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 Notice how now Ian hylands is adding a foot note that no one bitches about the pods and when one does they get neg propped amiditly. Grow some balls pinkbike people, we all have a opinion. Personally it's a ok pod and a break from the norm, but that's all
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 Yeah loving the new "selected by" footnote. Great addition. Salute
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 That's such a sweet and smooth trail they got going down in Vancouver. But theres so many trails in british columbia its endless.
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 j-maul, that's a great observation, I don't want to stop people from expressing their opinions, and I like to hear what people have to say about photos. As long as it's not simply "I could do better" or "shouldn't be POD"
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 ah i like bikes theyre cool
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 I need Margus to back me up, this isn't from Life Cycles. This picture is at Black Rock in Oregon, not Vancouver
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flag RavineRiders (Feb 19, 2011 at 12:06) (Below Threshold)
 who is ian hylands?
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 ^ Pro Photographer. Really awesome shot, props to Margus and the rider. Also stoked to see the little footnote as well from Ian, or whoever chooses the photo. I think this needs to be added to the VOD's as well. -ep
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 i really like this shot because its different, its at a different angle, composition and style add to my favs for this pic good choice Ian Hylands
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 I'll back you up bighucker this is blackrock......... in Oregon
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 damn those guys are riding so close together
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 wow ok im sorry i dont spend all day in p bike threads and so i dont know who ian is because i prefer just to ride my bike
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 RavineRiders i agree with you !! Big Grin
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 Looks like shot from "Life Cycles"
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 god i miss dirt, cant wait to start slingin' mud as soon as the ice thaws out.
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 Love the sequence of this shot, the colors are so sharp!! Makes me want to ride right now, shame its raining Frown
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 I love the fact that we have an explanation for why each photo has become POD. Ian says it all here, I don't think I'm ever going to read the comments on a POD again.
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flag bikingpark (Feb 19, 2011 at 0:48) (Below Threshold)
 ^cool story bro, imma have to write that one down in my diary of cool stories so i can tell it to my grandchildren.
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 Im pretty sure thats Black Rock in Oregon
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 to "bds2010" dont let the weather get you off your bike! and plus if your fast on a wet track how much faster are you gonna be on a dry one Wink

this is coming from a guy that lives in rainy old scotland...
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 nice pod!
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 well dude, i love to ride in the rain, your senses come much much sharper and you can still go fast yet, and when you go to a dry track you see same awesome progression
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 i totally agree with you there Big Grin , i'd love to go out biking but im recovering from a bad cold so i wanna get as well as possible so i can get out to the track again Big Grin
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 get some rest then... colds can be a bitch x)
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 yeah, plan on it Smile
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 should be back on the bike on sunday Smile
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 its different, no triple tail whips or backflips like everyones used to, but it has amazing colours and the arial view looks really cool i personally think ian hylands has a great taste, definitely POD worthy to me
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 who knew that taking pics could make some donkeys nuts. its just a picture. these are not the cure for cancer just somethings that others thought would look good on film and want to share them with others. i have always busted chops on pics until some rickys started busting on mine. i have changed my tune. i will never pick on someone elses picsd just cuz i dont like them. take it for what they are and stop acting like they are world changers.
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 So now there will be a short explanation of why a certain photo gets POD ? That's a good idea tup Edit:
ha ha, I didn't even notice it under few previous PODs Big Grin
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 Great picture in my exceptionally amateur opinion. BUT Ian, tell me its not hilarious that by putting a few of your thoughts underneath the picture you have changed the entire dynamic of POD comments forever..
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 great shot! Smile
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 Is this the same place as the last scene of the Life Cycles trailer?

Amazing shot!
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 i think it is. really nice pic!
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 great POD choice tup
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 when i saw the thumbnail pic i thought the same thing love to know if it is the same trail as in the life cycles trailer
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 Great Shot! I wish I had trails like that by me.
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 Props to whoever was in the trees to get this sequence.
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 I'm sorry, but this doesn't deserve POD. Don't get me wrong, it's a good shot, but it is merely a cool sequence shot at a cool point of view. I don't think that this is a special shot, I especially don't think it deserves POD. They need to pick more user shots, rather than their photographers. I'm not saying my photos deserve POD, but they need to pick more user PODS.
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 And your that guy that bitches about the pod be happy pinkbike does this for us
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 it's not from life cycles, it's from knolly at black rock
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 @ C1223 I'm not b******* about it, I'm just expressing an opinion. I am happy that Pinkbike does this for us, I just think differently than you. I'm sorry there's something bad about that to you, that I can't tell my views.
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 @Morsinator - your comment is kind of funny 'it's merely a cool sequence shot at a cool POV'. Isn't that kind of the point of photography - find something visually interesting and capture it?

I do agree more user PODs would be cool, but I prefer to see the 'best' shots to give everyone something to aspire to
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 @Morsinator, not debating your opinion of the photo, but your statement that Pinkbike needs "to pick more user shots, rather than their photographers." is based on what? I just looked at the last 48 POD photos and there were 2 including this one. That's about 4%, hardly even worth mentioning. People comment on my photos every day that they should be POD but they're not, and that's part of the reason. If you want to see pro photographer shots you can search for them easily if you want to see them, we don't need to fill POD with pro photos. Pinkbike is a user site, so we run primarily users photos, 95% of the past 120 photos to be precise...
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 ^^ Well said, this year I'm aiming to get pod, haha
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 @IanHylands, I guess your right. I neglected to look at the previous PODs, and instead just threw out random comments that were false and accusing. It's my bad, sorry about this everyone...
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 This is really cool, different than the normal POD
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 over the hill and trough the woods to grandma's house he goes
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 a simple, 5 step guide to shredding switchbacks on the trails tup
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Love the angle and morph. Makes me wanna go ride my KnollySmile
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 i like it it's not the usual someone flying through the air in the midst of an impossible trick pod
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 nice pic!!Smile
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 I like how the rider's helmet shows his line throughout the sequence.
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 I thinks this is a scene from "Life Cycles" POD Salute
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 this is a sick sequence. love the colors and the angle.
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 I like the Iron Maiden font in the photographers signature \m/ Smile
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 this is from that knolly riders in Black Rock video. flowy shot props
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 why POD?
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 birds Eye view triple shot eh?
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 hell to the yes
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 Simple. Clean. Love it!
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 My POD Pimp good shot
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 Diggnin the ferns
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 Good Contrasting !
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 thats rad
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 nice train
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 love it looks epic
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 great choice Ian!
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 WTF!! these aint POD...POD are like back flips off of cliffs fuck burms
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