They Could Mean per 250ml serving but it dosnt say that + its been printed on a 500ml can???
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They Could Mean per 250ml serving but it dosnt say that + its been printed on a 500ml can???


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 yes man if you drink 2 cans of 250 you get the same effect!!!i think it's not that difficult...or a fail..just you not knowing maths..
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 no your missing the point! theyve printed (on a 500ml can) that it produces double the amount of energy as other 250ml energy drinks

and i do realise that 250x2=500! lol
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 you also have to realized that some drinks that are double others don't contain double everything else.

For example DRINK A @ 250ml has say 12 Grams of sugar.. while DRINK B @ 500 ML might only contain 18 grams of sugar.

You attempt at a fail has just failed.

Go find a 250 ML energy drink ( monster, if they make it that size) and a 500 ML monster and compare the ingredients.. see if its all double or not?
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flag therealblinky (Feb 1, 2010 at 12:27) (Below Threshold)
 so you get double the amount for the same price
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 arrrr! what dont people understand about this!
basically i read the back of the can first, *tear into a can of the meanest energy drink...* ect ect, and saw that the can produced energy double that of other competing 250ml energy drinks such as RedBull, which i thought was rather impressive until i looked at the actual can size (500ml) and was like

"wtf, ofcourse its going to produce double the energy as other competing 250ml cans when its double the size"

but your right about some energy drinks, although the same, double the size dosent always mean they contain exactly double the ingredients
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 nice book you should get it published
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 its so that people will buy the bigger one over the smaller one. lets face it, kids love energy...if something has twice as much energy, they're gunna buy that instead of say red bull's 250mL can... without even noticing that 500mL, the size they are buying, is twice that of 250mL, they're gunna jump right to "DOUBLE THE ENERGY!!! I'LL GET THIS ONE!!!"

its all about advertising and getting people to buy their product, even if they have to state the obvious.
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 monster can never fail
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 u idiots! its a 2 serving can! that 250ml per serving! 2 servings make 500ml! the caption on the back only talkes about 1 serving!
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 dude u fail u no they have like 1000 cans called like big ****** can monster or wutever
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 no dude you fail because everyones talking about A NORMAL sized can...u follow? ok so each serving is 250ml. it is talking about a single serving in the summary....there are 2 servings in a can....
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 you all fail, 500ml may be double 250ml that's obvious to all of us, but the 500ml does not cost double the amount of the 250ml can so it's just a really good sales tactic, and also if i had that much sugar i'd be buzzed for a bit too, but it's not really body energy so much as nueron stimulation from sugar, that's why kids get fuckin hyper, cuz they're brains are on over load lol i'll stick to water thanks
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 i cant believe how many people just failed.
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 stupid people these days
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 that's just maths really lawl but techniqally it's true
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 Yes... 500ml, twice the amount that you are more likely to die, the more your consume..
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 "more likely to die" ?? what so if i dont drink monster il become immortal or somthing? lol everyone dies, energy drinks just sweeten my ending Smile
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 I know everyone dies Smile , but you can save the amount of damage to ur body with not having one often
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 hahahahaha that means the bfc can of monster gives you almost 4 times the energy
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 you people need a life and go drink some grape juice bc monster powns all
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 fail.. definitely not. obvious.. fuck yeah.
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 your fucking stupid kid get off the computer and go get a girlfriend
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 and a life

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