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 like was that a rhetorical question...!?!? lol

*screams "YES" into voice to text

I'm gonna do the same thing.. here's to you slaker...! cookies and milk bruh... Wink
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 Yes please! lol lol
Dam 8 broken ribs that rough bro!
Im going to go blaze a bowl in respect to your recovery!
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 Bro, 8 ribs with 2 of them having 2 breaks each... Two cracks in pelvic.... all on right side, slid out on off camber dry loose turn and was pile driven into a log, tree stump .
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 Dammmmmmmmm thats super harsh!!!
How did you get out of the mountain?
So that explains the massive amount of bruising from your pic.
Please take it easy bro!
No sneezing, coughing, laughing, it all sucks with those ribs popping around!
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 @nikoniko: I crashed really bad on a remote trail that I ride at least three times a week all summer cause its high up in the mountains where its cool and it is such a gem, I know the trail like the back of my hand and always try to shred it so it was a freak crash,I think things got a bit dry and slick on an off camber turn, caught me by surprise...No cell pone service anywhere on this trail, Knocked the shit out of me sucking wind and trembling...somehow got up immediately and started hobbling down the trail using my bike as a walker cause I knew if I did not make it to cell phone service and the double track I would be a goner cause hardly anyone passes through this trail, especially on a weekday...It took me three hours to reach some double track where I knew there was a chance of finding service, I thought I was dying the whole time with lung compromised from inflammation from busted ribs and pelvic bleeding inside of me...It took another 3 hours of trying to reach friends who knew the area and trying to communicate with them with really shotty reception...finally a friend contacted another friend who knew where I was by my description of the area and they got in their vehicle and drove up the pass to meet up and try to find me on their all this was going down a forest ranger came along on the double track and found me and she took me to the parking area where my buddies were meeting up , no cell phone service at that parking area so it was very lucky that the forest ranger got me to the parking area just as my buddies were going out to search for me.... From there one of my buddies and his wife took me to the hospital where I was evaluated and then rushed to another hospital ER department where I spent the next two days....Mostly taking ct scans , X-rays and all kinds of other tests to rack up the bill, they also made take lots of drugs which I kind of needed cause I was in some brutal pain...Im expecting to receive at least a 50,000 dollar bill but at least Im still here......Sorry for the long story but thats how it went down, Ive been pretty irresponsible most of my life going out on solo rides like this and not telling anyone where I'm going or what Im up to....I think I have finally learned my lesson and dont expect any sympathy ..I just f*cked up ....
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 All my really harsh crashes have been those freak incidents.
My last bad crash was very similar too.
I was on my home trail and this one weird section of a trail you go down a steep chute and then pop back up to back down.
I always would do a jack knife turn to follow in but my left pedal hit a rock sending me down the side of the cliff into trees breaking ribs along my spine and my right shoulder.
I couldn't sleep because I couldn't lay down for 2 weeks.
So I sort of would stand sit on the sofa to try to sleep.
Catching you off guard when you think your on your game are those funky crashes, or better said couch locking crashes! lol
Fuuuuuuu yes I getting up with no air to breathe, wow thats intense man!
No cell phone services and a 3 hour hike down, dude we can make a movie out this story!
You have some super good friends and that ranger is a lifesaver, man you took me to tears feeling your
pain as you were filled with relief with the help of good people.
My buddy, last February hit the table top too fast sending him left too far hitting a tree with his spine and then dropping 9 feet to the ground mid way hitting his head on the side of the table.
He was out and luckily 3 of us were there to help him down to the car, which took about 3 hours as he could move. hahahaha
I want to thank your friends for being very responsive!
I once broke my right shoulder, 2012 dislocating it and breaking some surrounding bones.
I had my cell phone in my right pocket and when I came down I landed on my right side so when I pulled the phone out, the screen was busted into shatters!
So, it took me about 15 minutes to get my shoulder in place because of the surrounding broken bones and then I basically crawled home from the mountain, in the shower is when realized I needed help! ahahah
Thank you for the back story!
Our sport is so much fun and life expanding but we deal with some real injuries!
The fact you can write this much and explain your story tells me you are already in recovery and thinking positive! RideOn Buddy!
I used to ride solo more than I do now and that is because of solo injuries, ahahhahhaha

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