Photo says it all. Literally.

No slang version:

Original picture:
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Photo says it all. Literally. No slang version: Original picture:


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 omg is that the sponsored rider with magic chaos powers!?!?!?
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 Fab Oh, you.
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 hilariously true. If this doesn't win, Ima make my own. Or you could make them and sell one to me.
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 I'd buy one.
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 i love it
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 That wrap around design was some heavy shieet.
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 Design of the Year?


Design of the Decade.

Sho nuff.
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 This is original. Some of the others are well done, but this one really captures what PinkBike is all about. We can pretend we're some 'professional' organization with 'professional' looking shirts, but when it really comes down to it we all just want to dress up in our gear, strike a badass pose, and have a family member photograph us. Out of all the shirts entered, this is the only one I'd go out of my way to buy.
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 hah i would buy one of these for sure.
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 why? it's only funny with his commentary, otherwise it's just stupid
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 I'd personally buy one if they were made (although I guess if they're made, I won't have to buy one...). It actually stands out, it doesn't look like a regurgitated version of what's already in the Pinkbike store. The majority of what I've seen are just real safe designs heavily featuring the Pinkbike logo.

edit: I just checked out the shirts you do like. Sorry, we can't all just make 90's style Tee's with hardcore quotes on the back...
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 lol hey! whats wrong with my shirts! Frown haha i got a great laugh outa this one
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 i think the t-shirt design should be this entire picture on a shirt.
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 i think the caption should be 'shredding the gnar'
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 the ultimate cyclist
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 the ultimate psychologist haha
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 I must say, that is really something you got there. Pretty serious yo.
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 it looks like the goalkeeper of a soccerteam
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 lol, even the ultimate cyclist himself added this to his favs Razz
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 i vote for the rider to be bret tippie id seriously buy one lol
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 or the ultimate cyclist or iggys -2 pinkbike legends
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 "or the ultimate cyclist"? What?
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 "theultimatecyclist" or "TUC" is a pinkbike legend
look him up
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 He's a legend, eh? Maybe that's why he's on the front of this shirt. lol Learn your TUC histroy, son.
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 And if you find me a good picture of Tippie, I'd do it. But I'm not doing Iggz.
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 I commend you sir outsmarted me you have! the tshirt is perfect i hope you win because i sure as fuck want to purchase one of these
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 Ill tip my hat to you on this one, and god damn is that hat difficult to tip. Id buy one if you found a way to have the commentary floating around it, propa badass
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 I'll see if I can think of anything, but I think it would look cheap if it had commentary on it. A shirt should be a conversation starter; it shouldn't talk the conversation for you.
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 the captions are hilarious
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 gabe you're a champ
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