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 fiveus123. get a grip man. if your gonna post a pick about hating chavs then good on you but at least have to balls to actually not like chavs instead of backing them up. and mr chambers, most of them arent good old boys. most are complete twats who think there above the law and solid as fuck which there not. then only ones you can get along with are the ones that arent proper chavs they just hang out with chavs.
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 hes removed the comment now, incase anyones confused.
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 Chjavs are nobs and need to be shot or sent to the moon like this video explains;....
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 what's a chav? i've seen that word a bunch lately, and i have no clue what it is..
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flag Hostford (Mar 4, 2010 at 14:11) (Below Threshold)
 jesus have you been under a rock for the past 10 years :O look in a dictionary
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 From what i have gathered it would be something along the lines of a "wigger" or maybe an ed hardy douche bag.
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 Fortunately the Common Chav hasn't learnt to swim yet or board a plane so you wont be experiencing Chavs your side of the pond for years.

Oh a Chav is to some up: A f*ck up.
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 Chav is the pom word for what us Aussies call a 'bogan'. Just someone who chooses to live under the standard of others around them.
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 hahah those last two comments were awesome tup
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 love it
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 For protection during sex chavs usually use a bus shelter.

A chav in a white shell suit is probably the bride.

A chav in a suit is called the accused.

A Chav in a nice house is known as a burglar.

Two Chavs in a car without any music usually means the police are driving.

Chav’s are expert shoplifters and often hang around bus and train stations selling cheap purfume from Woolworth’s or CD’s with security stickers still attached.
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 C Councel H Housed A Always V Violent
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 i was walking to school whan a prik called out "Hey GayBoy!?!>:@}"
i looked up and stared at him and the fat girl he was trying to impress started laughing
just shows thet 1 is too many for me
also do all chavs ride bmx's?
^not a stereotype just a "running" theme
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 I am with you D !
I would make them feel(?)!!!
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That is meant to be a stereotypical "chav" but it would be better described as people with a shit attitude who like to try and show off and look "hard"

But i have loads of mates who dress like "chav's" but there all dead on... its just the ones with a bad attitude that give people a bad name, but then you get them in every walk of life...
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 hostford, i am home-schooled, so one could interpret that as being "under a rock" haha.

matt-jenkins, haha alright, that makes sense, thanks.
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 They are Twats, all of them. Full stop...Davbrow4, that pic is awesome..
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 what the f*ck is a chav?
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 A chav is basically a person who dresses like a goon and acts like a total tard in a group but when thj are on their own, They shit themselves or try to be nice to avoid violence
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 Here we have "mitras" lol
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 this sign originally said foxes before it had been edited to chavs
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 I say POD
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