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Images from Interbike 2010


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 I work in the bicycle store, and every day i build and fix bikes, and honestly I have no problems with turning the crank arm with my hand. In my opinion you are just going to waste your time just by trying to find this tool between bunch of other ones. (Usually I keep my workspace organized, but when I have full store of customers waiting for me to fix their bicycles, tools are laying everywhere around, and sometimes i'm having hard time with finding them.
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 Its a solution to a problem that does not exist. turning cranks by hand is totaly legitamatet, but no park tool seem to think that what we really need is a designated tool for the job, such a joke. They will be marketing this as "a must have for any bike shop." totaly pointless. Aswell as the fact that since it says "park tool" written on it that would obviously justify a ridiculous price. i bet these cost about 30 pence to make and they will charge £10 for one. I have grown to despise this aspect of marketing
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 Pretty much spot on about park, although I am still undecided about this tool. For one it does seem like more and more bikes are coming without pedals these days which is annoying (for both the bike builders and customers who wish to test ride it), so I see some use in it. But at the same time just turn the crank with your hand, that doesn't cost $10.
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 We get lots of bikes that come into the shop without pedals, yup keep a pedal by the bench and toss it in sure, but this new tool take up half the space and by the looks of it, plug and go what can you see wrong with that..... and its ten bucks, big woop. Imagine the beginning of the season when your building all of your bikes for the year and most bikes now dont come with pedals no screwing in your shop pedal. Lots of talk for something so simple, grab that pizza cutter and the bottle opener and lets eat. Smile
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 hater's will always hate.
I think it's pretty sweet, I my self have had my hand slip off the crank and catch on the chain ring a few times. There are a lot of tools in the shop that are not "neccesary" but we buy them to save time because time is money. Park handle bar holder, deraileur straightner (can be done with a good eye and a 3way), ritchey 4mm 5nm mini torque wrench just to name a few but I always keep them in the shop for two reasons one show the customer you have the right tools for the job, it makes you look professional, and like I said above it saves you time.
I'll buy it.
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 I don't get it. Is the tip that you put into the crankarm of some kinda rubber compund, sp its stuck?
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 no, you dont need a 100% solid connection to turn the cranks. Just saves you from putting your finger, or a screw driver in the pedal insert.
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 what is that?
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 For use in a shop. Its called a Dummy Pedal, and its just that, a fake pedal for adjusting the drivetrain on a bike with no pedals attached.
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 "Rethonal" has trouble reading???
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 Richie, Rethonal had asked this question before description had come up...

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