intense 951 WTF???
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intense 951 WTF???


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 haha this was my mates dads friend cased the 50 by about a meter im pretty sure. dont help that its the FRO frame aswell
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 That must have been an intense moment.
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 New Feature 'Detachable Headtube', makes it easier to put in the car tup
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 im wondering where are the Kona haters now.If this would be a Kona everyone would be 'ahaha kona,not suprised' and that only Kona frames break in half.Sorry for the frame tho!951 is one of the nicest frames around.Must have been a big mistake that made it like this.Warranty it maybe?
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 riboo88hun every type of frame has broken in half at least once, and as the description says it was a meter case, possibly into the wrong side of a log or some thing? sounds like most frames would have gone.
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flag GoAnDRiDe (Jan 18, 2010 at 9:19) (Below Threshold)
 difference between this and a kona is an intense take alot to break...konas break off curbs
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 I think I'd probably cry Eek
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 nah the 50 the im thinking about has like like a 20 foot case pad. so he wouldnt have landed on the back of the landing
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 yea all frames snap but konas r just more well known for it especially the older ones because so many people had them and everyone used to huck them to death
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 haha thats cuz they were so cheap to replace!
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flag Luv-To-Fly (Jan 23, 2010 at 13:22) (Below Threshold)
 Woah thats intense!
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 probs get some shite for this but how thin is the ally?... i reckon dh bikes are gettin a bit thin and light and its only going to get worse! 80% of sessions cracked last year, 95% of meta 5 cracked last year and im sure theres plenty more figures out there that the bike companies dont want you to hear

and yes ive read he cased a 50ft gap but still, that ally wall is thin!
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 and that is why i stick to orange's, as its folded alu its guaranteed thickness all round Smile
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 haha funny you say that because ive seen alot more broken orange bikes than i have seen broken intenses
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 really? i have only ever see one photo of an orange with its head tube ripped of. same for intense, but ive seen loads of m3's with cracks
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 Bla bla bla! All leading brands have good bikes and they don't snap as long as the rider doesn't case by a meter Smile . I know many people who ride the same Kona they bought several years ago. I'm pretty sure the manufacturers know better than selling a bike they claim to be solid enough and give it a FR/DH label and lots of people get hurt. All bikes have to pass a series of tests and if they fail, you won't be able to purchase them.
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 exacerly, every bike modal will break at some point, its just there are more konas out there so it seems like a higher percentage breaks, when it could well be the same as every other manufacture.
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 my mate only just got his orange bk after 4 mouths cause he cracked it. and i no most of the mojo team cracked there bak ends on the 224 last year so aint tha gd
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 yea any bike can break and nothing is perfect..... enough said
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 exacually ^^
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 ahh but not the banshee/mythic scream, that thing is made soooo beastly
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 sounds shit
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 This just proves that shit happens to even the best of bikes
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 ive seem a few of these pictures popping up, 951's fully broke at the head tube, a bit worrying, ii thinks theres about 3 or 4 pictures on here of different bikes broken, should not really happen to a £2500 plus production frame.

Go watch the video of the carbon v10 being tested.... the future is carbon. Smile
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 dbox123, you are so naive its annoying!
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 every modal brought into production will have some failures, that is fact.

and as intense are not as prone to failures when they do fail they are more highlighted, where as a product that is known to fail (kona) it is just over looked, there for this is more of a shock, but its nothing to worry about, knowing the story behind this one i know it was a freak accident, and that fact its a FRO frame making it weaker.
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 a fro frame is stronger thats why its like 200 pound more
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 FRO is lighter and weaker, not the name FRO "for race only"
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 Oh right, I got a 951 fro when I bought it I was told it was lighter and stronger. Fingers crossed this won't happen to my bike
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 they are still strong frames, just fro is not as strong as the non fro, this frame snapped due to a MASSIVE case in the back of a landing of some kind. (sort of thing where pretty much any bike would have broken)
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 oh right learn something every day lol ye i heard how he did it must of been a big impact
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 Eek That's Intense.
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flag pwngemn (Jan 17, 2010 at 8:31) (Below Threshold)
 still is
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 nooooo ............ is just a racing frame for £2000 for one season tup
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 pretty sure most bikes would have major damage after casing a 50ft jump. maybe no all would break in two but would be damaged beyond use.
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 DUDE!!!! his grips got dirty!!!!!
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 Every bike has there problems....
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 That's not your average problem though!
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 Thats mega
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 that just sucks, not the frame just that fact that he broke a 3000 dollare frame
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 There is nothing wrong with the bike. They arent exactly designed to case 50 footers.
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 I don't see whats wrong. Looks alright to me.
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 and that's why you don't buy first year products
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 no its cause u carnt afford it
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 that is my nuber one shopping rule.. wait for others to break it.. if they dont! .. i can buy it without losing sleep over it..
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 if you are so into unbreakable stuff guys then go to e-bay and browse for super monsters, Santa Cruz S8 or Karpiel Armageddon. Just try to be true to yourselves and don't go to Ridemonkey and avoid taking part in sub 34lb dh rig threads...
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 if you cant get in one thread your trying it somewhere else.. get lost WAKI with your blank shot comment..
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 I got slightly lost, what was it that you tried to say to me?

Regarding my comment: Comments like yours pi** me off, as you guys talk as if this bike is some untested crap. Read the first line first: cased a jump! Every frame would break. Well if someone is able to break bike like that it can be done only due to a big unfortunate mistake of a rider i.e: jump casing or tree hugging. Or due to stupidity of the rider i.e. jumping 2m to flat concrete. If there is a problem like 08 Trek Remedys cracking seat tubes, or 05-08 Sx chainstays you can always get it on warranty.
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 a warranty will not help you during vacation... nough said.. peace out !
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 nothing wrong with a 951 i no loads of people who got 1 including myself and they r awsome bikes nough said ....
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 now its just a ntense
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 omg lol ahhahah
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 Oh no!
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 gutted Frown
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 thats a pretty intence frame failure
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