Cooper nails Boulderdash, 2015 New Zealand XCO Champs, Rotorua.
Photo: Mead Norton.
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Cooper nails Boulderdash, 2015 New Zealand XCO Champs, Rotorua. Photo: Mead Norton.


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 29r, flat bars, lefty. F*#k yeah. I don't want any of those, but I know plenty of "rad" Mtn.Bikers that think they're killing it with their new Nomad on way smaller shit than that! Props to this guy, and Mead for capturing a sick photo.
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 i'd either go OTB or have that seat jammed super far up my ass... idk how XC people do it.
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 Momentum? He's rolling off something the average downhiller would gap without any second thought.
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 @PLCO7 lots of DHers would huck that, eddie masters done it on a fat bike with no suspention.
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 You obviously don't know the trail, mate...
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 Get your ass behind the saddle, so you won't go OTB and get the seat jammed in your belly instead.
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 Yes thin, in great shape and flexible. I bet he's sweating as much as we might think. Me on the other hand would be sweating a lot.
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 major props to those XC guys, hitting that with a seatpost jammed up their ass
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 I have definitely seen a video of Eddie Masters hucking that on a rigid fat bike.

I really, really wish we had XCO style races in the US. I'm totally burned out on XC not because I don't like going uphill, but because in the US the courses are mostly beginner rubbish. "Endurance Races" have also pretty much taken over, so our races are turning into 4 hour slogfests at moderate paces instead of being FAST, which is the whole point of racing IMO.

Please, bring back 1:30 races that are short enough to hammer the whole time and put some legit technical elements on the descents! XC should be all about the best all around mountain bike rider (speed, endurance, tech), but I guess promoters just can't make enough money without being able to attract legions of beginners. I would be perfectly happy with ride-around B lines too, as long as they are significantly slower than the A lines so the better tech rider has an advantage.

People wonder why the US sucks at the WC XC, it's because we don't have anything similar in the states for juniors to train on, they're all busy racing courses with beginner level tech and marathon distances like Leadville 100.
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 Anton did this lap after lap. Why he is NZ champ. This was a really fast XCO race in hot dry and windy conditions and there were a lot other tech elements apart from Boulderdash.
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 @dthomp idk where you're located but the XC races around me are on some pretty fun courses. Plenty of techy stuff, and people ride it hard for like 40-90 min depending what category you're in. I do agree that the xc endurance category is getting weirdly popular though. Really lame riding. Anything that advertises >3 hours of racing is a definite warning sign.
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 Oh snap, looks like you're from my home town! I can see why the races would be lame there though. Tons of amateur endurance athletes, and I remember there being not that many interesting trails (where bikes are allowed at least). And most of those were super crowded and not that conducive to racing.
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 @RotoruaBikeFest "You obviously don't know the trail, mate..."

Actually, come to think of it, I rode that section 2 years ago. The layout is weird and it is definitely not beginnner stuff but it's nothing crazy either. It probably changed since then but I think I remember the run in being a little sketchy.

Still, props for routing an XC race through that track. Probably one of the toughest sections of what I've seen during my short stay at rotorua.
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 Its either you get the seat up your ass and your face in the dirt, or you get a nice gooch rub by the tire and get the seat in your higher stomach. Gotta pick the lesser of two evils. This line is so awesome looking haha,
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 Guys, you've missed the point. It's simply photo of the day.
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 Isn't that the same drop Eddie Masters hucked on a fat bike? Smile
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 sure is
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 Huck that s***!
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 people often tell me when they learn what I do on my bike that im mad and or must have a death wish, but that would only be remotely accurate if I was doing it on an XC bike....because fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that Smile
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 Check out more of Mead's work at He's worked on all three Bike Festival's for SFA - good dude.
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 He's rolling and thinking, "Oh, s***... If only that guy with the camera wasn't there....!!"
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 This is an awesome POD. I like to see a rider nailing a challenging obstacle.
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 If he jump that drop, he will enjoy hospital.
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 This is exactly what xc racing needs.
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 fuck yeah!!! this is hardcore!!!
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 Fat bikes rock.
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