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 Gold wouldn't match your jersey's as well as silver anyways.
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 hahaha... faved
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 fuckin eh
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flag dtroyan123 (Mar 29, 2010 at 17:34) (Below Threshold)

United States (USA) [5] 2548
Canada (CAN) 405
United States (USA) [5] 1016
Canada (CAN) 110

its funny i will get negative propped for just putting the truth out there
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 how many of those USA golds are from hockey? Wink
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flag dtroyan123 (Mar 29, 2010 at 17:44) (Below Threshold)
 good question
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 the answer is 5
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flag dtroyan123 (Mar 29, 2010 at 19:14) (Below Threshold)
 where did you find that i looked but didnt find anything
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 he knows his shit?
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 cuz im god....duh...and yes...i know my shit
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 it doesnt matter who got the most medals at the olympics. It matters who got the most gold Wink -you can be silver, bronze, whatever! but you still didnt win.
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flag dtroyan123 (Apr 9, 2010 at 0:30) (Below Threshold)
 did you not see not post
United States (USA) [5] 1016
Canada (CAN) 110
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 that doesnt matter. AND you you look at THOSE stats, then we are actually better than you since we have a tenth of your population. and i wasnt talking about the gold medals in TOTAL history, i was saying we won more gold in the olympics that just happened

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flag dtroyan123 (Apr 9, 2010 at 14:51) (Below Threshold)
the numbers don't lie
we are 9.07 times bigger (population)
the gold metal ratio is 9.23
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 you were over 10x larger till not long ago. so what you said... makes no sense Big Grin and we still got more golds than you at the olympics that just happened, and you cant let it go HAHA
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 neither of u were in the olympics so why do u give a shit. plus canada had home turf
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 beeecccaaaaauuuuuussssseeeee weeeeerrrrrreeeee bbbbbeeeeeetttttteeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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flag dtroyan123 (Apr 10, 2010 at 23:17) (Below Threshold)
 yeah i dont really care anymore
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flag matt111 (Jun 20, 2010 at 15:47) (Below Threshold)
 canda is only good at hockey
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 dont you fucking dare start this shit again
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 and america is only good at being fat...
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 Facepalm here we go again
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 @willy94 we were all thinking that
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 alright guys calm the f*ck down. canada is better at hockey, americans at mostly everything else including being fat,lazy, gas hogging ass holes lol
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 LOL we have whistler you have aptos and rampage site Razz so were fairly even howabout?
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 fuck tha police
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 try beatin micheal phelps. bitch*s
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 thats one guy. try beating all canadian hockey players, bitch.
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 try beating me!!!
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 if your name in real life is lingus, i dont think that it would be all that hard...
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 yes, my real name in day to day life refers to oral
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 awesome ahahaha. YA CANADA
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 Did anybody see the overall medal count? Just curious. Congrats on the hockey gold. That was a great game.
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 USA got 37, Germany 30 and Canada 26. But who cares about silver and bronze anyways. Gold is where its at.
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 u guys could of had 37 bronzes and still come first place in medal count medal count is retarded
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flag phacue2 (Mar 12, 2010 at 17:32) (Below Threshold)
 you do realize hockey is canada's national sport, and in the states nobody really gives a shit about it. you guys won 3-2, that's not a blow out!! that would be like you guys coming to the states and beating us at baseball, it could happen but not likely.
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 sounds like we got a sore loser here
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 hockey isnt canadas official national sport lacrosse is but we still own at hockey
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 phacue2, you're one of the smarter ones, because most americans are saying that they created hockey which is b.s. and yes it wasn't a blowout, but canada still won, everyones cocky, no matter what if they win, and i wouldn't doubt that america could beat us at baseball, we have like 1 or 2 teams? i dont know i dont watch it.
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 people WATCH baseball? Eek
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 soopy... i'm far from a sore loser, it's just not that big of a deal.

londoncowan....."In 1994, Bill C-212 was introduced to officially declare hockey as Canada's national sport. Opposition came from supporters of lacrosse who wanted to recognize the traditional and cultural significance of this sport. Consequently, Bill C-212 was amended to recognize both sports. Thus, on May 12, 1994, Canada's National Sport Act (Bill C-212) became law, reading: "To recognize hockey as Canada's National Winter Sport and lacrosse as Canada's National Summer Sport". While hockey's popularity is unquestionable - especially in Canada, lacrosse is still enjoyed by Canadians and has gained popularity in the United States, England, Ireland, and Scotland." Website:
i even looked it up for you.

koleslaw.... i like both sports, but ultimately it's just a game. there are people that take it way to serious.
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 phacue2, you can't defend America using baseball, you guys lost in the summer olympics to freaking Korea.
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 yeah. i saw the medal count. and i saw that canada has the most GOLDS of anybody there. and we broke the record for most GOLDS at an olympic games
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 Who gives a fuck about second and third we got the most gold ever at a winter olympics, but i guess not finishing first more than us is cool to
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 xt-shreder, overall performance is a great indicator of a nations well rounded athletic program. I appreciate the nationalistic views of the Canadians posting on this site, and you have every reason to be proud of your gold medal count. This was a great olympics for both your country and mine. Of course I can be proud of the overall medal count. Gold, silver, bronze, its all good. The U.S. did awesome at these games, and I am proud of our athletes.
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 Yo finally a friendly american Razz
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 xt-shreder, there's lots of friendly American's! Look in Canada, we've got 34,000,000 of them!
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 im sorry we can't hear you over our free health care.
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 Im american and i loved that comment
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 canada had the most golds ever setting a world record and bronze shouldn't count as a medal it should be a you tried and failed prize
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 We kick ass at hockey and the world knows it , thats all that matters here.
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 amarv1994 im pre sure world juniors won i think it was 5 straight you dumb fuck
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 lol look at jamie t taking slogans and groups from facebook lol u make canada sad.
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 oh canada oh canada we do all love u BUT FUCK AMERICA the only bad thing to come out of canada is justin beiber
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 Im surprised that it took so long for somebody to post something like this. It is much better than the other one that was posted right after CANADA WON!
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 Got a world Juniors Championship? No. Got a non-shitty military? No. Got anything that actually matters besides whistler? No
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 Free Health Care.
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 fuck you yankee
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 phacue2 no we had no idea that hockey was our national sport..... whats next you gona tell us that milk in out country comes in bags lol "WE KNOW." nut yes it was a good games nice try
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 I've never seen milk in bags...
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 you know i hate the internet...................... plz tell me your joking
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 My milk doesnt come in bags
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 why not? thats like a huge thing for the US they cant believe milk comes in bags
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 ha ha nice.
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 CANADA!!! is the bestest
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 lol look at patrick kane
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 Can'T Hang! AHAHA
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