Sol Mountain Lodge, BC
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Sol Mountain Lodge, BC


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 Have anyone noticed this is the second time this very same picture is set as a POD?

Last time, Sept 2015:
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 Whoah, good catch! I completely forgot about that. It was a good photo then and it's still a good photo now.
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 @scottsecco: It's okay. It doesn't look like most of the community cares about POD like they used to either. Remember when POD's would average 100+ comments, 30,000+ views?
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 First photo to be POD twice??
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 @justiceondirt: the pod lost touch with riders and turned into some dumb photography contest... yes this is a cool pic but wheres the mtn biker? i miss when pod wasnt just about composition but what was going down in the photo was rad.
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 @whitebullit: Says the non artist.
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 @piman: not even, i love scenery shots as much as the next guy but not for pod is my point.
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 @whitebullit: Fair enough, but if you restrict POD to not include shots like this you basically make POD stagnate. Roosts ever other day, dirt jump shots, and hauling ass are great, but they don't motivate me to get out and ride and explore like these sorts of shots.
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 @whitebullit: I think the decline has more to do with the rise of video in the last five years. People want to watch the rider in action than to look at pretty colours for 3 seconds.
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 @justiceondirt: Nah, it's Instagram. All the likes just go to the Instagram posts for POD.
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 Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Let's protect our wilderness areas wherever they are on this rock. This kinda stuff is worth fighting for. That is simply beautiful.
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 And that includes Native American reservations!
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 @piman: it absolutely does! 100%
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 This is out of this world, the feel in this photo is indescribable. The fact that the riders only appear in the reflection is magical, like a dream
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 This has been my desktop background since the first time it was POD!
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 still so beautiful
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 ohh, it's magic!
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 Just WOW
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 Ah, I see what you did there.
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 This is next level...well done
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 Wow! I think we have another POY candidate here! Outstanding shot.
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