unReal // Sterling Lorence Photo
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unReal // Sterling Lorence Photo
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 This is actually a cool picture, makes a change from all of the landscape shots with microscopic little mountainbikers you have to zoom in to see.
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 I'd rather see the shot about 2 seconds after this one was taken when he was being trampled. Talk about a risky shoot.
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 You'd rather see a picture of him getting trampled? The shit is wrong with you?
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flag scott-townes (Feb 25, 2015 at 6:07) (Below Threshold)
 Ah grow up. You know he comes out fine and it would be an insane shot.
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 this is probably the last picture of that Trek..who saw behind the scenes knows what I´m talkin about
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 For anyone else like me who thought maybe the trampled trek was a joke because I see a bunch of comments but no link, here is the clip.

I searched everywhere for a pic. Nothing. So I made one. i.imgur.com/coMuste.png
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 can't think of any other words - this looks unreal
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 Spoiler alert..... He gets wrekt
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 What happened next will blow your mind!
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 Man he was really hoofin it
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 He's lucky he didn't catch hoof n mouth.
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 I always knew pro riders just horsed around all day.
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 Still can't believe how much damage that horse did to his bike and how little damage it did to Brett
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 Because the bike is made of carbon and Brett is made of steel
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 He might want to show a bit more respect for a stampeding herd of horses.
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 Those horses might want to show a bit more respect for a stampeding Brett Rheeder...
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 LOL yes, but they won't...
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 Don't keep us all waiting in suspense, did he make it out alive?!
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 And this is why you never ride with sugar cubes in your shorts...
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 Stampede! Big Grin
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 Is he still alive ? or is he crushed like a pancake ? Big Grin
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 Damn nature! You scary!
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 Look at all those beef burgers
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 Hopefully he's riding to Elmers glue factory…the one thing a horse is good for.
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