing a POD's fallows the laws of mafia, always the same photographers , same style shot's and no opportunity to new comers !
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 ive seen somebody get pod who wasnt a regular, but have to agree its very rare. you also have to understand how many photos there are on pinkbike and matt wragg is only one guy looking through thousands of photos everyday. if you dont like it go to the other mtb forum that gives reviews, pod's, vod's, polls, write ups, tech info, a buy/sell, and user interaction like a bicycle facebook.
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 Frigging joke getting. Why not call this Pinkbike favourite photographers only section.
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 These days it's all about being a 'bro', bro.
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flag mattwragg Mod Plus (Jan 25, 2015 at 8:46) (Below Threshold)
 I'm not going to dignify most of this with a long reply, I've said everything I feel needs to be said on this subject in the past and I find it incredibly disrespectful to Simons working to bitch and moan like that.
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 lunatyk has 64 pods
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 The number of views and the number of favs in the "pod" of recent times says it all ...
The lunatik's work is fantastic, but someone commented or did not respect the lunatik's work ?!?!??
I was even comment on the work of Matt Wragg, but this may be questioned. Or not ???
Probably is lack of time for the job, but PinkBike has other solutions....
PinkBike did not grow like a closed loop for a few. It was precisely the opposite that which made him grow so much !!!! !!!!
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flag kazyamamura (Jan 25, 2015 at 15:43) (Below Threshold)
 Jesus guys it's only up for one day. 24 hours and a new one comes by. If you don't like today's POD just go about your day and come back to see the next one.
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 I scroll through some profiles with maybe 1-3 followers max and they have sicker pictures then most PODS why I don't bother with them.
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 You got that right! @wayne-dc your work is amazing and you should have a few pod in my opinion. A lot of other photographers as well!
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 I've already commented this on 11 steps to getting pod but I will say it again! People seem to like the idea why not make it happen?

pinkbike i think you guys should start doing a monthly blog called amateur photos of the month and choose lets say around 20-30 shots! we know the pros can take great shots but i see alot of good photos from up and coming guys that i would like to see featured on the home page Smile
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 Same POD as and the previous one is better !
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 Debatable, they're good in their own regard.
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 I actually like this one better, at least as far as silhouettes go. But seriously, give a brother some POD variety.
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flag mattwragg Mod Plus (Jan 25, 2015 at 8:48) (Below Threshold)
 I disagree that the other one is better. Sure you may prefer it, but this is probably my favourite one of Simons shots (and he has a lot of great work to choose from), so similarities be damned as far as I'm concerner.
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 4 POD's of the same guy wearing the same clothes at the same jumps by the same photog . . . . Rubbish. They're cool shots but lets see something a little different, not just giving props to your buddies. . . or whatever the deal is. . .

(last one chosen by Ian Highlands and rider is wearing different clothes not the same sesh like all the other shots)
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 I think the problem a lot of people are having appreciating pods these days might be due to the uptake in mobile phone usage.
A phone screen doesn't do photos justice making them look "ordinary"
For all you haters take the time to look on a big screen in original format. I believe this may be where the quality shines through
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 Definitely time for a changing of the guard for who chooses the POD's at this point...
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 Mattwragg sounds like a real Richard!
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 -67 here with windchill, can I complain? no. lol
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 Does anyone else wonder what he is thinking of in mid air?
  • + 1
 probably "ok... now look at the landing"
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 I hope I pulled hard enough!! So I don’t end up behind the quarter haha
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 Its so exiting ihope try it too
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 ah... i get what you were trying to say
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 Sick photo, and sick riding. Who cares how many POD's Lunatyks got?
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 people who want recognition for their talent.
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 That's what I mean, bro.

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