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 Screw the haters, I luvvit.
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 Yep, I'm going to add my name to the list of fans.... Super fun shot! Not sure I want to think about snow anymore tho, I'm feeling ready for summer already....
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 Thirded, my favourite riding shots are always the ones that make me think I wanna do that. This photo does that. You can feel the carve and as far as the blur.. lol.. are there really people who think every photo must be in focus? Maybe in a catalogue or a textbook. This sort of photo is art, focus is a presumption.
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 Saw thumbnail and immediately thought "hey that's a cool photo"
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 Blur that's cold.
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 ice what you did there
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 This is snow time for jokes
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 Don't start with the puns, it's a slippery slope.
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 I'm fed up by people constantly whining whatever picture is not POD worthy.

Can't you just appreciate the impressionist feel of the picture, which in itself may be sufficient to justify the fact that it has been chosen as POD.

As tobiusmaximum said: there are no rules in true art, deal with it and open your mind...
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 as a photographer I never tried to make such image as this one because I tend to prefer sharp and perfectly focused ones. But I like it, not easy to get a motion picture and this is an beautiful and interesting. Congrats
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 Warp speed ahead.
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 I do like how some people always think that every picture has to be in focus! Its all about observation!! Great shot!!
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 You can get arrested in Wales for wearing yellow..FAct
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 By the fashion Police...;-)
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 It's an interesting shot! It's not that I don't like it I just find it hard to look at as my eyes are constantly looking for something to focus on and can't.
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 i am at a loss for words
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 Not like my opinion means anything, but this photo feels like it works because it has the blur in all the right places.
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 Hey I don't know if anyone noticed but the photo is blurry.
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 Sweeeet! !
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 now, I think this is one of the coolest biking shots I've seen, ever!
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 Egad, the colours!
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