new race kit for 2009
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new race kit for 2009


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 you guys are going to make cheema kill himself.haha
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 yeah i know but he just needs to do it all ready to get it over with
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flag cheema14 (May 10, 2009 at 14:56) (Below Threshold)
 im not gunna kill meyself Razz im worth way more than that and probbaly have more of a reason to live than a lot. Its cool im chill now kevin sry for the shit on ur photo but just cuz im chill sdoesnt mean i still wanan be chill wif danny. I still and will think hes a f*ggot.
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 same to you raghead
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 Raghead? dude can you do anything besides be racist? See theres really nothing to hate on me for cuz i don't bike yet, so you can't obviously call me a poser. I can hate on you for that cuz you tried to be a skater then a biker. All you can do is call me indian racist shit which is totally f*cked up and not right when you can't kikc my ass cuz when i get hella pissed your f*cked and im not lieing or threatening you. Trust me theres face shot ill jump the shit outa you. Oh yeah ur not like ty without a religion dude ur russian do u ever see me bitching about your culture. No cuz im not a f*cking douche staying behind a computer saying racist shit. Dude your gunna end up sayin this shit to someone in highschool and then go to the hospital after some time. Trust me if your not cool with me im not asking to be friends just don't talk to me cuz i dont wana see your queer ass c*nt shit.
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 dude cheema, just shut the fuck up!!!
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 HAHAHAHAH ya ok cheema.. ur so right! all i got on you is racism! thats it!
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flag cheema14 (May 11, 2009 at 21:32) (Below Threshold)
 Thanks dude, so you do realize? K thanks for responding but stop talking to me.
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 lol hissy fit!
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flag cheema14 (May 11, 2009 at 21:55) (Below Threshold)
 Fit? Kevin wtf are you saying haha
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 for u to shut the fuck up and stop commenting on EVERY PHOTO
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flag cheema14 (May 11, 2009 at 21:58) (Below Threshold)
 Dont talk shit Kevin stfu
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 i wouldnt be talking
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 cheema i was kidding dumbshit. everyone hates you. ur a faggot who cant ride for shit
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 Lol. some funny shit on this picture, cept some of the shit is kinda fucked up.
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 agreed there just retards that go to my school except blkmrktuk, liam2, and jrtyucker1008
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 haha thats hella funny sheema is a fuckin idiot!
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 dude i feel bad for u, u just put up a pic and all of a sudden a juge argument started, lol, that sux
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 i meant huge not juge on the comment above
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 is that all your sponsored by?
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 y dont u fucking just ask me on my note book and ur just jealous im sponsored u fucking idiot
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flag cheema14 (May 7, 2009 at 18:54) (Below Threshold)
 keep the pms to a minimum, thnx. Smile
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 seriously dude this isnt myspace
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 f*ggot to bad turban makers dont sponser curb huckers Big Grin
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 talking to me or keema
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 oh by the way cheema, weres ur sponsored kit?
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 it will NEVER come
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 lol thats rich u couldnt even get a sponser through sponsor house lol maybe some website will sponsor u to burn yourself alive and tape it hahahaha xD
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 yeah because english is your second language maybe u can get it translated into currynesse
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 dude dont even start this shit on MY photo ok
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flag cheema14 (May 9, 2009 at 9:39) (Below Threshold)
 moterfucker racist bitch i hope you get killed. STFU Noone likes you u should get to depression and kill yourself cuz pieces of sit dont deserve to live.
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 coming from the punjabi poser who everyone hates, sucks at biking/basketball (pretty much life), never been on a date/ kissed a girl let a lone make out with her/ never had a girlfriend, only has balls to say shit on the computer not to our faces, and pays for his friends! haha ur the one who doesnt deserve to live f*ggot. so go lick ur dogs vag and enjoy the only pussy ur ever gonna get.
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 cheema ur saying the same shit over and over. the only sport ur better than me at is soccer and running so stfu. and you wouldnt know what girls like cause u never had one and never will. ur the dumbass indian who has all D's f*ggot. and i've used mulitple comebacks on you and u say the same shit over and over. how come my comments have like +3 and you have like -3? cause everyone hates you. ur the annoying one f*ggot. oh ya everyone is stoked that im gone? thats y my myspace/phone/aim is filling up with people saying we miss you! ya f*ck u f*ggot u can get a chick and u hide behind a computer. talk shit on pinkbike and at school be cool with me f*ggot. f*ck u motherf*ckin wanna be turbanhead.
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 cheema why do u keep starting shit? i qoute from somewhere "interenet fights are like the speciali olympics, even if u win u are still retarded. i might ocasionaly write something but only to defend myself. The only way u can truly win is to actualy prove yourself on a bike but untill than stfu and stop talking shit about the people who actualy do ride :/
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 seriously, keep this shit off my photos
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