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 i jumped the box at my local park, dodged some 60 year old man and out of no where there was this 5 maybe 6 year old boi on a scooter he had no helmet and no clue i couldnt stop in time and bang my bars went straight into his head and then his head smashed against floor, after feeling really bad about hurting him, he was in the wrong not me
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 Learn to what...get hurt! I'm not sexist, but sorry dude, a 6 year old girl has no business being in the park on a Gay-zer scooter!
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 I love the ignorant, pre-teen shit talkers on this site. Is it a coincidence or are all of them Now I'm a homo for being concerned about a clueless little girl in the skatepark. I'll be sure to post an aftermath photo when a biker riding full speed at that fly out lands on her from 6 feet up. I can see it now, a sprocket embedded straight into her forehead!
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 Dude, probably think i live in a igloo too...EHH??. And how in the hell can you see that she is clueless?? Quit hatin on little kids, Buddy, you used ta be one
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 FYI....I noticed the park sign actually says "No Unsupervised Children Under The Age Of 13".
Yet another reason to get this kid out of the park!
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 its true, a friend of mine went to rays indoor and a little 6 year old kid was hiding on the landing from his friend while playing hide and seek, he went full out to clear the jump and smoked the kid. it happened to me to, they cut you off and then get hurt really bad. thats why i agree with ridetyrant
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 aslong as they are wearing a helmet and doing what they are supposed to be doing in a skatepark i think any1 shud b allowed in
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 is it wrong that i read that then laughed?
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 rideTYRANT ur just a prick anyone can go in the skatepark all u show off dikeds dnt own it im pretty sure u was like that at one point dint have a clue what u were doing
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flag rockyripper (Mar 5, 2009 at 17:53) (Below Threshold)
 Amen homie
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 Isn't that sweet. You 2 should meet up and have butt sex!
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