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 Wow it is true. I found one of his old comments and clicked his name. And no page was found
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 Did waki get banned or something?
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 Upped and left I think due to the racism / BLM post on the homepage. He historically said some touchy stuff and got called out unfortunately
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 @sewer-rat: sensitive times. Stay safe out there my friend.
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 @sewer-rat: So because he poked at a few people and hurt some feels he got berated and ran off... His whole deal was a sarcastic piece and it wasn’t supposed to be taken too seriously.
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 Is this for real?
Waki is the coolest dude and very down to earth.
Anyone who has talked to him in personal messages knows he is simple awesome
and has a true passion for life.
If PinkBike has kicked him off, Im feel very disrespectful to the moderators of PB.
Waki has only had add an intellectual twist to the comment section making people think about
what they are really saying.
Calling people on their BS!
Im truly sorry to hear this!
Waki we love you!
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 @nikoniko: No, he made more than controversial statements. He was a danger to influential minds. His pro doping statements had me re-evaluate the persona. Obviously, in my mind he should not have a right to publish his contributions.
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 @cougar797: really, we are going here - right the only time posted shit was to show those he was upsetting their polar opposite views to troll them, the BLM thread was nothing more than a witch hunt to ban someone that’s contributed far more than those with pitchforks
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 @nikoniko: I second that I've talked to waki a few times one to one and he was a good guy ,he has been interviewed in quite a few uk based magazines and always came across as humble but intelligent. Pinkbike comment sections have a habit of becoming witch hunts where torches and pitchforks attract others to chip in ,guess he was sick of it ,if I'm honest it is a little tiresome pinkbike used to be fun and grassroots,now it's pretty politically charged and involves itself in all sorts of identity stuff just like the big corporate companies ,its full pseudo intellectuals pushing their mantra like views on others and if you dare step outside of that view they all jump like vultures ,waki was no saint and self confessed troll but he wasn't the guy they are portraying.
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 @nikoniko: I as well have interacted with WAKI on multiple occasions, and those interactions were positive and quite pleasant to be honest. he's like the friend you have to watch out for at the bar because he might get into a fight with some stranger who's eavesdropping on our conversation.
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Im happy to hear all your positive notes about our funky internet fiend who
a real humble rider and father!
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 Waki was a pretty cool guy on PMs, people that interacted with him outside the comment section know that.
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 @Narro2: seriously. if people think Waki is a threat, they have not been out in the real god damn world.
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 @cuban-b: Preach it brother!
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 @cuban-b: yep and start taking a simple webpage on the interwebs less seriously.
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 Good riddance
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 Why are you going somewhere?
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 @sewer-rat: to your moms house to finish the job. Dont forget to send waki your nudes if you really care.
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 @me2menow: ooh that’s fair, s that after you’ve finished suckin on the girth of the big “S” - tell ya sister I said hi
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 What’s the difference between me2menow and a bike shop? A bike shop knows when it’s being stiffed by specialized
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 @me2menow: that’s hate speech , I’ll report / quote you in 6 months - just that line to get you banned
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 @sewer-rat: he literally asked to have his profile deleted and the mods indulged him. Look up RoadStain, the actual racist that was called out, and you'll see his account is still there.

Ps, the dude was an obnoxious and immature 40 year old. It's laughable to revere him. And dont trip about the bikes I prefer to ride lol...
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 @me2menow: he never asked and wouldn’t have even piped up if it wasn’t for the witch hunt on the second comment - I’m not talking about Roadstain, IDGF about that user but Waki got forced to quit and those holding the trigger should also be held accountable! It completely goes against the ethics of putting the past behind us and moving forwards (ironically so does this comment)
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 @sewer-rat: this is what waki said:

"Ok, can someone at Pinkbike please pull the plug? I am almost 40 damn it. Gets creepy. I’m like Jennifer Aniston or Mike Levy pretending they are 25 

@brianpark @sarahmoore - come on" 

No one forced him to say this, he was just trying to be cheeky and it backfired on him.
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 I dont believe it really? How can you tell
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 That's a bunch of bullshit. I get back from the weekend and everyone has gone ban crazy.
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 It’s horrendous buddy, I feel sorry for Waki- it’s been nothing more than a selective witch hunt. I thought this content was meant to be a time to move forwards , not drag up trolling comments from the past
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