Picture taken by Dan Barham

Stunning picture
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Picture taken by Dan Barham Stunning picture


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 Much as I love seeing the comments and my shot as POD, I'd really appreciate it if people didn't post up my photos under their accounts without asking first. Sorry to sound like a dick but quite often my ability to pay rent depends on controlling where and when they appear in certain places. No harm, no foul on this one, but please keep it in mind for the future.
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 This ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Enjoy the photos you see online, but think twice before you re post and re distribute them elsewhere. It makes a huge difference for the guys who work damn hard to bring you all those awesome images in the first place.
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 PB should repost pod under your profile
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 Dan this shot is fantastic.
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 the dog should be named Honda
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 her name is Lily... and she is seldom in the back
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 I agree, with @konabike4321. I've seen this happen in the past, and have the POD be corrected.
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 That's Sylvain and Lily in the Whitehorse trails right? I don't understand why someone would nick another man's photos and present them as their own. Want to explain this kona98?
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 dust in the uk??
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 If you had read the comments you had replied to, you would have noticed that this was not actually taken in the UK.
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 that is messed, its even got the other guys (original owners) photo stamp in the bottom right corner, pic reported
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 Ya kona 98. Not cool. Why not explain why you think its ok to do this.
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flag Bullettoothtony (Mar 13, 2013 at 23:33) (Below Threshold)
 @ danbarham - Not to be a dick but this is the internet where I can fav it... like it... share it throughout countless web pages and social media sights.
So if you don't want it whored out then don't put it on PB or anywhere else that has not paid you for it or where you can't block its copying or download.
Food for thought if this is how you eat!
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 Actually you are completely wrong. Just because it is on the Internet does not make it your photo to do as you please. It is still Dan's, and it is still copyrighted material, so you are infringing on that copyright if you repost it anywhere unless you are posting a direct link to the photos original home. Simply saving to your computer and uploading to a website, blog, Facebook page etc is actually not legal. Do don't be a dick, and don't steal photos, it's quite simple.
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 @Bullettoothtony its got his name on the bottom, there for the picture is his no matter which way you look at it.
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flag Bullettoothtony (Mar 14, 2013 at 15:37) (Below Threshold)
 I never said it was not his photo, just merely the fact that when you place it on a web page with no security you loose control over it. btw it does not have to have a name on it to be copyrighted or even listed as being copyrighted. People are allowed to use your photos without express permission in some cases and copyright laws are only a civil matter not a criminal one. So you as the owner have to go about tracking down the person then suing them in court. You then have to prove damages which can often be capped at at such a low sum as to make it not worth the time or expense involved! Web sites may have disclaimers when you sign up saying that by agreeing to these terms they can use you photos without express permission for advertisement etc...often this includes statements like fellow users.... SO if you are uploading your photos onto a social network or web page you can loose control over how it gets used so your best bet is like I said error on the side of caution if this is how you make a living and only upload what you do not need or don't care what happens to it
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 Nope, that's not how it works.

Yes, if I post a photo on PB then PB can use it, that is an agreement I as the owner of the photo am willingly and knowingly accepting when I post a photo here.

However, when someone else takes that same photo and reposts in under their account to another website/blog/etc, essentially giving those same rights, yet without my knowledge or my permission, then we have a problem.

I do quite a bit of work for clients that include images being posted on the web by said clients. They payed for the photo and it is theirs to post per our agreement. Now tell, me, what gives you the right to download that photo from their website and post it here under your user name? That's right, you do not have that right. I have seen my photos on event posters and company websites that I never provided to the user. Photos that were simply paid for by one client to place online had been passed around by careless internet users, essentially stolen and used without permission/compensation for commercial use. Who looses out here? Me and the original client who payed for the photo. We both got ripped off.

The photographer posting the photo isn't the one at fault, it is the irresponsible folks like you @Bullettoothtony who are the one to blame.

How would you like it if all of the professional images were no longer posted online because pro photographers had enough of getting their photos ripped off and stolen? Would you be happy if you no longer had great photography to look at? How about having a little respect for someone's profession and livelihood, and the enjoyment others get from it.
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flag foggeloggliod (Mar 14, 2013 at 17:46) (Below Threshold)
 is writing a book for each comment really necessary? tone it down a bit. "ain't nobody got time for that"
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 And photographers don't have time to deal with people ripping off photos, but we have to make time to deal with it anyway. Sorry if a 5 paragraphs is too much of a book got the modern teenage attention span ;-) Maybe it will sink in the more you read it.
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 Sorry danbarham Purely thought it was a great pic and would share it with others. But I never posted saying I had taken it. Truly is a great pic though.
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 i want to see a traildogs contest at Crankworx
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 See one send it off the 50 footer! Haha
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 Lots of tailwhips I'm sure.
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 Some people might want to stop such an event, terrier-ists....
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 you guys are funny lol
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 i see what you boys did there Wink
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 Me too.. Yeah and what about the Afghans?..
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 That wouldn't be fair, Lily would decimate all
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 @ scott-townes, what about the last POD traildog, Bella? www.pinkbike.com/photo/9239792

imagine the DS finals...
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 Holy crap, Lily better learn how to scrub.
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 Dusty trails in Manchester?!
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 Ahaha ive never seen any !
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 was thinking the same............
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 I don't think this is manchester being danbarhams pic not kona 98s
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 Riding photos with dogs are awesome!! I love their expressions... they seem full of joy and happiness!
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 You mean dog photos with riders are awesome...
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 Smile yes I think so...
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 POD, this is something different but it looks good.
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flag Stainer (Sep 21, 2011 at 18:31) (Below Threshold)
 Dog has snot flailing from his nose lol
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 I'm pretty sure it's the dogs tongue.
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 Like the idea of a trail dog but I have cats, can't imagine they would be very interested in coming with me.
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 They most likely just stay at home and plot your demise for when you return
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 trail cats. . . sounds like a cougar in training.
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 I think they are actually trying to plot my demise. One of them usually just hangs around the top of the stairs in the hope I will on day trip over her.
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 just make sure the dogs don't post up on a lander from a sizable drop, happened to me on monday, took a nice spill and knocked myself unconscious...luckily the dog and I are still walking today
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 Just so everyone knows up front, the dog came away from this fine, but she doesn't go along anymore.
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 Question for Tyler who made this POD, why did you pick a picture from a user who has only a few photos and their user names doesn't even match up to the copyright name! Rad shot dan!
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 Ooh, a doggy!
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 cool! its a shame that my dog is faster than me and once he lead always decide to run straight under my front wheel( not a good idea)
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 I can't figure out why they stop on the top of every feature!
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 My greyhound is terrified of my bike and bites my tyres. Which is a shame as I would love to take her out with me as I normally ride solo.
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 Seen as my name is mentioned, I only only posted the pic cos thought it was a great pic. Nowhere did I say a took it. Thanks
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 that dog has a look in its eye like he wants to make a pass. thinking- I wanna go faster!!!
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 More along the line of... it wants to get in front of the biker so it's not being suffocated... Lol
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 Dog needs goggles Big Grin
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 deffo need a larger version of this for my 1080p desktop !
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 Kona98 on a Norco
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 The folks at Cycle Dog would buy this for an ad!
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 I want a trail dog
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 It beats them up if you forget they're behind you on the dh ... :/
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 Look like a scene from "BOLT" I loved it! sweet pic.
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 DOgs like dust...
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 " On your right"....
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 this makes me want a trail dog
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 dude this is awesome
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 Nice one fella
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 awesome shot Smile
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 POD very nice
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 Puppy Looks Hungry!
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