Resick final version motoxss lookalike
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Resick final version motoxss lookalike


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 U put there too long shock so U have a too steep head angle... And it looks strange also...
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 I ride with doctorz and ungly as it is, he still killed the runs on it. Don't be fooled by the looks. All you haters need to shut up, honest critizism is welcomed but frankly some of these comments are wack and if you can do better by all means put it out there so we can see!
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 whtat a f*ck?
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 yes it was ugly as hell i destroy it frankly it was nice to ride but the steering was hard like hell i was fighting with the bike it was just a proof of concept and URt are nice but in Xc only not Dh please forgive me for the eyesore please please will you guys ever forgive me for this eyesore i wont do it again i promess Smile
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 LOL That is so embarassing...
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 yes it actually a wal mart dyno that i modify intensively it was solid and ride well but the crappy plastic bushing gave a long while ago i scrap this bike but the principle remain in my design drawer cheers Dr Z
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 believe me the chainstay is the only stuff i kept from that nightmare because i believe its the only solid rear end i ever made let see if i will be able to replicate that again(rear end)
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 Etrange :S..on va esperer que c'est une blague XD
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 it looks like the ones they sell at wal-mart. no offence.
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 the back chainstays look weak, but other than that i am impressed.
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 a lower bb and a slacker head angle was better. I am not fan but is nice to make is own bike.
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 yay no more crushing the nuts on the top tube!
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 this was the first generation overkill had more than 8 inch of rear wheel travel
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 i think its cool plus when ever i ride a full suspension frame somehow i nail my nuts off the top tube.
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 wow that's serious Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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 Hey man how much for the hole bike ???
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 this one is recycle there is not a trace of this left except for the seat
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 that's probaly 1 off the most hidious bikes.
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 probably but it was my first as well
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 im sorry you had to see this monstrosity im so sorry i hope youll recover
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 this is soo much ugly? ye that makes alot of sense u dumb shit.. i dont mind that bike, its kinda weird but w.e man
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 You actually ride that thing!
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 ugly but original
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 the next resick will be better than this for sure
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 nice 200mm brakes though
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 Ha hah a c'est toi que j'ai vu a Bromont!! Bizzare Razz
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 cheers mate Dr Z
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 discusting but i bet it nice on drops
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 it look like a dirt bike
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 Good Job!
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 that was the intent but the front head angle was so fucking bad i scrap this bike and recycle every inch of it toward other idea there nothing left of this bike at all except the front fender

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