2010 Kona Stinky Deluxe.
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2010 Kona Stinky Deluxe.


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 i love that marz brought back the older stickering on the lowers.
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 looks much better than the 2009 one hopefully it will ride as good as the older forks aswel
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 i was thinking the same thing.
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 seriously, "new bike lineup"? they should say "new-paint-thats-a-tad-better-than last year".. all these are new paintjob, same crap-different color.
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 at least marzocchis are looking decent again.
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 All of you kids who keep commenting that Kona needs to "step up" and make a completely new disign need to get a clue. Do you think that Honda completely re-designs their dirt bike line up every year??? No. They make small improvements as they are necessary and their dirt bikes EVOLVE. A large part of the reason that mountain bikes cost so much is because most companies are convinced that they need to re-invent their line up every year to stay on top. The simple fact of the matter is that Kona's rear suspension design is an extremely well proven one and there is absoulutely no need for them to change it.
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 I'm not really a Kona fan but I agree entirely with you. They are solid bikes and and you never hear anything bad about them, proven over time through experience.
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 i totally disagree. i have owned bikes with dw-link, vpp, horst, you name it, and i still think single pivot and 4-bar designs ride the best. kona rocks. and transition is finding single pivots are the way to go.
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 i agree and disagree. i love the 4-bar but i like the horst link. (like the norco shore's)
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 yeah, hammershmit!
  • 5 0
 love the hammershmit crank!
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 one time i saw a kona stinky locked through its single speed wheels. i almost stole it but some people sat on the bench it was near. i hope someone did steal it it looked like it was being used for transportation solely. High ass seat, roadie style bars, pedals with the plastic top for your shoes.. pissed me off so much
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 love it wish i had the cash.Drool
  • 6 8
 kona has to step it up and make a new design, all they have bine doing is riding on there old rep. When i say make a new design i mean from scratch. Not this stuff where they take the frame and lighten it up. Then its the next model down, what is that. I say dont buy a kona unless you want to be dissapointed.
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 I've owned more kona's then you probably have bikes. Not once have i been disappointed. I've also owned many other bikes from Norco;s, to banshees to santa cruz and and keep going back to kona.. Why you ask. Because they are simple.

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