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Face the facts.


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 show this to peat
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 i was just thinkin that then i read the comments
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 haha that made me laugh lol.
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 one time i was demoing a specialized demo at whistler, and Sam Hill got onto Schleyer right before me. i tagged him all the way down. when we got to the bottom of schleyer, he saw how well i was staying close to hims. he asked me about the demo and decided he wanted to buy one. that's why he's with specialized now. i made a difference in the world. after that he tagged me all the way down Lower Whistler Dh and he couldn't keep up. he kiddnapped me and stole the demo from me. when he touched the bike, it magically swapped all the parts with Sram and Funn components and lost 5 pounds. someone saw him on the specialized and took a picture and posted it on the internet. ironhorse saw the picture and got really mad. they fired sam for not keepin it real with their company. Dave Weagle heard the news about sam and took away the dw rights from ironhrose. ironhorse went into the dumps. sam is now with specialized all because of me.
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 i highly doubt that
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 haha yeah...
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 ^^^^^^yes i heard about this!!!!!!!! Its all over CNN and shit!
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 and i also highly doubt cnn covering a mountain bike rider
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flag virtumedia Plus (Dec 8, 2008 at 21:11) (Below Threshold)
 well you thought wrong suhnnnn
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 even the president was told about this. now that he is leaving the office, he's gonna come chill wit me an da homie at da races
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 orrr...ironhorse just stopped making DH bikes, so Hill switched with Specialized..and THATS what really happened...and im sam hills cousin mate Big Grin
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 actually Sam Hill fan club is getting borring. Hanging around in monster t-shirts and saying how awesome Sam is... it remainds me a bunch of teenagers who are crazy about their favourite pop star, collecting their posters, wearing same clothes and keep repeating how coll he/she is. Grown up
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 madisonracing1 accept it hes the fuking man and we all know it
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flag nouser (Dec 7, 2008 at 13:48) (Below Threshold)
 go pork a kangaroo. Sam Hill is a toolbag.
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flag nouser (Dec 7, 2008 at 13:48) (Below Threshold)
 Or a sheep.
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 sam hill is aussie not new zealander u dum ass
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 Australia has a higher population of sheep....just a random stat. NZ however has a higher sheep to human ratio.
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 u wish you were half as fast as him just accept it
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 so if hes the fastest person in the world, how come he isnt world champ or WC champ??? because Gee & Minnaar are better, more consistant and faster.
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 well hes champ now aint he!!
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 DUDE everyone in elite class except one guy beat sam at the race where this photo is from. Because he crashed.
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 Not true. 2007 U.S. Open, he got his ass handed to him.
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 Yes but not by YOU so there
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 I did beat him, more then 90% of the people there beat him, he got a double flat and fell twice.
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 well then that's not really something to be proud of. no offence, but you can't really go fast after crashing twice and getting both tires flat
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 he's faster than anyone in his sleep..
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 so true
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 wooo, someone has the limited self confidence issues...
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 bit old but still good
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 I agree...sweet pic!
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 POD for sure ------------ POD
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the only person who can make a Demo look cool Razz
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 no can do that.
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 Chuck Norris is faster!
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