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=XTR/Dura-Ace bottom bracket =Bolt On skewers =Mechanical calipers =Modified bars
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=XTR/Dura-Ace bottom bracket =Bolt On skewers =Mechanical calipers =Modified bars


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Used two sets of these Jones copys but don't get on with them...I see they do a job but I ride wrists tilted forward like moto x riders lol.

Yes, new hype bikes lol I don't even look at them no more with a price tag more expensive than any car I owned...load of bollocks to me, they can stick their bikes and high prices as I don't buy into it at all !!! If anything, it makes ,me mad to be part of the industry, old school and early days, with so much ££££ invested and then too many changes...wheels, gears, transmission, single ring options, tubeless watch, it'll come back to 26in again in a few years. I don't buy it at all?

I still got 3 fattys, a frame and a track bike and have more fun with ease of use of the track bike out of them all, cheap to run and maintain, one chainring/sprocket/chain, cheap tyres (over fat tyre prices), 51cm frame with a 130mm stem @ 17* rise with 760mm Nukeproof bars 20mm high feels good.

Surlys are bombproof...miss my ice cream truck, but wouldn't go far quickly, but could go anywhere, any route, just plough through and make your own way.

The Rocky looks perfect for your needs, and give you top marks for quality of your tape wrapping also lol.

I covered Janet Kay and Carroll Thomson on the lovers rock reggae tour last month, and should be covering Macka B, a UK reggae artist in August. Had a call from Denver USA, and all going well in a few weeks covering Macey grey and Ziggy Marley on their world tours in UK, and all going well, The Proclaimers in September also. Couple of big names for my portfolio there. I been doing more photography the past year over biking, but nice to have both options.

Love to Carole also, wish you all the best....

Mick, Seadevil is with you in spirit, always. You will smash it in the new job, not a better fella, or loyal family man to understand the needs of that role, I'm proud of you to take up this role.

All going well, a visit to Oz is a possibility now I got my family links back in Sydney, have a great day both of you,

Dream Team all the way .x.

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 Ready to go that frame, and nice bar setup.
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 Hey brother, how are you doing... saw your vid on yt, looks like your still well involved with music, good for you... that frame might be a bit heavy by today's latest hype bikes but it's rock solid... love the fact that both my bikes are now on same shimano pressfit setup now but most of all, that it's all old standards. No more hydraulics either, all I need now is my mini tool to fix it if at any time. I did a similar bar setup on Carole's rig for yesterday's 50km ride and she was just amazed how comfy it was. Alleviate the wrists and arms with so many new hands positions, can even get into a tuck/aero position to punch thru head winds. It's pretty cool. I'd love to get a steel Surly frameset at some point but to be fair, my bike does it all already and it fits like an old glove. Cheers bro.
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 @FastDHR: oi oi oi brothers yeeeeeew . First off, I love this bike ! So many options out there but you stuck solid . Hope all is well for you both and you are both riding and in love with your lives. Life’s good here ! Riding a lot , weather is Devine , family well and I start my new job tomorrow . Have a great day lads
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 @samjam: it's just awesome to hear from both you guys... I've got to admit that it's mostly my fault for not getting involved as much anymore... I feel pretty much like you on this one Si, I'm still super interested with everything racing but I really don't give a damn about the latest hype anymore, as a matter of fact, I'm just interested in my type of riding these days and keeping it old school is what works best for the trails I'm using... it's cool to see riders ripping the gravel paths on the newest carbon drop bars setup with 38c tires but we're leaning more towards comfort on longer rides... a good 'randonneur' bike should still be fast and light enough to cover grounds at speed, bringing along extra clothing, food and water for a day long outing but, comfort is still a focus on century rides... I had my eyes on those Jones type of bars but wanted to keep the flat bars for when when we hit more technical sections.... I even looked into switching the cockpit altogether to a flared drop bars setup but, with our new bars setup, it's really best of both worlds, it works perfectly... btw, thanks for the comment on the wrapping job, haha... happy to see that life is good for you guys, I had no idea you got a new job Mick, I'm interested to hear about it, good for you bro... I can't take teaching anymore with all the new politics and would get another job too in a flash... you guys are always there in spirit and even Carole is rocking the Seadevil world team sticker on her rig...

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