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 Hey man what front and rear over fenders are those?
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flag nouser (Feb 21, 2011 at 17:44) (Below Threshold)
 such a fukn stupid saying, it is a metaphor for what it isnt.. nice car though
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 whatever bud. you just like to chirp for no reason
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 aluminum block 427 twin turbo duel enjection can rev WAY higher than this this red lines quicker there fore that can smoke this ca or ka whatever the fuck it has in it
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 What 427 revs higher then this, and how would you know? This is clearly a drift car also so the top speed or acceleration is not ment to be all out, but not be too powerful or weak to compensate the cars handling. By the way this s14 probably red lines between 8 and 9500 rpm. Good luck doing that in any twin turbo let alone a v8
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 LOL a 427 with 2 turbos? hahahahahahahahah f*cking retard. Your comparing a f*cking 7.0 litre V8, to a 2.4 inline 4, of course the 7.0 litre will make more power.

Rev higher? Again are you retarded? a 427 chevy large block red lines around 5k, a KA24de redlines around 8K

Btw you cant "duel fuel inject" a carbed engine dumb ass.
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 its pinkbike, not pinkcar... cmon or pinkrice...
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 yet you clicked on this pic fuck off
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 Ya lol and hate to tell you it's not rice it's got ls7 twin turbo under the hood and how do not know this guy could throw a bike in his trunk and go bike lol so I will post the pics I want on here
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 hes just pissed hes stuck with his moms minivan
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 damn, calm down no reason to get all wet over it.
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 love the car its just weird how you got all fucking butthurt when someone made a wrong assumption on the engine.
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 actually that guy was commenting on my pictures very rudely and i was giving him a wake up call since he knows absolutly nothing about cars/engines. he wasnt making an assumption he was saying random bullshit. now stop trolling kid
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 alright, whatever man my bad.
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 and yo, my minivan is pretty badass.
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 so is mine

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