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 That is such a political angle.
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 So much stars in the sunny sky...
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 These are just team banners, we all belong to ONE big country.
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 Yes, we are all brothers and sisters...
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flag WAKIdesigns (May 18, 2015 at 1:10) (Below Threshold)
 But I prefer to play with the team that does not have any form of moon symbol on the flag... moons cannot afford atmosphere so they tend to get bombarded by stuff coming from stars far, far away...
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 I believe this comment should be flagged
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 I like the inhabitants of murica,most of them are kind,but that war fanatic goverment pisses me off
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flag roedty (May 18, 2015 at 7:00) (Below Threshold)
 Comment doesnt make sense bro. The government that's currently in place is the most liberal far left socialist gov that we've ever had unfortunately and w a commander and chief that has no balls to do anything. And if we hadn't stepped into past wars the world map would look much different today.
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 Why was he picked twice then?
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 cause people like being payed to sit on their butts all day
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"And if we hadn't stepped into past wars the world map would look much different today."

Yeah. it'd have less dead people on it, oil would be distributed more fairly and the middle east wouldn't be the total shit storm it is today...
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 We would speak a lot more German and Japanese
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 Oh for gods sake if you want to dig up wars that happened under a totally different government, and so long ago that 99.9% of people on pinkbike weren't even born yet, then yeah. f*ck it, we could go further back even and talk about how the native Americans felt about having their land brutally stolen from them. Or we could think, "thats the past, we can't change it. This is the present, and we should probably stop murdering millions of brown people in the name of a reliable oil supply."
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 @narro2 He was picked twice because there is a huge group of low information voters who vote for the candidate who promises to give them free stuff and because the media in america is largely liberal and they make a huge impact on the voters who only go off of what they're told from the popular TV programs.

I wasnt speaking of the more recent middle east conflict. We responded when they flew planes into multiple sites killing thousands of innocent people who were just trying to go to work that day. And I was more reffering to ww1 and ww2. Maybe you should go back and read what the relationship between my country and yours was back then and what would have happened had we not joined arms. Its been said that War is a regretful necessity. We don't live in an imagined socialist utopia.
With all due respect.
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flag Yt-shredder (May 18, 2015 at 8:47) (Below Threshold)
 @roedty Haha i guess liberal and Peace have different meanings in murica then in the Rest of the World.
This goes to your whole goverment
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flag gabriel-mission9 (May 18, 2015 at 8:56) (Below Threshold)
 As I say WW2 was a bloody long time ago. It is almost out of living memory. The atrocities in the middle east are happening TODAY.

When "they" flew 2 planes into some american buildings, "they" was not the whole middle east. It was a few probably middle eastern nutters. Don't want to flog a dead horse here, but there was something fishy about those buildings then collapsing. If they hadn't collapsed, America would have no excuse to go to war. You do the maths....

We could live in an imagined socialist utopia... The first step would be to stop shooting at each other. But hey, peace isn't profitable....
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 @roedty, both parties do the same...i lived in the states during the 2000 election and again on the 2008 election, so i dont buy it.

Give me another reason please.
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 I just want to pipe up here, so that I get updates on this amazing comment chain.
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 @Yt-shredder You're obviously a very mature person with the link you posted. Great contribution.

Gabriel-mission9 If you want to talk about atrocities in the middle east I'm pretty sure its not the Americans. It's the radical Muslims that commit the atrocities. Yes there is collateral damage unfortunately when fighting these people but what are we supposed to do? Sit back and let them get bigger and aquire an atomic weapon when they already said they will use it once in possesion? You should look at what you're own government and others in Europe are doing to combat this same threat on their own grounds after they welcomed them w open arms not so long ago. And honestly I'm pretty sure you're the nut if you think the government orchestrated the sept 11 attacks. And no it wasn't the whole middle east and we didn't attack the whole middle east. We attacked those responsible and their allies. Read the theory of Just War. And if you think a utopia is possible there's no hope for you.

@narro2 If you lived in America for any duration of time you would know full well what the media bias is and the welfare state that has been created here. Not going to get into a discussion with you.
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 @roedty i hope i didnt hurt your personal feelings.are you Part of the corrupt goverment.its so hard Controlled by all the Rich a*sholes your industrie has.your goverment says its for Peace but bombs the shit out of every Country that has oil in the middle Will Never be the leading Nation of this World and thats also good,cause i dont want ww3.your goverment should invest more in Infrastructure and schools.your Country is falling so hard down.weapons and oil is the only you want.after the American civil war your Country is one United,and since then you are 70% of your Time involved in war.dont Blame other Countrys for the World Problem when you are the First and fattest Problem
So here again
By the way,also educated Grown up people go on sites like 9gag to have fun.but as a American you cant Even Laugh anymore
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 I was thinking, according to theory of relativity when you get close to a spinning, massive object time slows down for you, while in place of your origin times goes quicker. Does that mean that in the world of quantum mechanics if you ride a fatbike, then for observers, including clock and Strava, you are even slower than you experience it yourself?
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flag roedty (May 18, 2015 at 11:35) (Below Threshold)
 @ Yt-shredder You didn't hurt my feelings bro. But sorry we already were the greatest superpower in the history of the world. And you're right we are going down hard. But it's because of the liberal socialist/communist policies that are taking over. You're right our government is corrupt just like every other government. And ya we have been about war. We've tried to supress evil regimes. Have we attacked Britain or Sweden or Australia etc recently? No because theyre not trying to do the same things that Iran is doing. And its not about oil. We have more oil in our ground than the entire middle East combined. The tree huggers are just making it nearly impossible for us to tap into it. To each his own. Only time will tell. Youre country did an amazing job bouncing back after ww2 and its now a great country.

I don't want to keep clogging space so private message me if anyone wants to continue.
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 "Yeah. it'd have less dead people on it, oil would be distributed more fairly and the middle east wouldn't be the total shit storm it is today..."

Hahahahaha! That BS in the Middle East has been going on for thousands of years, and will continue for thousands more. Our Government is severely flawed, but don't go blaming America for the barbaric ideology that goes on elsewhere. That was such an ignorant comment. It's unfortunate that millions of other people in a hundred different countries share your same thoughts and beliefs, @gabriel-mission9.

I'm American, my biological father is from New Zealand. For years I have contemplated becoming a citizen of NZ and leaving the US, but I stick around in hopes that one day a real "Change" will take place. Not only in our country, but around the World. Everyone in politics is a puppet, but don't think for a second that its the American people pulling the strings... Just because I wave this flag DOES NOT mean I support our government.

Stalin (1932-1933) 3.3 Million killed during a "liquidation" of peasants (The Holodomor).
Hitler (1942-1943) 900,000 exterminated at Treblinka. 1.1 Million exterminated at Auschwitz.
Truman (1945) Approximately 129,000 parish in the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings.
Zedong (1958-1962) Communist rule leads to 45 Million deaths in the Great Chinese Famine.
The Crusades (c. 1063 until c. 1434) Millions of innocent people murdered in the name of God. Carried out by both Muslims and Christians. Women and children raped. Bodies hacked to pieces.
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 One just have to love it how we Euros lose our crap when we see American Flag taking more than 3% of pictures area. When we see two, we just can't cope with it Razz

Reason no1 - we do same sht and we have to offset guilt on scape goat
Reason no2 - we believe in nothing

As someone pointed out nicely when commenting on letter exchange between Harris a-hole and Chomsky grump, it is really hard to not be a hipocrite douche when you try to argue own moral superiority by the kind of weapons you use to kill somebody. Whether it is carpet bombing above gas chambers or blowing someone into pieces with laser guided missile/bomb above cutting someone's head off and posting it on youtube. Cut the bullcrap baby. It's all fine, we are all brothers and sisters, that means we beat the crap out of each other to get the toy the other holds in their hand, not because we need it, but because we want it, if only to throw it to the garbage in a minute. Just please do not present your motives by which you are "holier". As soon as you realize this, those discussions stop making any sense. Go fk up someone to get cheaper oil, go buy second bike, equivalent of annual village budget in Africa, even if you don't need it and just shut the fk up about it. Do your crap, stop motivating it with morals as there aren't any, you are just looking for an excuse to roll with the crap you are used to.
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 Professor Brian Cox pointed out these as the biggest dangers humanity faces today: asteroid, super nova explosion, super volcano eruption, pandemic disease, but above all: our own stupidity

Good night.
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 @roedty of course you havent attacked them.they are members of try to repress evil regimes.i had to Laugh At this you remember Vietnam war,cant really Understand why you attacked them,they have Never attacked you invaded Iran because your goverment made shitty researches and thought they had super weapons,but your goverment just needed an Argument to invade and get the we got this Point straight also.can we say without a doubt that your goverment Produces more shit than good stuff.and please dont vote for Bush at the election,cause that will end in total Desaster
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 Go debate world politics somewhere else knobs, is a mountain bike website.
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 Do you search attention,just dont Road them,Nobody forces you to.if it false a mod will Tell t to me if its the case,but not you @GordonShread
@WAKIdesigns is this the reason you are going to sleep just a small joke to end this.hope Nobody Takes this too serious
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 @Yt-shredder You don't understand much comrade. I'm done with this thread. Went on too long anyhow. Just a tip, read your post before you submit it. It makes you look even more ignorant when punctuation, grammar, and spelling are all off. If English is your second language behind German props because it's pretty good. No sarcasm. Spanish is my second language but I always go over it several times before I send anything in spanish because I miss things easier. And now since we're bffs and agree on all things political I'll private message you when I want to buy a canyon and have it sent over here since I can't buy direct Wink
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 No YT-shredder this is no joke. The idea of universal morality and certain groups of people being closer to it or further from it is naive. There's some value to being naive, but well some want to grow up. Not necessarily for any good reason and growing up mentally not necessarily has some value. Now thinking that one reaches certain moral level by being a part of some demographics, nationality, technological development is plain stupid. It has nothing to do with morality it has to do with being civilized, it may be counter intuitive but two are not the same. Lord of Flies is about it to a great degree. We are all savages inside, civilisation just puts layers on top of it, like an onion, but not in an even manner, each of us is exposed in certain areas and certain triggers peel off those layers and make us react basing on instincts. We learn from psychology that getting on a high moral ground is a trick of the mind that supresses the "morality" imposed on us by civilisation, so that we can reach our goals. It is a delusion allowing us to function in certain situations. If you want to reach for oil next door, you obviously meet resistance, so if you want to use force, and your position of power relies on your voters, you must introduce them with ideology and that requires reference to some higher values which in reality are man made tools to run civilisation. I don't say civilisation is bad, it just is. Dude from ISIS that cuts someone's head off with a machete is simply looking non civilised to us, BUT a nerd steering drone killing civilians isn't. Because civilisation has created this video game layers of onion that creates an impression that we are doing it in a better way, because the link to our subconscious savagery (that each of us is subject to) is blurred. Then politician puts another layer by telling us about greater good (progress, democracy bla bla), just like some guy on the border of Iraq and Syria tells dudes with machetes about puritanian religious values. You can't just cut someone's head off or shoot a missile towards a village without getting brain washed by some sort of ideology. But you sitting comfortably at home don't need to take all the decisions and look at it like a football match where you chose sides. As Bradley Cooper or E.M. Remarque point out, regular citizens have no clue what war is like. It's some computer game to us. And well who does not root for home team? Noam Chomsky!

Take it easy, dig deep open your mind, because when the sht goes down to make some critical decisions (I don't mean voting) make sure that certain layers don't distort reality and you make conscious choices.
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 Suddenly every pink bikers is a political genius. Here's an idea stop watching what the media tell us is true, ignore the bullshit racism on your face book feed and just go out and be a little bit kinder to each other. Oh and this is a bike website I think.
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 Chomsky seems sad, perhaps he thinks too much.
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 Yea randy, but American flag is on bike site, sometimes, someone says something about God or wheel size. This is better than Miley Cyrus bum but in a way the same: Some people react on impulses they shouldn't Big Grin And some a-holes like to tickle others... I guess this is called trolling...
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 Having just promoted kindness thought, I would fight someone who stole my parking space Wink
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 Illuminati. Discuss.
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 @wakidesigns as 90% of the times +1 (10% of the time i wish we were able to neg prop more than once).

@roedty, a ver wey...solo porque vivi en estados unidos no significa que veo las cosas al igual que tu las viste...crecimos diferentes y tenemos mentalidades distintas. El proselitismo que mencionas que se ''utilizo'' en la eleccion del 2012 no es nada comparado con el proselitismo de paises como en latinoamerica...en EEUU es practicamente no existente. Te recomiendo que vivas un tiempo en algun pais que no es de primer mundo durante elecciones para que aprecies lo bien que la tienen los gringos y todos lo Europeos. No gano el presidente que querias??? No hay pedo!!! Lo que sigue.. en cuatro anios habra oportunidad. Aprecia lo que tienes...un gobierno relativamente bueno.
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 Failures of the American school system, go!
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 ^can we not?
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 @roedty , it blows my mind how misinformed you are.
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 To the american that said they are the greatest super power ever pick up a history book. England owned over 75% of the world at one point. Now were just a crappy little island haha
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 Pro life VS Pro choice. Looking for uninformed, but vehement and verbose opinions.
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 Abortion is undeniably putting an end to a life that has started forming, and would continue to do so without your intervention, for your own personal benefit. Seems a tad selfish.

But at the same time, so is eating an apple...

Also, your stomach is "pro-choicing" a few million bacteria as you read this, so no-one really has the right to get on their high horse about it.

Smile That the sorta stuff you were after? Smile
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 ? sure, i guess. I do really hate apples Facepalm
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 No, keep going! I don't find your argument compelling yet.

...also I have it on good authority that your face is stupid. How do you respond?
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 My face IS stupid. It is merely the puppet of my mighty brain. Does whatever its told, whenever it is told, without a moments hesitation or any comprehension that what it is doing may or may not be immoral. So yes, stupid. Bit like all those soldiers in the middle east we were talking about earlier...
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 good picture! do you have a point? I liked the bit about my face being stupid. Me and my girlfriend just came last in a pub quiz and won some chocolates. This proves your theory somewhat correct.
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 I could have sworn I left a bike related topic around here somewhere....
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 How did you like my take on quantum physics and fat bikes?
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 Pure genius. However, you didn't take into account the placement of the Strava device. If you were to zip tie your phone to the inside of the rim, it should in theory believe it didn't take you as long to reach the end of the trail as an outside observer would believe.
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 Anybody else notice Captain America in the crowd?
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 Bike site>politics... Y'all are f@%cin silly.
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 America f*ck yeah !!!
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 .... so the moon team thinks that the star team can be easily beaten and star team just relly on on its superiority?
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 Sounds like a starwar is starting.
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 I meant to click up vote. Twice.
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 who is that ???
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 It’s Luca Cometti.

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