Photo by Nathan Sawley
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boost-whip! Photo by Nathan Sawley


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 nz rippin....have a cry mate. it is not a dirt jump. it is a booter on a downhill track. the carpet stops the dry dirt spraying everywhere and slowing you down. i'm not going to snap my frame on the jump. if frames have snapped, its cause the rider has come up short or screwed up some other way. please chill.
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 Can you say beast!!
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flag foxinsocks123 (Jun 29, 2010 at 8:10) (Below Threshold)
 who says DH riders can't jump?
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 no one^^
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 haha lol
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 How come no POD given,this is a sublime photograph in everyway,detail,colour,not to mention the style the rider is showing,this is POD material all day long.
Gringo,Beer Cool tup Beer
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 poor bike
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 why poor bike??
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 i think he means that the guy is prety high up and the bike is going to take a big impact Smile
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 this rider has too much style!
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flag nz-ripn (Mar 28, 2010 at 11:45) (Below Threshold)
 I also say this because these look like more dirt jumps then downhill jumps and i know people who have snapped there dh bikes on dirt jump style jumps as ther aren't made for dirt jumping but its still a sick photo
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 it's a booter a the bottom of local dh track...not djs.
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 i c but im saying it looks like a dirt jump
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 Downhill bikes are stronger and have more suspension that dirt jump bikes... Its not going to snap.
  • 7 4 ummm ok then??? well anyway i also know afew people who have broken there downhill bikes to jumps like dirt jumps my m8 has snaped 2 big hit's at the headtube
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 the cArpet is also used more on dirt jumps then it is on downhill jumps aswell but i cant see why u would need it when the dirt in aus is always dry
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 dirt jumps bikes will not take the forces of downhill tracks, and downhill bikes wont take the forces of dirt jumps....i think thats what hes saying.
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 i read that the guy that snapped the 951 came up 1m short on a 50ft gap, your telling me that a harttail would have survived it?
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flag nz-ripn (Mar 30, 2010 at 15:46) (Below Threshold)
 no but im saying the do snap
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 just drop it. a 951 wont snap on dirt jumps, end of!
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 my mate snapped the headtube of his glory dirt jumping and im pretty sure they are a shit load stronger than 951's
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 ok mate, i guess your right, that means the only bike ure friend can bike is a karpiel apocalypse or a bike that has a headtube supppperrr reinforced Facepalm . That dousnt tell me nothing, it could be due to something like a design flaw. My mate snapped his cowan ds by doing a manual, does that mean if he came of a curb it would of snapped into 1000 peices?
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 snapping a glory on dirt jumps: EPIC FAIL
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 dardy wip you guys are cool
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 hell yeah! i need to build be somethin like that. nice job!
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 he pomped that nice an high- sick!
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 the pic is exellent ,and the guy is dam high on is bike ,nice man
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 good whip Big Grin
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 gotta side view of it???
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 double WOW!!!
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 Nice !
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