How hot and dusty was it today...  This hot and dusty.
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How hot and dusty was it today... This hot and dusty.


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 I bet they were stoked to be running those new smith goggles with no foam around the edges hahaha
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 Put on your goggles.
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 wait never mind, they're just as bad.
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 @snoopy24777: sand in eyes can't be rubbed out easy, but a quick wipe with gloves will clean goggles enough so you can see.
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 Goggle steam up or water condenses, even in hot weather. Don't they?
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 @ondrugs: Yes they do, specially in a really humid climate.
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 @TFreeman: My eyes have built in windshield wipers though - blinking doesn't require taking a hand off the bars.
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 @ondrugs: those are the new smith squad googles designed not to fog up for mtb riders.
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 @cptstoney: it's not fogged up. She crashed head first into a knee deep pile of dust during a race run and filled everything up with dirt.

No time to clean off, just remove dirt filled goggles and carry on.

Why is it everyone on here likes to go out of their way to try and dis products just for the sport of it without even knowing what are talking about? Those Smith goggles are amazing for riding.
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 @davetrump: isn't that what @cptstoney said "...designed not to fog up..."?
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 @davetrump: i own a pair of the same goggles.... endurbro pink strap....

i was answering @ondrugs question/stating they don't fog by design.

i also have eyes and can see its dirt.....

calm your tits......
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 @cptstoney: not just fog; condensation. When I wear goggles in summer, the water collects distorts my vision.
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 @ondrugs: wont collect since there is no foam so the water/condensation will just roll out the bottom.
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 neg prop'ed for telling off dude who jumped up my ass for no reason? lol.....
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 That looks worse than mud. Imagine breathing in all that dusty sand
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 This is an awesome photo.
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 Nearly looks like a scene from mad max Wink
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 Like a phoenix from the Ashes I will rise Wink Smile
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 10 years in the attic?
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 What is the deal with two helmets? Does she really swap helmets for the uphill and downhill? Is there some requirement to wear a helmet while climbing?
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 'I've got shit in my eye!' 'really, how often do you have to do that' Fanaar fanaar
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 Who is that ?
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 Teal Stetson-Lee
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 @davetrump: Thought I saw some red hair flowing from the helmet !
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 aaah the things we do for fun on the weekend!
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 Awesome shot.
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