frame back from the welders, not bad for £5 ;)
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frame back from the welders, not bad for £5 ;)


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 That weld is pretty much worth £5 lol. I love how they have just run a bead along the top and not bothered to cut it into the frame (when a weld is filled flush to the frame/whatever you shouldnt have big ass gaps). The frame will also be anealed now no doubt...
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 fuckin shite job coulda done better with me cock
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 okay then go do it then...
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 Haha, that weld is fucking shit like could have done better with a blindfold on
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 Why give me neg props when what I have said is true ? Go and ask any welder worth his salt if he thinks that weld is any good...
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 the welder i sent it to is regarded as one of the best in the north east of england...
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 Lol we both know that that is a load of shite. If he was as good as you say he is or rather as good as everyone in the North East of England does, he wouldnt be welding your bike frame for £5 and he would also have done a nice job. Look at the welds on the rest of your frame do they look like that ? NO, the guy has run a bead of weld over your frame and charged you. Did he pre-heat the frame and then put it in a hot room to let it cool down slowly to preserve the heat treating on the frame ? NO. Your frame has been ruined buy a back-ally grease monkey with a tig welder...
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 no because i got mates rates now stop treating me like some one with mental dificulties i have better things to do with my time then argue with you about how good a weld is...
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 that is a fuking shit weld and why did he grind it down that will weaken it loads u dildo twat
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 well considering hes been welding longer then you've been alive i think he knows whats goin to make it weaker....
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 its cause he's english duh :L
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 damn that seats so cool
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 get a bitter picture you noob
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 my phone wont take good pictures you noob
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 of course i will i know it's a good phone...
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 yeah but its not got image stabilization...
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