A photo of my knee injury for the Fox contest. It hurts REAL bad.
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A photo of my knee injury for the Fox contest. It hurts REAL bad.


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 That can't be real . No ones leg is that white !
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 I'll admit it, I photoshopped my legs whiter so the blood would stand out... I just really want those knee guards.
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 oh no! looks like those poor ketchup packs fell on your knee and you got hurt! :O
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 No, I slid on those and ate major beef while doing my backflip.
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 wow! you ate your burger while doing a backflip and spilled ketchup on your knee?
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 That's blood, I crashed.
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 on your burger?
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 On my bike.
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 so you rode your bike in your house, slipped on some ketchup packets on the floor, somehow did a backflip, then took a photo of your injured knee?
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 Yeah. And I ate a hamburger somewhere in there. But other than that, yeah. Hey, at least this picture is my own, and not just from Google Images like 99% of the other pictures.
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 lol ya, its pretty creative!
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 It took no creativity, I was just trying a backflip... I really could've used some knee pads...
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 MEDIC!! That looks bad, do I see bone?
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 It was pretty bad.
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 lol sometimes peoples stupidity is just amazing (norci + django)...man i'm sorry for your knee...good luck walking again.
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 It's tough. Especially when I have to live with my injury everyday, and everyone mocks me for it.
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 well u guys are fuckin hilarious
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 Do the doctors think you'll be able to ride again?
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 Yeah, within a couple of months, as long as I keep going in for physical therapy.
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 dude are you ok??? do you need some fries with that????
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 Yeah. I do.
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 HOLF SHIT THATS A BAD CUTTTTT!!!!, hope you ok man that looks brutal :/
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 Yeah, it hurts really bad, but I'm okay now.
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 don't take this the wrong way..but i can heal you..with my tongue..then after that we can take it the wrong way
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 Do you have any pictures of yourself?
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