Epic lol.
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Epic lol.


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 dont take it bad but this is the american way of thinking . sorry but thats the truth
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 Why would I take this bad, i'm not american lol
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 not you but for everyone else who might read this and are actually american , it unfortunate that today's youth dont like to think long and hard about life fact and situation .
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 Don't forget who raised the younger generation lol Well not you personally
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flag biker12344 (Jun 30, 2010 at 23:05) (Below Threshold)
 OMFG YOUR SUCH A HOMOSEXUAL f*ggot GAY QUEER! AMERICA f*ck YEA WERE THE BEST COUNTRY.. let the internet war begin... Big Grin
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 dude you just proove me right ,,
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 that right there is why everyone hates us..
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 paha! lol
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 its not that everyone hate you,(im sure if there someone here who love the youthe of america is me ) at all i love the youth of today im just saying that this image portray the youth of today i could also sayd that most of kids today , even my assistant who is 17 years old is exactly like that, i think its important to be aware of things in life and not take life with a grain of salt there is more to life than entertainement, life's fact and situation are important to be deal with too, use your mind and work hard to achieve your dream dont quit on life just because it hard use your mind , i think this was the point i was trying to say. sorry for any missunderstood
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 just to be clear.. it was a joke!
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 at least we can understand jokes......and pay way less than you for bikes HAH
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 agreed, me dumb sometime
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 Americans don't have "a way of thinking". We are all individuals who all think and feel differently, just as in any other nation on the planet. To attribute a photo of a dog saying "I dunno LOL" as the way that Americans on the whole think is ridiculous. I find it ironic that you make a statement like that and then say that you are sad that people don't think long and hard about life. Maybe you should think more before you make statements like this.
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 i would have to say your exactly right , statement prooven , lets end it to this K

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