5stitches. no it didnt hurt. youl never understand how funny it was. i ate shiiiiiiiiit hahaha
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5stitches. no it didnt hurt. youl never understand how funny it was. i ate shiiiiiiiiit hahaha


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 you are beautiful even bleeding
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 ok thats downed the tone haha
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 Did this myself.. Broke my jaw while wearing a full face helmet, white T-shirt turned red! Although it is a shame seeing as your so much prettier than I am hah
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 ahh missy i know how it feels .. done this twice Redface one time drunken on a city bike = crash lol
now i have 2x 5 stitches on my chin..(same damm place) i can grow a little beard over the scar.. thats not so easy for a girl lol
avoid direct sunlight on it this summer for scar tissue problems and it will heal up nicely tup
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 Break any teeth? I'm glad I always manage to get my arms in front of my face before impact.
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 my hands were still on my bars hahaha
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 nice.. why u don't use helmet?(
but funny photo )))
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 ouch :S face plant on pavement im guessing?
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 slippe into a concrete bowl, went straight over the bars hahaha
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 Ouch hope your all good now
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 awwwwss oucch ! i hope it heals quick
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 Took it like a champ i hope Smile
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 did this the other day with a slurpee in my hand Frown haha
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 ohh those suck your pretty little face is ruind how did you crash?
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 Oooooo!!!! What happened?
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 This looks so fake
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 So hot! Even wen wounded
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 Eh, dudes dig scares too. At least cool ones, your still good lookin
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 you mean scars, right? and you're**? dear lord. was is it with people and their inability to spell things properly?
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 What are you a teacher or something? Too bad I didn't pass your spelling quiz, darn. Get a bike with some suspension
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 Hell no, but you're 26 and retarded, so that's embarrassing for you, not my problem Wink Why would I get a bike with suspension? I'm clearly not into MOUNTAIN BIKING lol.
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 clearly! haha bmx all the way bruh
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 i did this once, hucking off an 80ft cliff, shit was epic nah not really
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